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March 19, 2012

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: L. Dechman



Lerminier was a lawyer and law professor, but this book is a collection of previously published articles from Revue des Deux-Mondes, and there are a wide range of topics discussed, many of which are not legal.  However, Lerminier’s works are all classified in K, including one biography of him, which is classed KJV251.5.L47.  No works of philosophy by him were found that would class in B.  Therefore, the meeting feels that it would be better to class this book in KJV251.5.L47.  The proposal was not approved.


Binswanger was a psychiatrist and wrote many books about existential psychology and phenomenological psychology.  Several books about him have been classed BF204.5, which is the number that is preferred for this work.  The proposal was not approved.


CSM F350, sec. 1. states: “The following types of Cutter numbers are generally not printed in the LC classification schedules and need not be established:  personal, corporate, and geographic names, names of languages (when a topic is subarranged by language), and titles of individual works, except for literary works from early periods up to 1500.” This number is in an individual biography list of personal names, therefore, the proposal was not necessary.


This number is in an individual biography list of personal names, therefore, the proposal was not necessary. (See CSM F350, sec. 1.)


This number is in a geographic names list, therefore, the proposal was not necessary. (See CSM F350, sec. 1.)  


The Marathi are already represented in this list at DS432.M2, Maratha.  The proposal was not approved.


Nepal is already represented in South Asia at HE3384.41.  The proposal was not approved.


The note at the beginning of PA3015 states, "For works limited to the treatment of special topics in specific forms such as poetry or drama see the form."  The title of this work is "Recognitions in the ancient novel" and the table of contents seems to only refer to novels, so the work should be classed in PA3040 for Fiction, not the special topics number for all types of literature at PA3015.A-Z.  The proposal was not approved.


This number is in an individual biography list of personal names, therefore, the proposal was not necessary. (See CSM F350, sec. 1.) 


Since the BT on the subject heading Makkŏlli is Rice wines, the meeting feels that the existing number TP579, Rice wine, would be the appropriate place to class this work. TP579 has been revised to include Makkŏlli.  The proposal was not approved.



The title of the work being cataloged is "The Afrikaners in Namibia," and the cataloger provided no citations from inside the book, which does not provide evidence that Afrikaners are an ethnic group of Namibia, just that they are in Namibia. 

In LCSH, headings for ethnic groups, languages, and literatures are consistent whenever possible.  There were no related proposals to change the language headings for Afrikaans language, Afrikaans literature, etc.

Ethnologue indicates that the Afrikaans language is a language of "…principally Pretoria and Bloemfontein … Also in Australia, Botswana, Canada, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, New Zealand, Swaziland, United States, Zambia, Zimbabwe."  LCSH would not include a BT Ethnology--[name of country] for all those places. Afrikaners in non-African countries are presumably immigrants. Given the history of Namibia, the Afrikaners could be considered an ethnic group of Namibia, but this proposal includes no support for that.

The proposal may be resubmitted, including additional information, accompanied by proposals to revise the language and literature headings as necessary. 

Agriculture--Climatic factors

The existing heading Crops and climate includes UFs Crops—Climatic factors and Agricultural climatology, which cover the same concept as the proposed heading.  Therefore, a UF Agriculture--Climatic factors will be added to the heading Crops and climate.  The proposal was not approved.

Albergo Paradiso al Cevedale (Martello Valley : Italy)

The name of this building is the same as the name of the corporate body that inhabits it, therefore, a heading should be established for it in the Name Authority File (see SHM 1334, Background).  The proposal was not approved.

American diaries; American fiction; American letters; Canadian diaries; Canadian letters; Canadian fiction

There is no precedent for making UFs such as these, and the meeting does not wish to begin the pattern.  The proposals were not approved.

American drama; American essays; American poetry; American prose literature; American wit and humor; Canadian drama; Canadian essays; Canadian fiction; Canadian poetry; Canadian prose literature; Canadian wit and humor

UFs such as the ones made on these proposals are made only for headings with a parenthetical qualifier for language.  The proposals were not approved.

Baby spoons

It is unclear if the proposal was meant for infants’ feeding spoons or for small spoons for infants’ and small children’s use.  The proposal may be resubmitted with clarifying citations and perhaps a scope note or qualifier to indicate the specific meaning of the term.

Big Horn Mountains (Ariz.)

