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July 16, 2012

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: L. Dechman



The work being cataloged is a collection of religious writings by Saint Bernardino da Siena, therefore, it should be classed in BX890.  The proposal was not approved.


The work being cataloged is history and criticism rather than a collection. As such, it should be classed in PS228.A-Z.  The proposal may be resubmitted.


This proposal duplicates an existing number.  The proposal was not necessary.


Subdivisions to be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

                       H 1147, Animals
                                    $x Embryos $x Effect of temperature on (May Subd Geog)

Other decisions:

Automobile racing--Video games

The ALA group OLAC CAPC is evaluating the existing headings Internet games; Video games; Electronic games; Computer games; etc., to determine if there are useful distinctions among the headings. Upon completion of OLAC CAPC’s work, PSD will determine the appropriate course of action for the existing headings. Therefore, the meeting prefers to not establish --Video games as a form subdivision at this time. The proposal was not approved.
Child health services; Maternal health services

"Maternity" is a concept, not an adjective so adding the phrase "Maternity and child health services" could be confused with an “A and B” heading such as Architecture and globalization. The initialisms in the proposed UFs do not appear to be in common enough usage to justify adding a reference. The proposals were not approved.

Electronic editing

The process of “electronic editing” is the same as “copy editing” except for the tools that are used.  The existing heading Copy editing should be assigned to the work being cataloged.  The proposal was not approved.

English literature--Pakistani authors

The work being cataloged is by Pakistanis living in Pakistan and writing in English.  According to SHM H 1156 sec. II, para. 2, the heading English literature--Pakistan should be assigned, since it is an external author group.  The proposal was not necessary.

English literature--Turkmen authors

The work is English-language literature being written by Turkmen in Turkmenistan.  The existing subject heading English literature--Turkmenistan should be assigned instead (see SHM H 1156 sec. II, para. 2). The proposal was not necessary.

Gymnastics for women

The UF being proposed is not needed because the reference from “Women’s” is covered at the higher level of the sports hierarchy, i.e., Sports for women has the UF Women’s sports. The proposal was not approved.

Hamilton Basin (N.Z.)

It appears from GeoNet that Hamilton Basin may be the watershed for the Waikato River, which is an existing heading.  If this basin is a geological basin and distinct from the watershed, the proposal may be resubmitted with evidence of the distinction.

Historical fiction

The heading Historical fiction is a fiction genre heading.  The BT being added in the proposal, History in literature, is a topical heading.  In Literature, topical headings are not added as BTs on literary genres.  The proposal was not approved.
Illinois Standards Achievement Test

There is an existing heading for Illinois Standards Achievement Tests (sh 99004598).  The proposal was not necessary.

Lepidoptera; Odonata; Primatology

SHM H 370, sec. 2, states specifically that related term references are not made to link two headings that begin with the same word or word stem, as is the case with Lepidoptera and Lepidopterology, Odonata and Odanatology, and Primates and Primatology.  The proposals were not approved.

Littlebourne Barn (Littlebourne, England)

Research should be done to determine if the barn is part of the Littlebourne Court complex.  If it is, and if it is formally named, then the proposal may be resubmitted following the provisions of SHM H 1334 sec. 6, parts of complex structures. If the barn is not part of the Littlebourne Court complex, the proposal may be resubmitted with a citation that verifies that the barn is not part of the complex.

Nineteen fifty, A.D.; Nineteen fifty-four, A.D.

According to SHM H 620 sec. 2.c, headings for special years should be assigned only to general works on the year not limited to specific topics. Both works are about American history and customs of their respective year.  The headings that should be applied are, United States--History--1945-1953; United States--History--1953-1961;United States--Social life and customs--1945-1970.   The proposals were not approved.

Northeast Asia

SHM H 760 sec. 1.e(6) specifically states that the region in question must be "well-defined and generally recognized by that name in English-language reference sources."  This region is not listed in any reference sources, including Columbia, Geonet, Encyclopedia Americana, World Book, and Britannica.  World Book and Britannica have the longest lists of Asian regions (respectively: south, southeast, east, north, central; and inner, middle, southeast, central, south, southwest, north, west; east).  These standard sources break Asia down in a multitude of ways, but they do not include northeast Asia. The proposal was not approved.

Ogu (African people)

Ethnologue provides many variant forms, and a different form of name for the language; Joshua Project agrees with Ethnologue.  The proposal should be reconsidered and additional UFs should be included.  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Prophet (Fictitious character)

The proposal gives no indication that this character has appeared in three separate works (not just in three issues of a multipart or serial comic book). (See instructions in the SACO Participants’ Manual, p. 15.)  The proposal may be resubmitted with corroborating evidence.

Returning veterans

This concept is an important one, but the difficulties inherent in definition and application of the term make the heading problematic for inclusion in LCSH.  The term “veterans” itself implies that the person has “returned.”  It is difficult to determine consistently the point at which the “returning veteran” becomes a “veteran.” Any one of the following conditions could be a determining factor: job status, medical or psychological status, length of time, etc.

The proposed scope note indicates that the heading would be used for service members who are returned from military service to civilian life.  However, “returning veterans” are soldiers returning from deployment.  Many of them are not returning to "civilian life," because they are still in the military, and many of them are still on active duty. 

The heading is likely to be applied only if the title of the work refers to "returning veterans" (which already supplies keyword access), and that will do nothing to collocate like works. Instead it will divide the file since until Iraq and Afghanistan the general public did not refer to them as “returning veterans.”  They were simply called veterans.  The existing heading and free-floating subdivision Veterans and --Veterans (used under headings for individual wars) have been used successfully in the past. 

Upward UFs Returning veterans and Combat veterans will be added on the existing heading Veterans.  The proposal was not approved. 

Redecker family

According to the Dictionary of American Family Names (Hanks, 2003), Redeker is a variant of Rademacher, which has a variant Radermacher.  Radermacher family is an existing heading in LCSH (sh87007452).  The meeting will change the existing heading to Rademacher family, which is the more commonly used form of the name, with UFs for Radermacher, Rademaker, Redecker, and Redeker.  The proposal was not approved.

Sexual minorities

The UF being proposed does not seem to have the same meaning as the heading.  Not all sexual minorities have a minority sexual orientation.  Intersex people and Transgender people may consider themselves Heterosexual, which is the majority sexual orientation, but they are still considered sexual minorities because their sexual identity puts them in the minority.  The proposal was not approved. 

Sha'arei Ḥesed (Jerusalem) 

According to the citations in the proposal, this is a city section of Jerusalem. City sections should be established in the Name Authority File (SHM H 720).  The proposal was not approved.


LCSH includes a heading Shapeshifting already.  Since books (which are chiefly fiction) about shapeshifting are about shapeshifters, and books about shapeshifters are about shapeshifting, both headings would be applied to every work.  The meeting prefers to avoid this duplication and considers the existing heading, Shapeshifting, to be sufficient.  The proposal was not approved.. 

War stories, Afrikaans

The work being cataloged is the biography of a soldier.  The heading War stories is a genre of fiction, therefore, the proposed heading would not be applied to the work being cataloged.  The proposal was not approved.