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January 20, 2014

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: L. Dechman



Flavio Baroncelli is a philosophy teacher/historian and the work being cataloged would be better classed in B51.6.A3-Z.  The proposal was not approved.


Hidenari Hori is a philologist, not a philosopher. Based on the subject headings used in the work cat, Hori should be classed in PL517.A5-Z for biography of Japanese language philologists or BL2219.8.A-Z for Shinto biography.  The proposal was not approved.


According to the subject cataloging, the work cat is about Slovenian drama in Trieste. The proposed number represents Trieste as a theme in Slovenian literature.  Based on the subject headings, the class number should be PG1945.  The proposal was not approved.


The note under “Manifestations of disease” says that manifestations related to an individual disease and diseases of systems or organs should be classed with the disease in RC, RE, etc.  Pain related to cancer should be classified in RC262+.  The proposal was not approved.

TA483.7; TA483.8

The meeting feels that a single number for “Eutectic alloys” is sufficient for LCC. A note “Including hypereutectic alloys and hypoeutectic alloys” will be added to TA483.3. The proposals were not approved.


Batahola Massacre, Nicaragua, 1979

The Summary of Decisions, Editorial Meeting 13/10 stated: “There was not research provided in the record to support the form of heading, or to indicate the location of the event. The heading should be qualified geographically according to the guidelines in SHM H 1592. SHM H 202 provides general information on the research necessary for new concepts. The proposal may be resubmitted.” 

The proposal still lacks evidence that the name of this event really is “Batahola Massacre,” and information (in English) should be added on where the event took place.  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Byzantine clothing and dress

LCSH includes no headings of the type [Nationality] clothing and dress. Clothing and dress is MAY SUBD GEOG so Clothing and dress--Byzantine Empire may be assigned to books about clothing in the Byzantine Empire.  The proposal was not approved.

Centenary celebrations, etc.

SHM H 374 sec. 2 states that General See References are made in the following circumstances: 1) from non-used variant forms of national or ethnic qualifiers; 2) variant spellings of common words used in several headings; and 3) from a general concept to a free-floating subdivision when a term for the general concept does not exist.

A general see reference exists from Centennial celebrations, etc. to the subdivision.

Since general references do not work in linked data, references of this type will be added on a strictly limited basis.  Instead of adding this general see reference, a UF Centenary celebrations will be added to the subdivision record.  The proposal was not approved.

Clendon family

Clendon is a variant spelling of Clinton.  Therefore, a UF Clendon family will be added to the existing heading Clinton family.  The proposal was not approved.

Community archives

The word “community” means different things in different contexts.  Often it means neighborhood or local, or it means “of a particular social group.” Any archive that is not a private, personal archive could be called a “community archive” because it serves a group.  The existing heading Municipal archives has the UF Local archives.  University archives are community archives because they serve the university community.  A church archive is a community archive because it serves the church members.  The term is vague, difficult to define, and overlaps existing headings, which would hamper consistent application of the heading.  The proposal was not approved. 
Sexual minority archives

The subdivision --Archives may be used as a form or topical subdivision under classes of persons for the records of that class of persons.  The heading Sexual minorities--Archives should be assigned instead.  The proposal was not approved.

Sexual minority community

For the work being cataloged, the sexual minority community is the target audience, not the topic of the work.  The proposal was not approved.

Elementary schools

This proposal was made to add Primary school to the general see also reference on the heading Elementary schools.

The scope note under Education, Primary states: “Here are entered works on education limited to grades one through three or four. Works on education in grades one through six or eight are entered under Education, Elementary.”

The LC subject headings Education, Primary and Education, Elementary are based on terms in use in the US school system.  The term “primary education” in the US means the above.  The term “primary education” in Great Britain and many former British colony countries means “elementary education” in the US.  The terms are not synonymous. 

Additionally, SHM H 371 specifically discourages this type of SA reference:
“The practice of making new references of this type has now largely been abandoned in favor of making a specific reference from a broader heading whenever a new heading is established.  Existing general see also references of this type are being retained in the subject authority file until all individual headings that had formerly been covered by the general reference are actually linked to the broader heading by BT/NT references.”

The proposal was not approved.

Håkonshallen (Bergen, Norway)

This is a room in a castle. The castle needs to be established and this heading should be established according to the instructions in SHM H 1334 sec. 5. The proposal may be resubmitted.


“Crowdsourcing” is a term, whose meaning has broadened since it was first used. The OED definition of “crowdsourcing” is: “The practice of obtaining information or services by soliciting input from a large number of people, typically via the Internet and often without offering compensation.”  “Human computation” is about the people performing “computational work” that computers alone cannot perform.  As such, they are related but different concepts.

Crowdsourcing is an existing UF on Human computation, but the meeting believes that these are two different concepts and thus the heading should be split. 

The proposal may be resubmitted.

Nieuport and General Aircraft Company aircraft

This heading appears to have been proposed in support of a BT on the proposal for the Nieuport Nighthawk, a fighter plane.  Nieuport was a French company, and during World War I it helped to form the Nieuport and General Aircraft Company in England for the sole purpose of building Nieuport-designed planes in England during the war.  The meeting prefers to assign the BT Nieuport aircraft to the heading for the Nieuport Nighthawk.  The proposal for Nieuport and General Aircraft Company aircraft was not necessary.
Punta El Chiquirín (El Salvador)

The work is about the archaeological site Punta El Chiquirín, not the cape as a whole.  This proposal was not necessary for the work in hand.