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May 21, 2012

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: L. Dechman



Philippe Muray is a novelist and essayist, not a philosopher.  All of his work has been classed in his literary author number (PQ2673.U65). The work being cataloged does contain some of Muray’s philosophical thought, but should be classed in the literary author number as well.  The proposal was not approved.


Proposals should be submitted only for the classification number that was chosen for use in the catalog.  The work being cataloged is the same as the one for the previous number on this list (BP134.B6), submitted by the same library.  The catalog entry uses BP134.B6, which corresponds to the first two subject headings, and BP135.8.B64 is not used on any bib record.  Therefore, the proposal for BP135.8.B64 was not necessary at this time.


The caption for this number should cite the town name as it is established, San Lorenzo del Escorial (Spain), not El Escorial (Spain). The cutter should be in BT660.S+ to match the town name. The apparition/miracle has not been proposed for LCSH, nor has it been named in the bib record, both of which are necessary if the class number is to be approved.  The proposal may be resubmitted, along with a subject heading proposal for the apparition/miracle.


CSM F 290, no. 3 states, “Do not establish new General special numbers when submitting classification development proposals.” The work being cataloged can be classed in the general number for the history of Congo, or, depending on the focus of the work, with the history of Christianity in Congo, BR1359+.  The proposal was not approved.


HC is for economic history and conditions, and the special topics in HC79.A-Z are either strictly practical or theoretical concepts applied practically, such as HC79.P7 for Profit (theory number, HB601).  HB is for economic theory, including the history of economic theory.  Based on its table of contents, the work being cataloged appears to be very theoretical, and as such would be better classed in HB94.  The proposal was not approved.


The work being cataloged is about the education of Greeks outside of Greece, which should class in LA789.5.  The proposal was not approved.


Subdivisions to be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

H 1156, Literatures

$x Czech authors

$x Czechoslovak authors

Other decisions:

95 High Street Site (Coleshill, Warwickshire, England)

The meeting was unable to determine whether a heading for a building or an archeological site was desired because proposed heading was tagged 110, as appropriate for a building, but the only BT provided was England--Antiquities, which is the appropriate BT for an archeological site (tagged 151).  If the building is extant, then a heading for the building is needed.  If the building is not extant or if there is an archaeological dig at the location, then a heading for the site is needed.  Neither the title nor the other title information for the work being cataloged gives any indication that there is either a building or an archaeological site discussed.  No authority was cited to show that the area around 95 High Street is an identifiable archaeological site or that it is referred to by this name.  The proposal may be resubmitted with additional citations if necessary.

Allgäu (Germany)

The proposal to cancel this heading is based on the existence of a name heading, which was established for "Allgäu (Germany). Regionaler Planungsverband."  However, Allgäu is a region, not a jurisdiction, so the corporate body heading was not properly formulated.  The corporate body heading has been revised to "Regionaler Planungsverband Allgäu," therefore, the heading for the region Allgäu (Germany) will be retained in LCSH.  The proposal was not approved.

Asian New Zealanders

SHM H 1919.5 sec. 1.b states that specific nationalities in countries other than the United States are designated by assigning a nationality heading subdivided geographically (e.g., Germans—New Zealand). This policy is extrapolated to ethnic groups, such as Asians living in New Zealand, which would be expressed as Asians--New Zealand. The proposal was not approved.

BAC Jet Provost (Training plane)

The Strikemaster and the Provost are different planes, and as such would require two headings on separate proposals.  The proposal(s) may be resubmitted.

The proposed additional references are not in common English usage.  The proposal was not approved.

Billiard players

Billiards is a game not a sport; therefore the people who play it are not athletes. The proposal was not approved.

Bott family

The title of the work being cataloged gives the indication that the family names Bott and Botts are variants of each other.  Therefore, a UF for Bott family will be added to the existing heading Botts family (sh 95004463).  The proposal was not approved.

Carols, Flemish

The qualifier in headings for carols is based on language. Since Flemish language is a UF under Dutch language, the heading that should be applied is Carols, Dutch, which is an existing heading.  The proposal was not approved.

Dianguo (Kingdom)

Dianguo is a historic kingdom, which should be established in the name authority file (see SHM H 405, Group One).  The proposal was not approved.

