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April 21, 2014

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: J. Young



The work is about individualism in French Enlightenment philosophy and should probably be classified in B1925.E5. Alternately, a proposal may be resubmitted for B1925.I+, individualism in 18th century French philosophy, if desired.


Cutters for geographic names are generally not printed in LCC, per Classification and Shelflisting Manual (CSM) F 350 sec. 2. The proposal was not necessary.


The topic of the work being cataloged is the boundary lines in East Asia. The meeting prefers to include works on boundaries in the historical geography number, DS504.7.  An including note will be added to DS504.7.  The proposal was not approved.


This number cannot be cancelled because it should continue to be assigned to works that cover the history of the Romanies in Yugoslavia.  The proposal was not approved.


The work being cataloged is about the relationship between sex and the mass media in Jamaica. It should be classified at P96.S45-.S452, sex as a special aspect of mass media, not as Jamaica as a special aspect of mass media.  The proposal was not approved.


The subject headings assigned to the work indicate that the work being cataloged is criticism of Belarusian satire.  PG2834.28.A-Z is for special topics depicted in Belarusian literature.  The work should be classed in PG2834.38. The proposal was not approved.

G2c 0.67

This line cannot be cancelled because Yugoslavia may still be used for works that cover a topic within Yugoslavia during the time that Yugoslavia existed.  The proposal was not approved.

PN1 14.T87

The subject headings indicate that the work cataloged is for the press coverage of Turks in Europe.  Table PN1 is titled, “Table for arrangements of works under countries (10 nos.)” [emphasis added]. Works about European journalism are classed in PN5110, which is not subarranged by a table.  The proposal was not necessary.


Subdivisions to be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

                        H 1195, Land vehicles
                                    $x Disc brakes


Angels with proper names excluded from SHM H 1110, Names of Persons            

The meeting has determined that the subdivisions in H 1110, Names of Persons, cannot be used with angels that have proper names (e.g., Raphael (Archangel)) that are established in the name authority file.  This is consistent with the policy for names of individual fictitious and legendary characters, individual gods and mythological figures, and individually named animals. Subdivisions from H 1110 that are needed for use with the name of an angel may be proposed and editorially established under the specific heading. 
The background statement in SHM H 1110 will be revised in the next update cycle.

Fictitious characters that are appropriated or reused by one or more authors

A fictitious character may be appropriated or reused by authors other than the one who created it.  For example, Sherlock Holmes was created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle but has appeared in comic books by Ian Edginton, in juvenile fiction by Judith Conaway, in television programs such as the BBC’s Sherlock, and elsewhere.

For subject cataloging purposes, if characters with the same name are purported (i.e., marketed) to be the same character, then the same subject heading is used for the “original” character and the appropriated or reused version.  However, if it is clear from the jacket information, etc., that a character happens to have the same name but is unrelated to the original character, then a separate heading is necessary.  Therefore, the works by Doyle, Edington, and Conaway, and the television program Sherlock, would all be assigned the heading Holmes, Sherlock with appropriate subdivisions.  On the other hand, a separate heading would have to be established for novels about a florist named Sherlock Holmes whose backstory indicates that his mother named him Sherlock Holmes because she loved to read mysteries.
Establishing fictitious and legendary characters, mythological beings, and deities in the name authority file

Fictitious and legendary characters, mythological beings, and deities established in the name authority file are considered to be persons and all of the applicable RDA instructions about access points for persons (RDA 9.19 and the corresponding LC-PCC PSs) should therefore be applied.  Several proposals to cancel subject headings that appeared on this list referenced improperly formulated authorized forms of names.
For instance, there was a proposal to cancel the subject heading Agamemnon (Greek mythology) because it is covered by the name heading Agamemnon (Greek mythological figure). However, because Agamemnon is the king of Mycenae in Greek mythology, the RDA instructions indicate that Agamemnon’s title of royalty should appear following the preferred name in the authorized access point. PSD has updated the authorized access point in the LC/NACO authority file to Agamemnon, King of Mycenae (Mythological character).

