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August 20, 2012

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: J. Young.



The work being cataloged is a history of plagiarism, not a study of the depiction of plagiarism in Spanish literature.  It should be classified in PN167-168.  The proposal was not approved.


Spanish experimental poetry should be classified in PQ6209.A-Z, minor forms of Spanish poetry, not with special subjects.  The proposal may be resubmitted.


404 new and changed proposals appeared on this list.

Adamsons family

Adamsons family is a variant of Adams family, and a UF has been added to the latter.  The proposal was not approved.

Bājarmā (Iraq)

A proposal for Garmain (Iraq) was not approved on Monthly List 06 (2012) because it is an ancient jurisdiction that should be established in the name authority file (see the Subject Headings Manual H 405, Group 1).  The current proposal is for the same jurisdiction, with Garmian (Iraq) as a UF.  According to The Encyclopedia of Islam, 2nd ed., which was cited in the proposal, Bādjarmā was a district in the province of Musul during the Abāsid Caliphate. The meeting reiterated that the heading should be established in the name authority file. The proposal was not approved.

Capital market

The proposal sought to add a UF Financial market to the existing heading.  The terms are not synonymous.  According to Black’s Dictionary of Economics, a financial market is a market in which any financial assets are traded; a capital market is where securities, a specific type of financial asset, are traded.  The proposal was not approved.

Commodity futures

This proposal sought to add a UF Commodity market to the existing heading.  The terms are not synonymous. Commodity futures are traded in commodity markets; in addition, commodity futures are only one aspect of commodity markets. The proposal was not approved.

Chinese fiction—Song-Yuan dynasties, 860-1368; Chinese fiction—Tang-Five dynasties, 618-960; Chinese fiction—Three Kingdoms-Sui dynasty, 220-618

Chronological subdivisions for Chinese fiction should follow the dates established under Chinese literature (e.g., Chinese literature—Song dynasty, 960-1279).  The work cataloged appears to cover Chinese fiction from 220-1368, and the meeting suggests that instead of proposing multiple new headings, the cataloger might want to consider assigning either Chinese fiction—History and criticism or Chinese fiction—221 B.C.-960 A.D.—History and criticism along with Chinese fiction—960-1644—History and criticism.  The proposals may be resubmitted.


This proposal sought to add the UF Poisonous frogs to the existing heading.  In the work being cataloged, the phrase “poisonous frogs” appears to have been used as a descriptive phrase, rather than a common name, since there are multiple families of poisonous frogs.  The proposal was not approved.

Diary comic books, strips, etc.

All of the works cited in the proposal seem to be diaries in comic book form.  They can be adequately cataloged through application of some or all of the headings [name of person]—Diaries; [class of persons]—Diaries; [name of person]—Comic books, strips, etc.; and [class of persons]—Comic books, strips, etc.; and the genre/form term Comic books, strips, etc. or Graphic novels (see SHM H 1430 for use of the subject heading Comic books, strips, etc. and Graphic novels as genre/form terms).  The proposal was not approved.

Diary fiction

This proposal was made to add an RT Autobiographical fiction to the established heading.  Autobiographical fiction and Diary fiction are in the same hierarchy, so according to SHM H 370 sec. 2, they cannot be RTs.  The proposal was not approved.

Feminist theory in literature

There is an established heading Feminism in literature, and the meeting believes that the distinction between it and Feminist theory in literature would be too fine for catalogers to make. A UF reference from Feminist theory in literature will be added to Feminism in literature.  The proposal was not approved.

Foodborne diseases

Illnesses is a UF for Diseases, so the proposed UF, Foodborne illnesses, is covered at the higher level.  The proposal was not approved.


This proposal was made to expand the existing scope note to allow for two definitions of the heading.  This would be very unusual, but not completely unprecedented, in LCSH.  However, the definition being added, the study of extremophile microorganisms that thrive in hostile environments, is already covered by the heading Extreme environments—MicrobiologyExtreme environments—Microbiology will be added as an NT to Geomicrobiology. The proposal was not approved.

Gontard, Christian Philipp von (Fictitious character)

When proposing fictitious characters, evidence that the character has appeared in at least three independent works (not three issues of a single serial) should be provided.  The meeting was unable to determine if Gontard has appeared in three works.  The proposal may be resubmitted with supporting citations.

Government financial managers; Accountants; Financial executives; Financial managers; Government accountants

The citation in the Occupational Outlook Handbook, which was cited in the proposal for Financial managers, indicates that financial managers include controllers, treasurers, finance officers, credit managers, cash managers, risk managers, and insurance managers.  Although LCSH includes the headings Corporate treasurers, Credit managers, and Risk managers, proposals were not made to revise the BTs on those records.

