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September 17, 2012

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: L. Dechman.



The meeting felt that it is preferable to class all works about anti-discrimination laws for sexual minorities under a single caption whenever it is possible and appropriate.  The caption at KJC5144.G39 will be revised to “Gays. Lesbians. Bisexuals. Transgender people” with the note “Including general works on sexual minorities.”  The proposal was not approved.


467 new and changed proposals appeared on this list.

Abecedariuses, English

The proposal provided no citation to the work being cataloged.  This heading was not needed to support the proposal for Abecedariuses, English (Middle) that also appears on this list.  If a heading for Abecedariuses, English is also needed, this proposal may be resubmitted with the addition of a citation to the work cat.

Chelan National Forest (Wash.)

This forest has had many name changes in its history.  The meeting concluded that the Chelan National Forest is currently called Okanogan National Forest for which there is an existing subject heading, Okanogan National Forest (Wash). A UF for Chelan National Forest will be added to the existing heading.  The proposal was not necessary.

Credit rating agencies

The meeting questioned whether there is a difference between the proposed heading and the existing heading Rating agencies (Finance).  If there is a difference between the two concepts, the difference should be explained in contrasting scope notes.  If there is not a difference, the existing heading should be revised to include a UF for Credit rating agencies.  The proposal may be resubmitted.


Apparently, this heading was intended for works on drug-induced diabetes, but the meaning is not clear from the string.  Diabetes is in the pattern for Diseases (Subject Headings Manual H 1150), therefore, if the subdivision combination “--Etiology--Drugs” was desired, the correct place to establish it would be under the pattern heading Cancer.  However, LCSH contains no existing headings in the form “Cancer--Etiology--[specific cause],” or other instances of “[name of the disease]--Etiology--[specific cause],” and the meeting does not choose to begin the pattern.  Instead, headings such as Diabetes--Etiology may be postcoordinated with Drugs--Side effects.  The proposal was not approved.

Drugs--Side effects--Glucose regulation

LCSH contains no existing headings in the form “Drugs--Side effects--[specific affected function],” and the meeting does not choose to begin the pattern.  Instead, headings such as Drugs--Side effects may be postcoordinated with Blood sugar, Diabetes, and/or other related headings.  The proposal was not approved.

Egypt--History--1981-2011; Egypt--History--2011- ; Egypt--History--Protests, 2011; Egypt--History--1981-2011; Egypt--Politics and government--1981-2011

In principle, these proposals were fine, however, no supporting evidence in the form of a work cat citation or other citations that justify the date spans was provided.  This is required by SHM H 620 sec. 3.d(2), which states, “Select a period of time that expresses a generally recognized period related to the subject or place as shown by authority research or a period of time frequently treated in the works on the subject or place” [emphasis added].

Authority records are not just for this year, when we all remember what happened; they are for posterity.  The importance of recording authority research can be seen clearly in older headings that have the subdivisions “--History,” “--Politics and government,” “--Social conditions,” etc., with a time period.  It  is often difficult to determine why specific dates were chosen and why a date span has been closed or opened when there is no research cited in the records. 

In addition, the “--Politics and government” date span should not be closed off without opening a new one.  Finally, it is not clear that the protests heading should be closed off, since there continue to be protests in Egypt.

The proposals may be resubmitted with accompanying research citations.

English literature--Ballet adaptations

LCSH has never used a subdivision in the form “--[art form] adaptations,” except “--Film adaptations” and “--Television adaptations,” and the meeting does not choose to begin the pattern.  The existing subdivisions “--Film adaptations” and “--Television adaptations” should be taken as exceptions, not patterns to follow.  The heading for the literature may be postcoordinated with Ballets for the work being cataloged.  The proposal was not approved.

Eran (Extinct city)

Additional information is needed on this proposal.  The central question is whether the city actually ceased to exist before 1500 (as required by SHM H 1715).  It is unclear whether the proposed extinct city is the same or different from the populated place named Eran in India.  If it is the same city, and it has been continuously occupied, then the current jurisdiction should be established in the name authority file.  If the modern city is simply in the same place, but has not been continuously occupied, or if the ancient city and the modern city are not in exactly the same place, then the proposal for the extinct city may be resubmitted with citations to research that support the proposal.

ExxonMobil Coal USA (Mine : Albers, Ill.)

This mine is outside Albers, not in it.  More significantly, ExxonMobil Coal USA is the name of a company headquartered in Houston, Texas.  It is not the name of the mine itself.  According to the decision of a lawsuit found online, ExxonMobil Coal was doing business as Monterey Coal Company at that site.  The Union Pacific web site states that Monterey Coal Company is a division of Exxon Coal USA.  The work being cataloged states that Monterey Mine #2 is now known as ExxonMobil Coal USA Inc., but the work itself is unclear, in light of other evidence.  One way to resolve this is to establish the heading as: Monterey Coal Mine #2 (Ill.), for which there is adequate support.  Alternately, the heading Coal mines and mining--Illinois could be used instead of establishing a heading for the individual mine.  The proposal may be resubmitted if desired.

Hillside Historic District (Waterbury, Conn.)

Historic districts in cities are considered city sections, which should be established in the name authority file (see SHM H 720, Background).  The proposal was not approved.

Hulme family

The Dictionary of American Family Names (Hanks, 2003) gives Hulme as a variant of Holmes, therefore, Hulme family will be added as a UF on the existing heading Holmes family.  The proposal was not approved.