The name headings referenced on this list were adjusted.  In the future, proposals based on incorrectly established RDA access points may be marked “resubmit” and sent back to the cataloger for revision of the name authority record and the subject cancellation proposal.
Cancelling phrase and subdivided headings that include the name of a fictitious, legendary, or mythological character, a deity, etc.

In addition to headings for characters and deities, LCSH includes derivative phrase headings and subdivided headings such as Don Quixote (Fictitious character) in art and Dionysus (Greek deity)—Cult, respectively.  The derivative and subdivided headings must be either cancelled or adjusted, as appropriate, when a proposal is made to cancel the subject heading for the character or deity.  Preference is given to cancelling the records when practical, in order to reduce the ongoing maintenance required if/when the name headings are revised. 

Make proposals to cancel derivative phrase headings and subdivided headings unless one or both of the following statements applies.

1.  The subdivision does not free-float under the category to which the heading belongs. 
Raphael (Archangel) in literature (a 150 field) will be revised to Raphael (Archangel)—In literature (a 100 field).  The subdivision –In literature does not free-float under names of angels, so the subdivided heading must be retained in LCSH.

2.  The heading is needed for a hierarchical (BT) reference.

The subdivision –Cult free-floats under names of deities, but since Demeter (Greek deity)—Cult is a BT for Thesmorphia, it must be retained in LCSH.
When proposing the cancellation of a derivative or subdivided heading, use the following wording:

682 ## $i This authority record has been deleted because the heading is replaced by the heading $a [insert heading here], $i a heading for which a subject authority is not made because it uses a free-floating combination.
Note that neither names of fictitious, legendary, and mythological characters nor names of deities are covered by H 1110, Names of Persons (see the Background statement).  Instead, subdivisions that free-float under those categories of headings are listed in H 1095.

Other decisions:

African American kindergarten facilities

The heading Kindergarten facilities refers to the physical structure, not to the ethnic group or class of persons using the facility.  The meeting suggests that the work may be cataloged with the headings African American children—Education (Early childhood)—History and Kindergarten—United States—History.  The proposal was not approved.
Assamese (South Asian people)

The proposal provided neither research nor usage from the work being cataloged.  Additionally, the classification number given in the 053 field would have to be proposed.  However, the number is not appropriate for this work, which is a periodical about Assamese in North America and should be classed at E49.2.A-Z.  Since the cutters at E184.A-Z are used for E49.2.A-Z, a proposal should be submitted for Assamese in E184.A-Z.  The proposal for the subject heading that includes evidence of research may be resubmitted along with a classification proposal.

Autistic peoples’ writings

This proposal was made to add an 053 field and to change the geographic subdivision instructions to May Subd Geog from Not Subd Geog.  The 053, PS508.A9, does not exist in the schedules and is not proposed; regardless, it is inappropriate for this heading because it would be specific to American autistic peoples’ writings.  The change to the subdivision instructions is equally inappropriate because geography is brought out with a nationality or language qualifier, as can be seen in the established heading Autistic peoples’ writings, French. The proposal was not approved.

Cooking, Indic—Gujarati style

This is a new concept for LCSH, and the proposal must thus include research (see Subject Headings Manual (SHM) H 202 sec. 2).  The proposal may be resubmitted with evidence that Gujarati cooking is a distinct style.

Disc brakes

H 1146 sec. 2 states that when establishing a new subdivision for a pattern list, preference is given to establishing the general heading for the concept where feasible, instead of establishing a general see reference.  A heading Disc brakes will be added to LCSH with a see also reference to the pattern subdivision –Disc brakes. This proposal for a general see reference was not approved.

Dwellings—Energy conservation

This proposal was made to add two UFs, Weatherization and Weatherproofing.  These UFs are upward references, which should be made “only when it is clearly impractical to establish specific headings for the separate concepts” (SHM H 373 sec. 5).  The meeting believes that it is both practical and useful to establish a separate heading for weatherproofing, which is pertinent to all types of structures.  The proposal may be resubmitted.