Dystopian fiction; Dystopian fiction, American; Dystopian fiction, Canadian; Dystopian fiction, English; Dystopian fiction, French; Dystopian fiction, Russian

The subject heading Dystopian fiction would be a form heading in LCSH, and as such it could be used for collections of fiction only (SHM H 1790).  Subject access to individual works of fiction about dystopias would be reduced, because the existing heading Dystopias--Fiction would become a UF on the new heading.  Dystopias--Fiction would not be available for use on an individual work of fiction.  The meeting does not wish to reduce access to individual works of fiction. However, the term could be considered for future inclusion in LCGFT .  The proposals were not approved.
Egypt--History--Protests, 2011-

The meeting does not choose to begin a pattern of attempting to associate various protests, demonstrations, uprisings, etc. to the heading Arab Spring, 2010-.  The proposal was not approved.


An employer could be an individual person or a corporate body, therefore, the heading Business enterprises has been assigned to works about employers.  If a heading for an individual who is an employer is desired, then the existing headings Supervisors or Executives may be assigned.  The proposal was not approved.             
English horn and oboe with orchestra

English horn and oboe music has been established (SHM H 250, sec. 1.b(2)).  It is assigned to music written for these two instruments.  However, that authority record also serves as authorization to use the phrase "English horn and oboe" as a medium of performance component in any other heading where music for these two instruments is featured without having to establish that heading (H 1917.5 sec. 1.a(1) and sec. 2).  The proposal was not necessary.

Finnish American literature; American literature--Finnish American authors; Italian American literature; American literature--Italian American authors

There are approximately a dozen more pairs of headings that are analogous to these, and they should be revised at the same time as these headings.  The narrower terms under United States--Literatures should be examined to identify which of those headings are paired, e.g., Greek American literature paired with American literature--Greek American authors.  The headings should be revised to current standards, including correction of the improperly placed hyphens in the existing headings.  The meeting suggests that the scope notes being added follow this pattern: “Here are entered works of literature in Finnish by Finnish Americans.  Works of literature in English by Finnish Americans are entered under American literature--Finnish authors.”

The proposals may be resubmitted along with proposals to revise the other pairs of headings.

Folk songs, Montenegrin

The qualifier used in headings for songs should be a language qualifier, not one for a nationality (see the scope note under the heading Folk songs).  The proposal was not approved. 

Freinet method of education

Celestin Freinet was a famous educator, but the phrase "Freinet method of education" appears to be a descriptive phrase found in running text rather than uniquely identifiable method of education.  If this proposed heading is removed, the work is cataloged sufficiently with a subject heading for Freinet, Celestin and Education--Philosophy.  The proposal was not approved.

Glarus Alps (Switzerland)

These mountains are represented by the existing heading Glarner Alps (Switzerland) (sh 85055096 ).  This form will be added as a reference on the existing heading.  The proposal was not approved.

Group rights

The research cited to support this proposal does not provide a definition or a description of the term, and the term itself is ambiguous.  Many authoritative sources for the concept are available (including, Economist article: ; Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry:; etc.), and should be cited.  A citation from Wikipedia is insufficient.

SHM H 202, Background, states that the information recorded in the authority record serves as a record of how the cataloger decided on the terminology selected for the heading and UF references.  In addition, definitions of terms that are not readily available elsewhere, information on the intended scope and usage of the proposed heading, its relationship to, and distinction from, similar existing headings, and any peculiarities or other pertinent information about the heading are recorded here.  This information is used to guide the proposal through the editorial approval process.  The online subject authority record serves as a permanent record for future reference and consultation.

The proposal may be resubmitted. 

Guanzhong Basin (China)

It is unclear whether a heading for a geologic basin or a river basin is needed.  If a heading for a river basin is needed, establish it according to instructions in SHM H 800, sec. 9, as a watershed.  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Maithili periodicals

This proposal was submitted to remove the BT Periodicals.  The meeting has decided that instead of continuing the current policy in which headings for periodicals and newspapers qualified by nationality, language, or ethnicity are orphans, the headings should have the BT Periodicals or BT Newspapers, respectively.  The BTs have been added to existing headings.  The proposal was not approved.