Iron Man (Fictitious character)

According to Marvel’s web site, James Rhodes is War Machine, not Iron Man.   James Rhodes wore the Iron Man armor in a few issues, but he did not become Iron Man.  The proposal was not approved.

Lined spittlebug

The BT should be the genus Neophilaenus, which will also need to be established.  According to several online sources (including British Bugs and Cercopoidea Organised On Line), the genus Neophilaenus is in the family Aphrophoridae.  Aphrophoridae is currently a UF on the heading Cercopidae.  So, a proposal to change Cercopidae to remove the UF Aphrophoridae, as well as a proposal to establish Aphrophoridae should be submitted. Also, a classification number is needed in QL527 for Aphrophoridae.

The proposal for Lined spittlebug may be resubmitted along with the other proposals suggested above.

Maori Americans--Tribal citizenship

The proposal is for a free-floating combination (per SHM H 1103); therefore, the proposal was not necessary.  After reviewing the work being cataloged, the meeting suggested that applying the subdivision “--Ethnic identity” might be preferable to “--Tribal citizenship.”

Natural history literature

LCSH contains no headings in the form “[nonfiction subject] literature” that have UFs of the type “[nonfiction subject] writings.”  All of the headings in which “writings” is used in the heading or UFs are for the writings of a class of persons (e.g., Nurses’ writings).  The meeting chose against setting this new precedent for the literature headings.  The proposal was not approved.

Orinoco River Region (Venezuela and Colombia)

According to the guidelines for constructing and assigning headings for regions based on geographic features (SHM H 760), this proposal was not necessary.

Parodies; --Parodies, imitations, etc. (topical subdivision); --Parodies, imitations, etc. (form subdivision); Characters and characteristics; Detective and mystery stories--Parodies, imitations, etc.; Drummond, Bulldog (Fictitious character)--Parodies, imitations, etc.; Fictitious characters; Imitation in literature

The proposals seek to add several categories to the list of headings that can be subdivided by “--Parodies, imitations, etc.” Works parody other works, not individual characters in a work, because a parody must carry over some context from the original work. 

In addition, the proposal seeks to broaden the use of the subdivision under “individual literary, moving image, music, art, etc., forms and genres.”  Moving image is already authorized, but literary, music, and art genres are not, and the “et cetera” is problematic. 

The meeting is consciously trying to avoid establishing new free-floating subdivisions, and to avoid adding new uses for existing ones because in the linked data environment of the semantic web, more authority records are needed, not fewer.  Currently, additions to the lists of pattern subdivisions (SHM H 1146-1200) are being considered as always.  However, additions to free-floating lists (SHM H 1095-H1145.5), particularly SHM H 1095, are being considered and approved only very conservatively.

The proposals were not approved.

Regjeringskvartalet bombing, Oslo, Norway, 2011

The background statement of SHM H 1592 states that major events that have conventional names should be established as event phrase headings.  There is no evidence that this is a conventional name.  There are only 161 hits on Google for this phrase, and even the citation provided in the proposal did not use it.  The general heading Bombings--Norway--Oslo should be used instead.  The proposal was not approved.

Utøya Massacre, Utøya, Norway, 2011   

No evidence was provided that this event is called the "Utoya massacre."  There are 146,000 hits for the phrase on Google--a relatively small number in Google terms.  Some of the sites using that phrase, such as The Telegraph and Der Spiegel (English edition), have not settled on a conventional name for the event, calling it the “Anders Behring Breivik massacre” as often as calling it the “Utoya massacre.”  Therefore, there does not seem to be evidence that there is a conventional name for this event.  The general heading Massacres--Norway should be used instead.  The proposal was not approved.

Stagnation (Economics)

Ordinarily, abstract concepts such as this one are not subdivided geographically, and the meeting feels that Stagnation (Economics) should not be subdivided geographically either.  Instead, assign an additional heading of the type “[place]--Economic conditions” for the concept of economic stagnation in a place.  The proposal was not approved.

Stories in rhyme, English

There are over 200 bibliographic records that use the heading Stories in rhyme, a large number of which should be revised to Stories in rhyme, English, but no bibliographic file maintenance (see SHM H 200, sec. 14) was submitted.  While re-examining the proposal, the cataloger should consider whether other qualified headings should also be proposed (Stories in rhyme, Italian, etc.).  The proposal may be resubmitted with bibliographic file maintenance accompanying.

True crime stories, American; True crime stories, English

The wording of these proposals makes the meaning of the headings unclear as to whether the true crime stories occurred in the United States (or Britain), or whether the true crime stories were written by American (or British) authors.  Qualified headings like these refer to the nationality of the author, which seems to carry less relevance in relation to true crime stories.  The base heading can be subdivided geographically, which would be the way to indicate that the crime was committed in a particular place.  The heading True crime stories--United States means that true crime stories from the United States.  This heading construction is less ambiguous and less open to misinterpretation.  The proposals were not approved.

United States--Armed Forces--Auditing

SHM H 1095 specifically states that subdivisions from H 1095 (such as “--Auditing”) can be used after topical headings, and after other types of headings subdivided topically.  The proposal was not necessary.

Winter Garden Theatre (New York, N.Y. : 624 Broadway)

This proposal seeks to add Palmo’s Opera House as a UF on the existing heading Winter Garden Theatre (New York, N.Y. : 624 Broadway).  Palmo’s Opera House was a different building, on Chambers Street, a mile away from the theater at 624 Broadway.  The research cited in the existing 670 fields on the proposal makes this clear.  A separate proposal for Palmo’s Opera House may be resubmitted.