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January 22, 2013

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: L. Dechman



Generally, the philosophical aspects of a non-B topic should class with the topic per note at B105.A-Z, “For philosophy of specific disciplines, see classes BL-Z, e.g., GV706+ Philosophy of sports." Except for special topics under individual philosophers, the principle should apply to all the ranges of special topics for ancient philosophy by region or county.  This work is specifically about ancient cities, for which HT114 is a better number.  The proposal was not approved. 


Angela Putino was a well-known Italian feminist and this work should class in  HQ1640.A4-Z as it is about her as a feminist. The proposal was not approved.  


Franco Volpi was a teacher and historian of philosophy, not a philosopher who wrote about his own theories.  It would be better to class this work in B51.6.A3-51.Z.  The proposal was not approved. 


The work being cataloged is about migrations in modern times, but it is unclear if the migrations are internal or international.  If the migrations are mostly internal, it should class in HB1952.  If the migrations are international, it should class in JV6035.  The proposal was not approved.


The work being cataloged is about a Jewish college providing secular education.  The work should class in LC771.A-Z, which is subarranged by place within the United States so no proposal is needed.  The proposal was not approved.


The work being cataloged is a dictionary of Yiddish synonyms and antonyms.  A thesaurus of Yiddish synonyms and antonyms has already been classed in PJ5117, which is the preferred number for this work.  The proposal was not approved.

[U146-149]; U146; [U147-149]; [U147-148]; U147; U147.5; U148.A-.W; U149.A-Z

The work being cataloged is about World War II, and should be classed with the war.  The proposals were not necessary.



The main display in Classification Web has been upgraded to include the notes contained in MARC 21 field 667 (Nonpublic General Note) of LCSH headings and free-floating subdivisions, and Children’s Subject Headings. The notes generally consist of cataloging instructions, and including them on the main display, instead of in the MARC display only, should assist catalogers.

Subdivisions to be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

                       H 1151, Individual Educational Institutions
                                    $x Softball

Other decisions:

America; Central America; North America; South America; Latin America

When formulating geographic headings, SHM H 690, sec. 10.a. allows for UFs “based on forms in other official languages of the country where the feature is located.”  However, the meeting does not wish to begin a pattern permitting UFs representing all of the languages spoken on a continent to be added to headings for continents.  The proposals were not approved. 

Black Mountain (Calif.)

The mountain in question is covered by the heading Black Mountain (San Bernardino County, Calif.), which was approved on List 1210.  The proposal was not necessary.

Goliardic verse

“Goliardic verse” has no consistent theme or genre and falls under the general rubric of Lyric poetry, an existing heading. According to the scope note on Lyric poetry, the heading applied to lyrical poetry in medieval Latin is Latin poetry, Medieval and modern.  The existing heading Goliards, which has been assigned both to works on the poetry and on the people, should be post-coordinated with Latin poetry, Medieval and modern for the work being cataloged. The proposal was not approved.

Hindu law

In LCSH religious and ethnic law systems are not subdivided by place, because the systems are the same regardless of place.  If there is a geographic element, it should be brought out with a second heading, such as Law--India, Hindus--Legal status, laws, etc., or by a more specific topic.  There is a de facto UF from Hindu law--India to Hindu law, as indicated by the BT and scope note.  The exception to this treatment is Islamic law, which is unique in being subdivided by place for historical reasons in LCSH.  The proposal was not approved.

Historical fiction, Singaporean (English)

The work being cataloged is an individual work of fiction.  SHM H 1790 permits the use of a genre heading on an individual work of fiction only if the genre heading is unqualified.  The proposal was not necessary.

Little Holland House (London)

The proposal was not necessary because the heading already exists [sh2012000002].

Non-royalty plays, American

Nationality qualifiers are used on forms and genres of literature; however, the heading Non-royalty plays indicates a legal status, not a genre.  Collections of non-royalty plays should be assigned two headings, one for the qualified genre or form (e.g., American drama), post-coordinated with the unqualified Non-royalty plays.  The proposal was not approved.

Puzzle films

This proposal was originally on List 1211, and at that time it lacked a definition of the term “puzzle films.”  The definition provided in the resubmitted proposal is, "a popular cycle of films from the 1990s that rejects classical storytelling techniques and replaces them with complex storytelling," which can be interpreted to include a wide range of films that share the single characteristic of non-linear storytelling.  In addition, examples of puzzle films that are cited in sources do not clarify the style, plot characteristics, or other attributes to sufficiently define the genre.  The proposal was not approved.

Saint Peters Canal National Historic Site (St. Peter’s, N.S.); Saint Peters National Historic Site (Saint Peter's, N.S.)

The name of the village used in the qualifier on these proposals should be established in the name authority file.  The proposals may be resubmitted.

Sirdal herad (Norway)

Geonet and the 670s in the proposal state that Sirdal herad is an administrative division, and as such, the heading should be established in the name authority file.  The proposal was not approved.

Spanish Embassy Bombing, Kinshasa, Congo, 2007

The citations do not show that this event has acquired this or any other conventional name, as required by SHM H 1560, sec. 2.  The proposal was not approved.

Films á clef

With a few prominent exceptions (e.g., Citizen Kane, based on the life of William Randolph Hearst), the categorization of a film as a film á clef is open to broad interpretation.  In order to apply the term, catalogers would in many cases need to do research to determine how closely the plot of a fictional film matched the trajectory of, and/or events in, a real person’s life and make a judgment.  Because the term would be very unevenly applied, the meeting believes that it would not be helpful to the user.  The proposal was not approved.