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May 19, 2014

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: L. Dechman



The first subject heading given on the bibliographic record for this work is Play groups (Jewish law), and because of that the work should be classed in KBM.  The proposal was not approved.


This number range is for the Cutting machines industry but no subject heading exists for the industry.  This proposal may be resubmitted along with a subject heading proposal for the industry.


The work being cataloged is about a school for boys ages 6-19, not a higher education institution.  As such, the work should class in LG170.  The proposal was not approved.


The subject headings on the work cat indicate that it is criticism of Korean verse satire, which should be classed as a special form of Korean poetry in PL960.7.A-Z.  The proposal may be resubmitted.


Special classes of characters should be classed in PQ4055.A-Z.  The proposal may be resubmitted.


The work cat is a translation from the Latin, and as such, the work should be classed in PA.  The meeting suggested the class number PA8555.P4348.  The proposal may be resubmitted.

P-PZ20 136.5.C595

It is impossible to determine from the subject headings whether the classification proposal is accurate.  The first two headings assigned indicate that the work is a collection of Mexican literature from the 19th and 20th centuries.   The third seems to imply that it is a literary collection about clothing and dress, but the subdivision –Literary collections is coded in $x, not $v.  The final two subject headings, Women in literature and Fashion in literature, indicate that this work is criticism about the themes of women and fashion in literature (and is not a collection of literature).  While the combination of these types of headings is not unprecedented, it does raise questions.   The meeting requests that the cataloger reexamine the subject analysis. The proposal may be resubmitted if appropriate.


Subdivisions to be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

                       H 1200, Wars
                                    $x Youth [May Subd Geog]

Other decisions:

Arabic language—Papyri

The heading Manuscripts, Arabic (Papyri) already exists in LCSH, and it includes a UF Arabic papyri, which is also proposed as a UF for this heading.

Headings of the type [name of language]—Papyri and Manuscripts, [language] (Papyri) would seem to be about papyri written in a certain language.  There is little distinction in meaning between the two forms of heading.  Most of the languages represented in this type of heading are established as Manuscripts, [language] (Papyri), so the meeting preferred to continue this pattern.  The existing heading Manuscripts, Arabic (Papyri) should be assigned to the work cat.  The proposal was not approved.

Asomtavruli alphabet

The proposal cites support for this heading only from Wikipedia, which is not considered sufficient for such an obscure concept unless there is evidence that the cataloger tried other reputable sources without success.  Citations from other sources should be added in 670 fields and/or in a 675 field.  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Brown marmorated stink bug

The BT on this proposal, Stinkbugs, represents the taxonomic family.  The genus is Halymorpha, which should be established and used as the BT instead (see instructions in SHM H 1332).  The proposal may be resubmitted, along with a proposal for the genus.

Business enterprises—Religious aspects; Business enterprises—Religious aspects—Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

The headings Business—Religious aspects and Business—Religious aspect—Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.] currently exist, and the meeting felt that the proposed headings do not represent a sufficiently distinct concept to merit separate headings.  The existing heading should be assigned to the work cat.  The proposals were not approved.                   

Career development

The concepts for training that are being added in the proposed see also note are not analogous to career development.  While training could be a part of career development, it does not have to be, and training may occur which does not further career development.  Additionally, this proposal does not fit any of the situations outlined in SHM H 371 for making such references. The proposal was not approved.

Carian Trail (Turkey)

Trails should be established in the vernacular form unless evidence is provided that the trail’s name “appears in a conventional English form in most English-language reference sources” (SHM H 1925 sec. 1.a).  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Fort Amherst (Medway, Kent, England)

Fort Amherst was still in use as a military installation in World War II, and as such, it should be established in the name authority file (per SHM H 405).  The proposal was not approved.

Indians of Nicaragua—Wars

Headings for Indians in LCSH are grouped regionally as described in the second scope note for the heading Indians.  The authorized heading, Indians of Central America—Wars—Nicaragua, should be assigned to the work cat instead.  The proposal was not approved.

