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July 21, 2014

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: L. Dechman



This proposal was made for an atlas, but it is unclear if it is an atlas of maps. There is not a description of the work online.   If it is an atlas of maps, then it should class in G2465-2469 with atlases of Algeria.  If it is not an atlas of maps, then it should class in DT277. If the work cat is not an atlas of maps, the cataloger should provide that information in the “cataloger’s comments” field of the proposal form since the title would then be misleading.  The proposal may be resubmitted.


This proposal is related to the proposal for Families—Language, which is not approved as discussed below.  Instead of the proposed number, the cataloger can use P35, P118, or P118.5 (those numbers match the options provided for the subjects suggested in the discussion of Families—Language below).  The proposal was not approved.


This proposal was made for portraits of brides, which should be classed in TR819, Wedding photography, instead.  The proposal was not approved.

P-PZ22 10.D75

The work is a collection of poetry about drinking, not criticism about drinking as a theme in literature in general.   The appropriate table entry is P-PZ22 35.  The proposal was not necessary.


Abrams Creek Watershed (Va.)

SHM H 800, sec. 9, states that if the body of water is not yet established, establish a heading for it at the same time that the watershed heading is proposed.  The proposal may be resubmitted, along with a proposal for the creek.

Automobiles—Lateral stability; Motor vehicles—Lateral stability; Motor vehicles—Longitudinal stability

These proposals were made to add a classification number to the subject heading records.  SHM H 365 sec. 1 states that a classification number may be added to the subject heading when “the caption is identical or nearly identical in scope, meaning, and language to the subject heading.”  The classification number that was being added is not specific to lateral or longitudinal stability.  The proposals were not approved.     

Ermine trapping; Sable trapping

These proposals were made to change the BT from Trapping to Mustelid trapping.  However, the meeting feels that introducing an intervening level of hierarchy, particularly one employs a scientific term that may not be widely understandable, might hamper access to the headings.  The BT on the heading Mink trapping, which is the only NT under Mustelid trapping, will be changed to Trapping to keep the hierarchy flat and understandable.  The proposals were not approved.

Bekasi dialect

This proposal gives a dialect name that is based simply on the place where it is spoken.  The general policy is to use geographic subdivision instead:  Creole dialects, Malay—Indonesia—Bekasi (Kabupaten). The proposal was not approved.

Droitwich Canals (England)

The proposal represents two interconnected canals that were built 100 years apart. The canals were closed decades ago and have now been cleaned up for pleasure boating.  There should be a heading for each of the canals.  The proposal(s) may be resubmitted.


There are some non-free-floating uses of the subdivision –Language in LCSH (e.g., Canon law—Language), but it has never been used with a social group (as opposed to an ethnic group or class of persons), and the meeting chose not to expand the use to social groups.  Instead, the following headings might be appropriate for the work being cataloged:  Language and culture; Language acquisition; Language acquisition—Parent participation.  The proposal was not approved.

Food deserts

The concept of food desert has been defined in multiple ways by various governments and organizations, often in ways to suit their specific political agendas, but it comes down to the idea of neighborhoods, towns, and sometimes larger jurisdictional types that have little or no access to nutritious food - which the definitions often equate with fresh produce sold by a supermarket.  The existing heading Food security is defined as access to safe, sufficient, and nutritious food.  The existing heading is used for both the positive and negative (it has a UF Food insecurity), and the meeting feels that it adequately covers the concept of a food desert.  The term “food desert” will be added as a UF on the existing heading.  The proposal was not approved.

Foot—Muscles—Effect of temperature on; Foot—Muscles—Physiology; Muscles—Effect of temperature on

This group of proposals introduces an additional combination of subdivisions that would be used under the pattern “Organs and Regions of the Body” (SHM H 1164).  However, continuing the effort to limit addition of new free-floating subdivisions, the meeting prefers to recommend post-coordination instead.  Headings that could be assigned include [part of body]—Muscles; Temperature—Physiological effect; [name of animal]—Effect of temperature on; and/or Muscles—Physiology, among others.  The proposals were not approved.

Grain Island Firing Point (England)

This was a military installation from the 1920s until the 1950s and should therefore be established in the name authority file.  The proposal was not approved.

Fire lookout stations—Law and legislation

The work being cataloged is a law, passed as a supplement to the Washington State Wilderness Act of 1983, about when and how one particular fire lookout station may be relocated.  The work cat is not about the law of fire lookout stations.  The subject headings assigned to the Washington State Wilderness Act of 1983 may be assigned instead.  The proposal was not necessary.

Grenada—History—French colony, 1649-1763

There does not seem to be a need for this heading, since Grenada—History has only 21 bibliographic records in LC’s database, so, there is no need to split a large file.  Also, the work cat covers 1498-1783; therefore, the heading proposed is too narrow for the work.  Subdivisions with the phrase “… colony” have been established in very few circumstances, and those are for jurisdictions with really complicated colonial histories (Brazil, Florida, Mexico).   Grenada’s history is complicated, but no more so than that of any other Caribbean nation.  Instead, the cataloger should assign Grenada—History—17th century; and Grenada—History—18th century.  The proposal was not approved.