F-22 (Jet fighter plane)

This proposal was made only to remove a “former heading” UF. Former heading UFs are not removed because they are necessary to trace the history of the heading. The proposal was not approved.

Garon family

Garon family will be added as a UF to the existing heading Garrone family, which should be assigned to the work being cataloged. The proposal was not approved.

Gateway National Recreation Area (N.J. and N.Y.)

Section 1.b of SHM H 1925 (Parks, Reserves, National Monuments, Etc.) states, “Generally, do not add 451 fields in which the only variation is the abbreviation of the generic words in the heading.”  This proposal to add such a UF was not approved.

Lamashtu (Assyro-Babylonian deity)

As of July 2013, names of individual deities are established in the name authority file according to RDA instructions (see SHM H 1635).  The proposal was not approved.

Metal-work, Prehistoric

This proposal was made to add a UF Archaeometallurgy to the existing heading.  Archaeometallurgy is the discipline whose practitioners study prehistoric metal-work.  It should be a separate heading, linked to the existing heading with an RT.  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Portuguese language—Historiography

The work should be cataloged with the headings Portuguese language—History combined with either Historical linguistics—Portugal—History or Linguistics—Portugal— History.  The proposal was not approved.


According to ITIS, this genus in the family Unionidae has the synonym Plagiola.  (ITIS is cited in a 670, but the synonym was omitted from the citation.)   LCSH has an existing record for Plagiola (sh 85102587).  More research should be done to verify that Plagiola and Ptychobranchus are synonymous, and, if they are, a proposal to change Plagiola to Ptychobranchus may be resubmitted.  If the two terms are not synonymous, the proposal for Ptychobranchus may be resubmitted with evidence that there is a difference between it and Plagiola.

Public School 102 (New York, N.Y. : Building)

According to the New York City Department of Education web site (, there are existing schools named P.S. 102, City Island School, and P.S. 175 (the latter two names are both UFs in this record).  None of those schools appear to be the same as the one in the proposal. 

When there are two or more structures with the same name in the same city, the headings should be qualified with the city and the street address (SHM H 1334 sec. 3.c). In order to do that, the street must first be established in LCSH. For structures in New York City, the name of the borough may be included in the qualifier in lieu of the street address if it results in an unambiguous heading (SHM H 990 sec. 2).  The proposal for the school building may be resubmitted along with a proposal for the street if necessary.

Repatriation of Native American human remains

There is no precedent in LCSH for a heading representing the repatriation of the remains of an ethnic group. Works on the repatriation of American Indian remains have been assigned the headings Human remains (Archaeology)—Repatriation and Indians of North America.  The proposal was not approved.

Śabarī (Hindu mythology)

As of July 2013, names of individual mythological figures are established in the name authority file according to RDA instructions (see SHM H 1635).  The proposal was not approved.
Schloss Greifenstein (Thal, Switzerland)

The heading for the city used in the qualifier must be established in the name authority file before this subject proposal can be approved.  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Southern Black Belt

According to the states listed in the scope note, this proposal is almost co-extensive with the existing heading Southern States.  The heading Southern States should be assigned to the work being cataloged, and the existing heading Black Belt (Ala. and Miss.) may continue to be assigned to works about “the crescent-shaped region of fertile ark soil that extends through central Alabama and northeastern Mississippi” (cf. the scope note). The proposal was not approved.
Upland agriculture; Hill farming

The work being cataloged may be assigned the existing headings Hill farming—[place] post-coordinated with Agriculture—[place] and/or [place]—Economic conditions. The proposal was not approved.

Values (Judaism)

According to SHM H 1998 sec. 5, new headings with religions or denominations in parenthetical qualifiers should not be established.  Headings are now established in the form [topic]Religious aspects[religion or denomination]. The existing heading Values (Islam) will be revised to Values—Religious aspects—Islam; a multiple Values—Religious aspects—Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.] will be established and Values—Religious aspects—Judaism may therefore be assigned to the work being cataloged.  The proposal was not approved.