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March 17, 2014

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: L. Dechman



Georges Politzer was primarily a philosophy professor and writer of elementary philosophy treatises and critiques of philosophers.  As such, the meeting suggests classing the work cataloged in B51.6.A3-Z.  The proposal was not approved.


Since the majority of the headings in the bib record, including the first one, refer to press coverage, the meeting believes that the work should be classed with press coverage.  Mass media is not equivalent to press coverage because it covers literature, comic books, radio, television, movies, the Internet, press coverage, etc.  The work should be classed at PN5359 or there should be a cutter span for Israel proposed under PN5359, perhaps at PN5359.5.I+.  The proposal was not approved.


This proposal is for compressibility burbles as a special topic in aerodynamics.   There is an existing number for burbling, TL574.8.T8.  The meeting feels that the proposal for TL574.C43 is too specific for LC classification.  An including note for compressibility burbles will be added to TL574.T8.  The proposal was not approved.

TS207.3.G58; TS207.3.H36; TS207.3.L37; TS207.3.S56; TS207.3.W38

These proposals are for special types of peening as topics in cold metal-working. Also on the list was a proposal for peening as a topic in cold metal-working, TS207.3.P44.  The meeting feels that the proposals for TS207.3.G58, TS207.3.H36, TS207.3.L37, TS207.3.S56, and TS207.3.W38, are too specific for LC classification.  An including note with the terms glass shot peening, hammer peening, laser peening, shot peening, and water jet peening, will be added to TS207.3.P44.  The proposals were not approved.

G2b 0.67

This line cannot be cancelled because Yugoslavia can still be used for works covering a topic when Yugoslavia existed.  The proposal was not approved.


Subdivisions to be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

                        H 1195, Land vehicles
                                    $x Drum brakes [May Subd Geog]

                        H 1195, Land vehicles
                                    $x Motors $x Cylinders $x Fluid dynamics [May Subd Geog]

Other decisions:

Architecture--United States--Italian influences; Architecture--Italy--American influences

SHM H 1675, sec. 2.b. states: “If a specific [ . . . ] influences subdivision has been established under a heading, the same subdivision may be used under the heading with geographic subdivision interposed without creating an authority record.”  Since the headings Architecture--Italian influences and Architecture--American influences are already established, the proposals were not necessary.

Armored cars (Military vehicles); Tanks (Military science)

This is a long overdue change – removing the UF Armored cars (Military vehicles) from the existing heading Tanks (Military science), and establishing Armored cars (Military vehicles) separately.  However, better supporting evidence should be provided to support the change.  There is a plethora of military dictionaries, general dictionaries, and Jane’s publications that provide definitions of armored cars.  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation countries

SHM H 760 states that headings are not established based on regional international organizations.  The existing geographic heading Pacific Area should be assigned, along with the name heading for the organization.  Note as well that Pacific Area already has a former heading reference from “Asian and Pacific Council countries,” which is the same situation.  The proposal was not approved.

Chrystie family

Chrystie is a variant spelling of Christie. Chrystie family will be added as a UF to the existing heading Christie family.  The proposal was not approved.

Commemorative cups

The proposal provided no description of “commemorative cups.”  There are various kinds of cups that could be considered commemorative -- cups from a favorite sports team, trophies, souvenirs, engraved wedding cups, etc.  The meeting feels that a description of the cups is necessary for consistent application of the heading.  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Community college majors

A college major is a concentrated area of study at the college level.  The concept of a college major is not different at a community college, a liberal arts college, a state university, etc.  The work cat “Student persistence predictors and community college institutional effectiveness” is about retention rates at community colleges.  The headings needed for this work are Community college dropouts--Prevention and perhaps Academic achievement and/or Community college graduates.  The proposal was not approved.

Edward Ridley & Sons Department Store Buildings (New York, N.Y.)

SHM H 1334, Background, states, “Generally, when a building is known by the same name as the corporate body that occupies it, a corporate name heading is established for the body and that name heading is used as a subject heading for works about either the organization or the building.”  The corporate body heading should be established in the name authority file and used as the subject for this work cat.  The proposal was not approved.

Experimental fiction, Chilean

The work cat is a novella, and thus an individual work of fiction.  Form headings are not assigned to individual works of fiction, per SHM H 1790.  The proposal was not necessary.

Goal setting

The meeting believes that there is little practical difference between the concept of Goal setting and the existing subject heading Goal (Psychology).  Goal setting will be added as a UF to the heading Goal (Psychology).  The proposal was not approved.

Great Britain--Foreign relations--21st century

The work cat is about Anglo-American intelligence cooperation from World War I until today.  It is adequately cataloged with the existing heading Great Britain--Foreign relations--1997- .  The proposal was not necessary.

In Kaltonal

The website of one of the elders of In Kaltonal looks like letterhead, and it says “In Kaltonal A.R.,” which probably means “association registrata,” or registered association.  The heading should be established in the name authority file.  The proposal was not approved.

Indian states--Economic conditions; Indian states--Economic policy; Indian states--Politics and government

The works listed in the 670s are all adequately cataloged with headings in the form [topic]--India--States.  The proposals were not approved.

Micropolitan areas

According to the information provided, a micropolitan area is a city with a population of 10,000-49,000, which is covered by the existing subject heading Small cities.  Micropolitan areas will be added as a UF to the existing heading.  The proposal was not approved.

Palekh miniature painting

SHM H 1250 and H 1148 state that art headings are qualified by nationality, region, ethnic or religious group, or time period.  Palekh is a populated place in Russia.  For the work cat, the heading Miniature painting--Russia--Palekh should be assigned.  The proposal was not approved.

Pastoral counselors

The work cat is about research in pastoral care, not about a class of persons.  The existing headings Pastoral counseling--Research and Pastoral theology--Research are sufficient.  The proposal was not approved.

Rameses (Mascot)

A name authority record has been established for this fictitious character (no 2013089134).  If the purpose of this proposal was to establish a heading for a named animal, it also should be established in the name authority file.  The proposal was not approved.

Rawang (Burmese people)

The 670 on the proposal indicated that the Joshua Project was consulted, but there were several variant names listed there that should be UFs.  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Tima (African people)

Only Wikipedia has been cited, but Joshua Project (, a standard authoritative source in this area, provides multiple variants that should be UFs.  The proposal may be resubmitted.