Haiku, Latin American

The work being cataloged is a collection of haiku in Spanish.  Latin American literature is defined as Spanish, Portuguese, French, etc., all together (see the scope note).  If the work is limited to Spanish haiku from Latin America, the heading assigned should be Haiku, Spanish American, which would need to be proposed.  The proposal was not approved.

Human body (Philosophy) in literature

Human body in literature is an existing heading, which the cataloger assigned as the first heading for this work.  The meeting feels that addition of this heading would lead to confusion and split files.  The proposal was not approved.

ʻImārat-i Kūshk (Tehran, Iran)

The BT assigned is Historic buildings, which has never been used as a BT for an individual building.  The cataloger provided no information to indicate what type of building this is, nor is there information provided about the age of the building.  If the building predates 1500, then SHM H 1334 says that it should be established in English if that form is well established.  The cataloger should provide the missing information. The proposal may be resubmitted. 

Iraq War, 2003-2011

The proposal is to add May Subd Geog, but there is no evidence that it is necessary, and the proposal did not even provide a work cat.  It is possible that the heading should be coded May Subd Geog, but the cataloger should provide evidence to support that fact. The proposal may be resubmitted. 

Korean fiction—1945-2000; Korean literature—1945-2000; Korean poetry—1945-2000

These proposals are apparently based on the time period breakdowns in the class schedules, but there is no need for the chronological subdivisions for literature to match the classification breakdowns.  Chronological breakdowns in subject headings are based on significant events in the history of the literature, while the classification breakdowns are more often made to break up large files, etc.  While the end of World War II may mark a significant break in the literature of Korea, it is questionable whether 2000 is a significant closing date for that period.  The proposal provided no support for the idea of 1945-2000 being a special period in the history of Korean literature. 

Also, there was no BFM reported with this proposal.  There are probably hundreds of bib records to be changed, considering that every bibliographic record with the heading Korean [literature, fiction, poetry, etc.]--20th century would have to be reevaluated.  There are 536 bibs under Korean fiction—20th century—History and criticism alone. 

The meeting suggests that the cataloger could either provide research to support the fact that 2000 is a significant date in the history of Korean literature, or consider that it might be better to have an open span (Korean fiction [literature, poetry, etc.]—1945- ).  Alternately, since the chronological subdivisions in the subject headings do not have to match the chronological breakdowns in the classification schedule, the current practice of assigning the chronological subdivision –20th century to literature from the second half of the 20th century could be continued.

The proposals may be resubmitted, with BFM, if desired.
Lanjia Saora (Indic people)

The proposal should provide information from the work cat and from further research to support the choice of the heading and the choice of BT.  The proposal may be resubmitted. 

Learning Breakthrough Program

Programs such as this should be established in the names file (see SHM H 405, Group One: Plans (Programs)).  The proposal was not approved.

Missouri Territory—Politics and government

The UF for Louisiana Territory is not necessary on this proposal because it should appear in the name record for the Missouri Territory if it is appropriate as a reference at all.  The UFs for Missouri (including the former heading) are not valid because the Missouri Territory is not more-or-less the same territory as the State of Missouri.  (See the following section for more explanation.)  Therefore, there is no need for the proposal, because –Politics and government free-floats under names of jurisdictions.  The proposal was not necessary.

Missouri—Politics and government—To 1865

This proposal seeks to cancel this heading, but it is not possible to do so.  The Missouri Territory was, for all practical purposes, coextensive with the Louisiana Purchase, which went all the way up to present-day Canada and over to Montana.  Missouri—Politics and government—To 1865 will be used for politics in the geographic area that became the State of Missouri, even before the state existed (SHM H 710 sec. 3).  The proposal was not approved.

O’Sheal family

This family name is considered to be a variant of the existing family name, Shields family, and as such will be added to that heading as a UF.  The proposal was not approved.

Painted Desert (Panama-California Exposition, 1915, San Diego, Calif.)

The Painted Desert was not an exhibition building; it was an open-air exhibit of Indian villages held on a five-acre mesa at the northern end of the expo. It included multiple buildings, open courtyards, and corrals for animals.  As such, Painted Desert should be treated as a named exhibit and established in the names file. The proposal was not approved.

Rautatalo (Helsinki, Finland)

The proposal provides no information to support the choice of the BT Office buildings.  The cataloger should provide information from the work cat or other research that supports the choice.  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Rodney King Riots, Los Angeles, Calif., 1992, on television

The work cat is not about the riots as depicted on television programs.  It is about television press coverage of the riots for which the heading Rodney King Riots, Los Angeles, Calif., 1992--Press coverage should be assigned.  The proposal was not necessary.

Role reversal in literature

Role reversal, as defined in the scope note, is a type of role playing, and there does not seem to be any role playing covered in the work cat.  The proposal was not necessary.


Cocktail recipes

“Cocktails” is the subject; “recipes” is the genre/form.  The cataloger should assign the genre/form term Cookbooks, or wait for the term Recipes to enter the vocabulary with the general terms project, and post-coordinate it with Cocktails as a 650. The proposal was not approved.