GNIS has a citation for Mohawk Mountains in Yuma County, which has variants Bighorn Mountains and Goat Mountains.  Additional research should be done to determine if the mountains in the proposal are the same mountains.  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Bright redfish; Epinephelus itajara; Freshwater drum; Lutjanus purpureus; Rhabdosargus sarba

These proposals were made to add qualifiers and thus disambiguate UFs.  While UFs for biological names may not conflict with headings (SHM H 1332 sec. 2), UFs for biological names do not have to be unique and therefore may be repeated on two or more records for biological names.  The proposals were not necessary.

Boleyn family

The existing heading Bolen family has a UF Boleyn family, therefore Bolen family should be used instead.  The proposal was not approved.

 Bumble, Olivier B. (Fictitious character)

The cataloger cited "Internet search" and compiled a lot of information from apparently different web sites.  Each site should be separately cited by title of the site. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Chick lit

There was no evidence provided that Chick lit is ever called “chick lit novels” or “chick literature.”  The proposal was not approved.

Commercial law; Business law

The meeting feels that the contrasting scope notes describe the difference between these two existing headings sufficiently for cataloging purposes.  The proposals were not approved.

Congo (Democratic Republic)--History--Civil War, 1998-

The existing heading Congo (Democratic Republic)--History--1997- covers virtually the same time period as the heading in the proposal.  It does not make sense to have two separate headings for the same time period, therefore, a UF for the war will be added to the existing heading.  The proposal was not approved.

Cooking (Tenualosa ilisha)

Headings for cooking should be made using generally recognizable terms in the hierarchy of species-genus-family-order, one of the “intermediate groupings” (see SHM 1332, Background), or a common name (usually a common name at the family- or genus- level of the hierarchy), instead of a species name that may not be recognizable to the general user.  For example, use Cooking (Orchids), not Cooking (Unscented dendrobium); use Cooking (Smelts), not Cooking (Thaleichthys pacificus).  SHM H 1475, Cooking and Cookbooks, will be revised to include this instruction.

The species Tenualosa ilisha is a type of shad, which is a generally recognizable type of fish, therefore, the existing heading Cooking (Shad) should be assigned.  An additional heading for the species may be assigned if desired.  The proposal was not approved.            

Dragon boat racing

It is unclear how dragon boat racing is different from Canoe racing, which is an existing heading.  The proposing library is encouraged to consider whether the heading Canoe racing would be sufficient for the work being cataloged.  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Eye Kettleby Site (England)

According to information given in the 670 for the work being cataloged, Eye Kettleby is an extinct city. A proposal for Eye Kettleby as an extinct city (see SHM H 715) may be resubmitted.

Fable writers, Kyrgyz

The proposed heading Fable writers is authorized for geographic subdivision, therefore, the heading Fable writers--Kyrgyzstan should be applied. The proposal was not approved.

Folk literature, Gabonese

From the information provided, the language in which the folk literature is written is unclear.  If the language is French from Gabon, the heading to propose would be: Folk literature, Gabonese (French).  The proposal may be resubmitted with clarification.

Garns family

The existing heading Garness family includes a UF Garnes family, therefore, the proposed heading was judged to represent a variant of Garness family as well.  A UF Garns family will be added to the existing heading Garness family.  The proposal was not approved.

Learjet aircraft

Lear jet aircraft is already established in LCSH (sh 85075515).  The meeting feels that Learjet aircraft would be a better heading, therefore, the existing heading Lear jet aircraft will be changed to Learjet aircraft.  The proposal was not necessary.

Gender mainstreaming in education

Gender mainstreaming is assessing programs to achieve gender equality.  LCSH includes the headings Sexism in education and Sex discrimination in education, so, to bring out the concept of gender mainstreaming in education, headings such as Sex discrimination in education--Prevention or Sexism in education--Prevention could be assigned.  The proposal was not approved.

Geneva family

The work being cataloged clearly shows that the name Geneva is a variant Genevay, therefore, a UF Geneva family will be added to the proposed heading Genevay family.  The proposal was not approved.

Great Basin National Park (Nev.)

GNIS lists variants that were not included on the proposal.  The proposal may be resubmitted, including variants from GNIS.

Halba (Indic people)

In LCSH, the heading for the language and the heading for the people group use the same terminology unless there is evidence that doing so would be derogatory, the people are known by an alternate name, etc. The heading for the language in LCSH is Halbi language.  There is a conflict with Alaba language, which has a UF Halaba language.  A qualifier should be added to the UFs on Halbi language and Alaba language to break the conflict.