Additionally, the relationship of financial managers to Controllership and Auditors is unclear and should be examined.  It is also unclear whether it is necessary to have headings for both Financial executives and Financial managers; the 25 bibliographic records in LC’s database that were assigned Financial executives seem to be about financial management.  The proposals may be resubmitted.

Great Britain—History—Regency, 1811-1820—Fiction

This proposal for a free-floating combination with UFs was apparently made in response to the fact that the meeting did not approve the proposal for Regency fiction on Monthly List 17 (2011), preferring instead to continue the long-standing policy of assigning Great Britain—History—Regency, 1811-1820—Fiction.

There is no precedent in LCSH for UF references like those in the current proposal, and the meeting does not choose to set one at this time.  The proposal was not approved.

Internal security

This proposal sought to add a UF Internal security—Law and legislation to the existing heading.  LCSH includes headings for several types of security (e.g., Economic security; National security; Social security).  Each has a separate heading for the legal aspects of the topic, in the form [… security]—Law and legislation.  The meeting wishes to continue this pattern, since security issues are not inherently legal.  A proposal for Internal security—Law and legislation may be resubmitted.

Medina quarter

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, medinas are old walled parts of North African towns. This type of city section is common across the globe.  The meeting does not wish to establish a separate heading for those in North Africa since doing so would divide works about North Africa from those about the rest of the world. Works about old walled parts of towns are typically assigned the heading Historic districts. UF references for Medinas and the variant spellings given in the OED will be added to Historic districts.  The proposal was not approved.

Meneange (England)

The BT on this proposal indicates that Meneange is a peninsula, but it appears that it might actually be a civil parish on the Lizard Peninsula.  Civil parishes are the lowest-level local jurisdiction in England. If Meneange is a civil parish, then it should be established in the name authority file.  If it is not, then the proposal may be resubmitted with supporting evidence of that fact.

Mexico—History—Wars of Independence, 1810-1821—Literature and the wars

The subdivision –Literature and the wars is free-floating under headings for wars (see the multiple subdivision –Literature and the war, [revolution, etc.] in SHM H 1200).  The proposal was not necessary.

Mweya Safari Lodge

This lodge is a hotel that should be established in the name authority file, per SHM H 405. The proposal was not approved.

Nandu River (Hainan Sheng, China)

GeoNet provides many more variant names for this river, all of which should be cited and given as UFs in the proposal.  The proposal may be resubmitted.


This proposal sought to add the UFs Piracy (International law) and Piracy—Law and legislation, as well as the BT International crimes, to the existing heading.  LCSH already includes a heading Piracy (International law) and thus the proposed references are invalid.  The proposal was not approved.

Punched card systems—Agriculture, [Chemistry, Land titles, Sound recordings, etc.]

Punched card systems are old technology, so there is not much being published about them, making a multiple subdivision unnecessary.  In addition, the meeting is consciously trying to avoid establishing new multiple subdivisions in LCSH, since they do not work well in the linked data environment.  Individual proposals for punched card systems on specific topics should be submitted. The proposal was not approved.

Ryerss family

Ryerss is a variant of Ryerson, and a UF Ryerss family has been added to the existing heading Ryerson family.  The proposal was not approved.

Scandinavian cooperation

The heading Scandinavia has a UF Nordic countries, so the proposed UFs for  Nordic cooperation are unnecessary.  The proposal was not approved.

Spey, Strath (Scotland)

It appears that Strath Spey and the Spey River Valley (already established in LCSH as Spey River Valley (Scotland)) may be one and the same. More research needs to be done to confirm or deny this. If they are the same, then a proposal to add a UF to the heading for Spey River Valley may be resubmitted.  If they are different, then the proposal for Strath Spey may be resubmitted, with supporting citations.

Starfighter (Jet fighter plane)

This proposal, which merely sought to change the qualifier from “Fighter plane” and make the BT more specific, is a proposal of marginal utility (see the Summary of Decisions for Monthly List 3 (2012)) and was not approved.

Tatsinskaya Raid, 1942

According to SHM H 1592, events such as raids that occur in a single city should be qualified by place. The city name Tatsinskaya has not been established.  In addition, the instruction sheet for battles, H 1285, states in sec. 2.b(1), “In cases where a heading has been established for a specific campaign, for example, Maryland Campaign, 1864, do not use the heading as a broader term for the individual battles that were part of the campaign.”  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Yellowstone National Park Region

The term “Region” may be added on a free-floating basis to headings for parks (see SHM H 760 sec. 1).  The proposal was not necessary.