Mammals; Mammalogy

These proposals were made to add related term references to Mammalogy from the heading Mammals and vice versa. As stated specifically in SHM H 370, sec. 2, related term references are not made to link two headings that begin with the same word or word stem, as is the case with Mammals and Mammalogy.  The proposals were not approved.

Manuscripts, Flemish

Prior to 1830, Dutch is the language used to describe the literature of Belgium.  The work being cataloged is a collection of 8th-16th century manuscripts.  Therefore, the heading that should be assigned is Manuscripts, Dutch.  The proposal was not approved.


The works cited as justification for this proposal are all grief guides such as "Eight critical questions for mourners, and the answers that will help you heal" in which mourners are the target audience, not the subject of the works. A wide variety of headings exist to express the subject of these works, including: Bereavement--Psychological aspects, Death--Psychological aspects, Sudden death--Psychological aspects, Loss (Psychology), etc. The works being cataloged in this proposal would be adequately cataloged by applying the existing headings Sudden death--Psychological aspects and Bereavement--Psychological aspects. The proposal was not approved.

Nandu River (China)

The proposal was for a river in Hainan Sheng.  It is unclear whether this is the same river as the one cited in Geonet, which was not cited.  Geonet gives a Nandu He in Guangdong Sheng.  If the rivers are not the same, then the qualifier should be more specific.  The proposal may be resubmitted.


The OED makes it clear that postcolonialism is not just the cultural legacy, as stated in the proposed scope note, but relates to the government, economic situation, etc.  The meeting does not feel that the scope note is necessary. Postcolonialism is not an NT of Colonies, thus, the BT Political science will be retained.  The proposal was not approved.

Serbia and Montenegro--Literatures

According to SHM H 719 sec. 3, this heading would be used for the pre-split geographic coverage.  There are analogous headings for Yugoslavia--Literatures and Czechoslovakia--Literatures; therefore, this heading remains valid as well.  The proposal was not approved.

Montenegrin wit and humor

This proposal was made to add the UF Serbian wit and humor--Montenegro to the heading, however, references such as this are added at the literature level of hierarchy only (e.g., Montenegrin literature).  The proposal was not approved.

Sexual minority families

The meaning of the proposed heading is unclear.  One meaning of the heading could be that if one member of a family is a member of a sexual minority, then the whole family is a sexual minority, which might be untrue.  The patterns cited are not analogous.  Disabled veterans' families means "the family of a disabled veteran," which is not the same thing as characterizing the entire family as disabled veterans.  Minority families would be families in which all the members are minorities.  Sexual minority parents is a class of persons heading, but families headings are not classes of persons headings.  The proposal was not approved.

Tariff on aluminum; Tariff on antimony; Tariff on bone products; Tariff on calcium carbide; Tariff on cereal products

These proposals follow the pattern of all other Tariff on [topic] headings; however, the proposals do not reflect current policies regarding assignment of broader terms.  PSD will communicate with the proposing library to suggest a project to revise existing Tariff on [topic] headings according to current policy.  The proposals may be resubmitted.


This proposal was submitted to add the term “Teeners” as a UF on the heading Teenagers.  The works being cited as justification for this addition are from 1950, 1952, and 1971, and since current justification was not cited and cannot be found, the meeting believes that addition of the term would not enhance accessibility.  The proposal was not approved.


The organism represented by this term lived in the Middle to Late/Upper Paleocene, thus, it is a fossil. The broader term for this heading should be Boidae, Fossil. SHM H 1332, sec. 10.a-b., includes the instruction to make BT references from the next broader level in the hierarchy of genus, family, order, class, phylum, or division with the addition of the qualifier Fossil.  The proposal may be resubmitted along with a proposal for the broader term.

Utopian fiction; Utopian fiction, American; Utopian fiction, Bangladeshi (English); etc.

See explanation above under Dystopian fiction.  The proposals were not approved.

Utopias in literature

Headings of the type [topic] in literature do not include UF references of the type “Literary [topic].”  The proposal was not approved.

Weifen River (China)

Proposals for geographic headings should cite Geonet, which gives the approved form Yufen He, as well as other variants.  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Xinghua Bay (China)

Proposals for geographic headings should cite Geonet, which gives multiple variants.  The proposal may be resubmitted.