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October 21, 2013

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: J. Young



The proposed classification number does not reflect the first subject heading in the bibliographic record, which is Libel and slander—Religious aspects—Judaism—Juvenile literature.  If the order of subject headings is correct, then a classification number for libel and slander should be proposed in BJ1286.A-Z.  A classification proposal that matches the first subject heading may be resubmitted.


The work being cataloged is about developing one’s self-confidence, and takes a somewhat Jewish perspective on the issue.  The proposed number puts self-confidence into an ethics hierarchy, which is incorrect.  Instead, the general number for self-confidence as an emotion, BF575.S39, may be appropriate.  If classification with Judaism is preferred, a number for self-confidence as a special topic of practical Judaism may be resubmitted. 


The number being proposed is for literary calendars as they are depicted in Ukrainian literature, but the work being cataloged is a literary calendar of Ukrainian literature.  Literary calendars are classified in the criticism numbers for individual literatures.  The meeting suggests that PG3901.5, PG3904.5, or PG3905, might be appropriate; a re-ordering of the subject headings may be necessary to match the classification number chosen.  The proposal was not approved.


Karen Swallow Prior is a professor of literature and has written works about British literature; she is not a literary author.  The work being cataloged is a memoir, and should be classified with biographies of critics of English literature in PR55.A-Z.  The proposal was not approved.


Antiquities—Climatic factors

This proposal for both a heading and a free-floating subdivision is ambiguous because climatic factors can impact the original production of the antiquities, their preservation either in situ or after retrieval, etc.  Headings of the type [place]—Antiquities may be post-coordinated with [place]—Climate or other appropriate headings.  The proposal was not approved.

Batahola Massacre, 1979

There was not research provided in the record to support the form of heading, or to indicate the location of the event. The heading should be qualified geographically according to the guidelines in SHM H 1592. SHM H 202 provides general information on the research necessary for new concepts. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Beef or Salmon (Race horse)

Names of horses and other animals with proper names should be established in the name authority file.  The proposal was not approved.

Carona (Lugano, Switzerland)

Carona is a city section of Lugano and should be established in the name authority file.  The proposal was not approved.

Dujiang Campaign, China, 1949; Liaoshen Campaign, China, 1948; Pingjin Campaign, China, 1948-1949

The proposed headings are for campaigns, but in each record there is a UF that calls the event a battle.  In LCSH, battles are generally single events that may occur over several days. Campaigns are longer events that encompass two or more battles over a period of time, and often occur over a wide swath of territory.  For example, the first battle of Kernstown was part of the 1862 Shenandoah Valley Campaign during the American Civil War.  The information provided in the record does not indicate whether the event is a battle or campaign, according to that rule of thumb.  In addition, the geographic qualifier for a battle (or campaign) is determined by the location of the event; if it happened in a city, the heading is qualified by the city.  No information about the geographic location of the event was provided. The proposals may be resubmitted.

Dunluce Castle Site (Northern Ireland)

LCSH includes a heading for the castle, Dunluce Castle (Northern Ireland) (sh2013000535).  The proposal was not necessary.

El Salvador—Economic conditions—1918-1945; El Salvador—Economic conditions—1945-1992

The existing headings El Salvador—Economic conditions—1918- and El Salvador—Economic conditions—1945-  reflect the common LCSH practice of establishing new time periods for significant periods in a country’s, or the world’s, history. The dates are often left open, reflecting the fact that publications often cover an extended period beginning with the significant date.  In this case, the dates refer to the end of World War I and World War II, respectively; many countries have open chronological subdivisions beginning with those dates under –History, --Economic conditions, or another subdivision.  The meanings of the headings for El Salvador are clear and the meeting does not believe that there is a compelling reason to change them at this time. The proposals were not approved.

Hofer family

Hanks’ Dictionary of American Family Names indicates that Hofer and Hofert are variants of Hoffer, which is established as Hoffer family (sh 85-61367).  The UFs Hofer family and Hofert family will be added to Hoffer family. The proposal was not approved.

Huizhou (China)

Hiuzhou was a prefectural administrative division of China and thus should be established in the name authority file.  The proposal was not approved.

Love poetry, Sorbian

The language note in the bibliographic record indicates that the love poetry in the work was written in Upper Sorbian. The appropriate heading for the work is Love poetry, Upper Sorbian. In order to propose that heading, headings for Upper Sorbian literature and Upper Sorbian poetry must also be proposed. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Negative campaigning

Works on political campaigns in general, and negative campaigns in particular, have been assigned the heading Political campaigns.  The meeting has determined that this practice should continue, since Political campaigns is a neutral heading that does not require a judgment about the relative negativity of campaigns. Negative campaigns will be added as a UF to Political campaigns. The proposal was not approved.