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December 17, 2012

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: J. Young



Solidarity is not an ethical concept. The work should be classified in HM717.  The proposal was not approved.


Works about the Catholic Church’s view on eugenics have been classified in HQ755.3, the moral and ethical aspects of eugenics. The meeting prefers not to change that practice, so the proposal was not approved.

KNQ9576; KNQ9665.S473

The meeting does not wish to cancel the existing number for Shenzhen Shi, KNQ9665.S473, and establish a new one.  The proposal was not approved.


424 new proposals and 127 proposed changes appeared on this list.

Subdivisions to be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

                        H 1100, Classes of persons
                                    $x Services for $x Law and legislation

                        H 1140, Names of places
                                    $x In opera

                        From Monthly List 11:

                        H 1156, Literatures                
                                    $x Turkmen authors

Other decisions:

African-centered education

In LCSH, works on the study of a subject are generally assigned headings of the type [topic]—Study and teaching. For this work, the headings Africa—Study and teaching and/or Africa—Civilization—Study and teaching may be assigned. The proposal was not approved.


Headings in the form [group, religion, etc.]—Persecutions are generally created for groups that are persecuted at various times throughout history, which is not the case here. The Albigenses were followers of the heresy of Catharism in the 11th through 13th centuries.  The Albigensian, or Cathar, Crusade (1208-1229) attempted to eradicate the heretical sect.  The work cataloged appears to be about persecutions of the Albigenses from 1202-1219.  Since the work cataloged primarily covers the time period of the crusade, the meeting would prefer that a heading for the crusade be proposed.  Standard reference sources, such as Encyclopaedia Britannica, should be consulted. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Children of immigrants’ spouses

The meaning of this proposed heading is ambiguous, and the meeting would prefer that headings such as Immigrants—Family relationships; Stepchildren; and/or Children of immigrants be assigned instead.  The proposal was not approved.

Citrophilus mealybug

According to GBIF (http://data/ and other authoritative sources, Citrophilus mealybug is synonymous with Pseudococcus gahani, for which a subject heading already exists. A proposal to revise the existing heading Pseudococcus gahani may be resubmitted.

Dysmicoccus ryani

This species is part of the genus Dysmicoccus, which needs to be proposed; SHM H 1332 sec. 4 states, “Whenever necessary, establish the name of the next broader level in order to make the broader term reference.”  Consideration should also be given to whether the heading for Dysmicoccus ryani should be the common name, Cypress mealybug, per the provisions in H 1332 sec. 2. Proposals for the genus and species may be resubmitted.

Closeted lesbians

Since the concept of being “in the closet” is the same for gay men and lesbians, the meeting prefers not to have separate headings for closeted lesbians and closeted gays in general.  Instead, the existing headings Closeted gays and Lesbians should be post-coordinated for the work being cataloged.  The proposal was not approved.

Comoros—Politics and government; Comoros—Politics and government—1975-

Forty-five bibliographic records in LC’s database have been assigned the heading Comoros—Politics and government, a free-floating combination. The records should be examined to determine which of them cover the period since 1975.  The proposals may be resubmitted along with BFM.

Condominium board directors; Condominium boards of directors

These proposals are very narrow in scope, and the meeting prefers that the heading Condominium associations be post-coordinated with the heading Directors of corporations or Boards of directors, as appropriate. The proposal was not approved.

Food critics

There is a slight difference between a food critic and a food writer, but the terms are often used interchangeably. Instead of two separate headings, UFs for Food critics, Restaurant critics, etc. will be added to the existing heading Food writers. The proposal was not approved.

Gardens in the Bay (Singapore)

Botanical gardens are established in the name authority file, per SHM H 405.  The proposal was not approved.

Grandparents in art

The work cataloged does not depict grandparents in art, but consists of pictures of the places through which the photographer’s maternal grandparents passed. The proposal was not necessary.

Halba (Indic people)

This proposal attempts to remove the BT India—Scheduled tribes from the heading for Halba.  According to the website of India’s Ministry of Home Affairs, Halba is a scheduled tribe.  The proposal was not approved.

Halls in art

The work cataloged appears to be about the depiction of corridors in art.  A separate proposal for Corridors in art has been approved on this list.  The proposal Halls in art was not necessary.

Human trafficking—Prevention; Human trafficking—Prevention—Law and legislation

Human trafficking is a crime, and laws about it are about its prevention.  The heading Human trafficking should be assigned to those works.  The proposal was not approved.

Joint fires (Military science)

The proposed scope note was taken directly from the DOD Dictionary of Military Terms.  The wording is appropriate in a purely military context, but is not appropriate for a general vocabulary such as LCSH. The scope note should be reworded to clarify the heading’s meaning for a generalist audience, avoiding military jargon such as “fires,” “employment of forces,” and “components in a coordinated action.” In addition, consideration should be given to adding terminology for “Joint operational fires,” a commonly-used phrase.  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Meditations—Religious aspects—Baptists, [Catholic Church, etc.]

There is an existing multiple subdivision Meditations—Baptists, [Catholic Church, etc.].  The proposal was not approved.

Music stools

It appears that there is no substantial difference in form or function between a music stool – a stool used when playing an instrument such as a piano – and any other stool.  The heading Stools should be assigned to the work being cataloged.  The proposal was not approved.

Phra Putthachinnarāt (Phitsanulok, Thailand)

Since it is an individual work of art, this statue of Buddha should be established in the name authority file (see SHM H 405). The proposal was not approved.

Reserva de Desenvolvimento Sustentável Mamirauá (Brazil)

Acronyms are not added as UFs to headings for geographic features.  The proposal was not approved.

Sanninoidea; Sanninoidea pacifica

These proposals appear to be incomplete, since they are lacking the prescribed reference structure as detailed in SHM H 1332 sec. 4.  The proposals may be resubmitted.

Serious leisure

The only definition of serious leisure provided was from the work being cataloged. SHM H 202 states, “It is seldom acceptable to cite only the work cataloged as authority for a new concept, except in the case of certain named entities such as obscure archaeological sites, brand name products, computer languages, etc.  Although the concept may have been found only in the work being cataloged, other sources appropriate to the subject area in question should be cited to demonstrate that the concept was properly investigated.” 

While the proposal would have been stronger if it had included evidence of research, the meeting believes that the concept of “serious leisure” is vague and open to interpretation. The existing heading Leisure be assigned to the work being cataloged, post-coordinated with Vocational guidance; Occupations; or Professions, as appropriate.  The proposal was not approved.

Songs (High voice) with computer

SHM H 1917.5 allows for the construction of this heading without creating an authority record. The proposal was not necessary.

Thirty Years’ War, 1618-1648

This proposal was made to add a UF for the German name for the war.  LCSH is an English-language vocabulary and generally does not include foreign-language translations (see SHM H 1592 sec. 4.d).  The proposal was not approved.

World Rally Championship

Names of individual sporting events are established in the name authority file, per SHM H 405. The proposal was not approved.

Large type books

Genre/form terms in the disciplines of moving images, non-musical sound recordings, cartography, and law may be proposed for inclusion in LCGFT.  The proposal for Large type books is premature and is thus is not accepted at this time.