Jogging speed

Jogging is, by definition, the act of running slowly.  There is no accepted speed cut-off for when jogging becomes running so there is no way to determine when jogging speed becomes running speed.  LCSH has the existing heading Running speed, which should be assigned to the work cat.  The proposal was not approved.

Kanshi (Japanese poetry)—Women authors

The subdivisions listed in SHM H 1156 sec. 2 should be used “under any literature or major genre of a literature for author groups that identify subordinate bodies of that literature.”  The major genre in this case is Japanese poetry of which Kanshi is a minor genre.  The headings Kanshi (Japanese poetry) and Japanese poetry—Women authors should be assigned to the work cat instead. The proposal was not approved.

Literature and culture

This concept is covered in LCSH by the existing heading Literature and society.  The proposal was not approved.

Mississippi River Commission Building (Vicksburg, Miss.)

SHM H 1334, Background, states “Generally, when a building is known by the same name as the corporate body that occupies it, a corporate name heading is established for the body and that name heading is used as a subject heading for works about either the organization or the building.”  The proposal was not approved.

Names, Laz

The title and the cataloging indicate that the work is about geographic names in Turkey, for which the existing heading Names, Geographic—Turkey should be assigned.  If the Laz influence on place names in Turkey is the concept being expressed, then a heading Names, Geographic—Laz influences could be proposed and assigned. The proposal may be resubmitted, if desired.

Political parties—Religious aspects; Political parties—Religious aspects—Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

There is a fine line between the religious aspects of political parties and the religious aspects of politics, and the meeting felt that catalogers would find it difficult to distinguish between them.  Existing headings such as Religion and politics, Islam and politics, Christianity and politics, etc., may be assigned, post-coordinated with Political parties—[place] or the name of the political party under discussion.  The proposals were not approved.

Primary schools; Elementary schools

These proposals were to establish a new heading Primary schools which would have a contrasting scope note to the existing heading Elementary schools.  The existing subject headings Education, Primary and Education, Elementary already have contrasting scope notes so the meeting felt those were sufficient to explain the difference between the two concepts—Education, Primary is education limited to grades one through three or four, and Education, Elementary covers grades one through six or eight.  In addition, the proposed subject heading did not seem to be appropriate for the work cat, because what are called “primary schools” in Tanzania are equivalent to Elementary schools in LCSH. The proposed change for Elementary schools also included a UF Primary schools (Commonwealth countries).  This UF is not appropriate because there is no one system of education used throughout the many Commonwealth countries.  The proposals were not approved.

Radigost (Slavic deity)

Headings for deities should be established in the name authority file using RDA instructions (see the announcement in the Summary of Decisions, Editorial Meeting 13/08).  The proposal was not approved.

Travelers’ writings, Honduran

According to the scope note on Travelers’ writings, the heading is used for collections by writers from several countries.  The work being cataloged is a single work by a single author.  The first heading should be [author]—Travel. The proposal was not necessary. 

Wheat—Religious aspects; Wheat—Religious aspects—Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

The subject heading Wheat falls within the category of Plants and Crops (SHM H 1180), for which Corn is the pattern heading.  Subdivisions established for use under the pattern heading Corn may be applied to any heading in the category without a proposal.  Since the headings Corn—Religious aspects and Corn—Religious aspects—Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.] already exist, the proposals for Wheat with the same subdivisions were not necessary.


Bollywood films

The term “Bollywood films” designates the place where the films are made, not unlike the term “Hollywood films.”  There is a particular style to some (or most) of them, but the 670s make it clear that some Bollywood films are westerns, some are romances, some are historical, etc.  Headings for the genre should be assigned, and the film’s origin should be designated in the 257 field.  The proposal was not approved.

Extreme sports films

Any sport can be extreme; it depends on how it is performed.  Assigning separate terms for “extreme” sports could separate like materials instead of collocating them.  Several months ago, terms for sport-specific films were cancelled in favor of collocation of the films under the term Sports films.  The meeting chose to continue this pattern.  The proposal was not approved.