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December 16, 2013

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: L. Dechman



The work being cataloged is about how Christmas was celebrated in the U.S. and in Europe, particularly Germany, during World War II.  In World War I there was the famous Christmas truce -- a huge, important event -- and there was never a number established for Christmas in the World War I schedule.  Works on the WWI event are classed with general social aspects of the war.  The book in question could be classified in GT with Christmas or with social aspects of WWII in D744.6.  The proposal was not approved.


See discussion of the subject proposal Uda Walave Basin Site (Sri Lanka) below. The classification proposal should be resubmitted at the same time that the subject proposal is resubmitted.

[DT443.8-.9]; DT443.8; DT443.9

The work being cataloged is a textbook.  According to CSM F 615 sec. 3, textbooks are classed in a textbooks number.  Failing that, textbooks are classed with juvenile literature or general works.  The classification number in this proposal would be for the ways that Tanzanian history is taught.  The proposal was not approved.


Bagby Research Natural Area (Or.); Benjamin Research Natural Area (Or.); Big Beaver Creek Research Natural Area (Wash.); Blackwater Island Research Natural Area (Wash.); Boston Glacier Research Natural Area (Wash.); Butte Research Natural Area (Or.); Carolyn’s Crown/Shafer Creek Research Natural Area (Or.); Coram Research Natural Area (Mont.); Forest Park Research Natural Area (Or.); Goat Marsh Research Natural Area (Wash.); Grass Mountain Research Natural Area (Or.); Harney Lake Research Natural Area (Or.); Harvey Monroe Hall Research Natural Area (Calif.); High Peak/Moon Creek Research Natural Area (Or.); Horse Ridge Research Natural Area (Or.); Horse Rock Ridge Research Natural Area (Or.); Island Research Natural Area (Or.); Jordan Crater Research Natural Area (Or.); Lake Twentytwo Research Natural Area (Wash.); Little Sink Research Natural Area (Or.); Lost Forest Research Natural Area (Or.); Meeks Table Research Natural Area (Wash.); Mohawk Research Natural Area (Or.); Myrtle Island Research Natural Area (Or.); Neskowin Crest Research Natural Area (Or.); Powell Butte Research Natural Area (Or.); Pyramid Lake Research Natural Area (Wash.); Roger Lake Research Natural Area (Wash.); Saddle Bag Mountain Research Natural Area (Or.); Sister Rocks Research Natural Area (Wash.); Stinking Lake Research Natural Area (Or.); Thompson Clover Research Natural Area (Wash.); Wheeler Creek Research Natural Area (Or.)

Research natural areas are entities in the United States, and all of them are National parks and reserves. National parks and reserves--United States will be added as a BT on the heading Research natural areas.  Therefore, it is not necessary to add National parks and reserves as a BT on the records for the individual Research natural areas.  The proposals were not approved.

Proposing libraries are encouraged to discuss projects such as this one with PSD before making proposals to save time for everyone.

Banyun languages

The classification number for Banyun languages should have been proposed at the same time as the subject heading proposal was submitted.  The subject proposal may be resubmitted along with a proposal for the classification number.

Chemistry teachers

The proposal was made to add “Chemistry professors” as a UF on the existing heading Chemistry teachers. “Professors” is a UF on the heading College teachers.  Headings in LCSH do not have UFs combining education level and subject level for teachers of subjects usually taught at many educational levels.  The proposal was not approved.

Cibola National Forest and Grasslands

The “Cibola National Forest and Grasslands” is not a single entity.  It is a collective NPS name for five parks spread out over three states.  The parks are not close to each other, much less do they share borders.  Instead of the proposed heading, the BTs that are on the proposal should be assigned to the work being cataloged.  The proposal was not approved.

Dalmatians--New Zealand    

The heading Dalmatians may be subdivided geographically, so, this proposal was not necessary.

De Nucito family

The proposal represents the same family as the existing heading De Noceto family.  Variants will be added to the existing heading.  The proposal was not approved.

Forest Creek-Fox Canyon Research Natural Area (Or.)

According to the Bureau of Land Management's web site, the Forest Creeks Research Natural Area has two parts: Fox Canyon and Rough Canyon. The change being proposed would ignore the existence of the Rough Canyon part of the area. The existing heading needs to be split entirely, or the existing heading should continue to exist as-is and additional headings should be created for each part of the area. The proposal was not approved.

Illiquid assets

The work being cataloged is about assets and asset management in general.  There is not a significant portion of the work that is focused on illiquid assets alone.  The meeting feels that other asset management subject headings such as Liquidity (Economics), Asset allocation, Liquid assets, etc., are available and should be assigned instead.  The proposal was not necessary.

Justice in mass media

The work being cataloged seems to be about justice and the role of the judiciary from antiquity to the present day, not about mass media.  The work being cataloged also has a limited focus on press coverage of the judicial system, which might be assigned the heading Judicial process--Press coverage or a similar heading.  The proposal was not approved.


South Island kokako (Callaeas cinerea cinerea), proposed on this list, and North Island kokako (Callaeas cinerea wilsoni) are subspecies of Kokako (Callaeas cinerea).  The UF Callaeas cinerea should be retained on the record for Kokako.  The proposal was not approved.

Limited ingredient cooking

The meeting feels that the phrases “limited ingredient cooking” and “principal ingredients” are vague and open to misinterpretation. Some chefs who are accustomed to complex recipes might consider ten ingredients to be a limited number.  Or, the chef might judge that “principal ingredients” should include the spices because of their importance to the dish.
Also, limiting the number of principal ingredients to 3, 4, or 5 seems particularly arbitrary.
Publishers often market the books as “quick and easy cooking,” but many recipes with limited ingredients are decidedly not easy.
The proposal was not approved.

Make Your Day (Classroom management)

“Make Your Day” seems to be a local school program in Washington State that should be established in the Name Authority File.  The proposal was not approved.

Manx quilts

There is no stylistic or technical difference between quilts created elsewhere and quilts created on the Isle of Man.  The heading Quilts--Isle of Man should be used instead.  The proposal was not approved.

Pulmonary fibrosis

The proposal sought to add an intervening level of hierarchy, Interstitial lung diseases, to the heading Pulmonary fibrosis.  Pulmonary fibrosis is indeed an interstitial lung disease, however, the meeting feels that introducing the intermediate term in the hierarchy might hinder rather than help access.  In a “drill down” search, the user would have to know that pulmonary fibrosis is interstitial.  LCSH is a general vocabulary, not a medical one, so “flatter” hierarchies are often preferable.  The two headings, Pulmonary fibrosis and Interstitial lung diseases may be assigned to the same work, if desired.  The proposal was not approved.

Uda Walave Basin Site (Sri Lanka)

The work being cataloged seems to be about sites in an entire river basin, not a single archaeological site; or, it is about a truly unnamed site in the river basin.  The cataloger should either use Sri Lanka--Antiquities, or propose the heading for the river and watershed, and use the watershed heading for the work being cataloged.  The proposal was not approved.

Virtual leadership

The meaning of the phrase “virtual leadership” is unclear.  The 670 note in the record offers a definition that is the same as the definition of the existing heading Social influence, which could be assigned along with the heading Leadership, if desired.  The proposal was not approved.