The proposal may be resubmitted, and a proposal for the classification number should be included with the proposal for the people group subject heading.

Granite Wash Mountains (Ariz.)

The Granite Wash/Harcuvar Mountains are only in Yuma County, so the qualifier was fine as it was.  The proposal was not approved.


Hercegovinian is not the name of an ethnic group, but a term designating people from the region of Herzegovinia within the country of Bosnia and Herzegovinia.  LCSH does not generally include headings for descriptors based on a region within a country, and the meeting does not wish to consider the few that do exist (e.g., New Englanders) as precedents. 

There is a general see reference from Bosnian and Hercegovinian which states, “use subject headings beginning with or qualifier by the word Bosnian, e.g., Bosnian literature; Art, Bosnian.”  A similar general see reference from Hercegovinian, referring to headings qualified by Bosnian, may be proposed.  The proposal for Herzegovinians was not approved.

Inchmarnock Island (Scotland)

There is an existing heading for this island: Inchmarnock (Scotland) (sh2008008318).  The proposal was not approved.

Kamchatka River (Russia); Kamchatka River Watershed (Russia)

Headings for this river and watershed were approved on Monthly List 1202:  Kamchatka River (Kamchatskiĭ kraĭ, Russia) (sh2011005990); Kamchatka River Watershed (Kamchatskiĭ kraĭ, Russia) (sh2011005992).  Therefore, these proposals were not  necessary.

Korean Chinese

SHM H 1919.5 sec. 1.b. states: “Whenever a nationality heading is assigned, further subdivide it by the place where the presence of the nationality is being discussed, for example, GermansBrazil. With the exception of American ethnic groups, specific nationalities in foreign countries are designated in this manner, rather than by composite names such as German Brazilians.”  Therefore, this heading should be Koreans--China, which is a free-floating construction.  The proposal was not approved.

LWL-Landeshaus (Münster in Westfalen, Germany)    

The name of this building is the same as the name of the corporate body that inhabits it, therefore, a heading should be established for it in the Name Authority File (see SHM H 1334, Background).  The proposal was not approved.

Music--Thematic catalogs--Bibliography; Music--Thematic catalogs--Code words

The subdivisions --Bibliography and --Code words are free-floating, therefore, the proposals were not necessary.

Nationalities; Nationals

SHM H 374 states that general see references should be made “when relationships exist between terms and established headings or subdivisions that cannot be adequately conveyed by one or more simple UF references in records for established subject headings,” or when providing references “from non-used variant forms of national and ethnic adjectival qualifiers in preference to making explicit UF references in each heading established using that qualifier.”  The proposed headings do not fall into either of those categories. The proposals were not approved


The substantive UF presented, Argentinos, has not been used since 1940, according to information provided in the 670s. The proposal was not approved.

Occupational diseases--Law and legislation

The subdivision --Law and legislation is free-floating under individual diseases and types of diseases (see SHM H 1705, sec. 1; SHM H 1150).  The proposal was not necessary.

Ola Valley (Idaho)

A proposal should be submitted for Upper Squaw Creek, at which time this proposal may be resubmitted.

Paper District (Sandusky, Ohio)

The Paper District of Sandusky, Ohio is a city section, and as such should be established in the Name Authority File (see SHM H 720).  The proposal was not approved.

Patowmack Canal (Va.)

GNIS indicates that Patowmack Canal is a variant name for the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal.  LCSH includes separate headings for the Patowmack Canal and the C&O Canal, and this proposal seeks to add the C&O Canal as a BT to the Patowmack Canal.  More research should be done on two fronts.

First, is the Patowmack Canal actually part of the C&O Canal?  As established, the Patowmack Canal is qualified by Virginia; the C&O Canal is qualified by Maryland and Washington, D.C.  Maps of the canal indicate that the C&O Canal follows the Potomac on the Maryland side of the border with Virginia and does not cross into Virginia.  Therefore, either the qualifier on Patowmack Canal is incorrect or the Patowmack Canal is not actually part of the C&O Canal. 

Second, is GNIS correct in saying that Patowmack Canal is a variant name for the entirety of the C&O Canal?  If so, then Patowmack Canal should be a UF on the heading for the C&O Canal.  Also, is there also a separate canal, or section of the C&O Canal, which is more properly called the Patowmack Canal?  If there isn't, consideration should be given to cancelling the heading for the Patowmack Canal. 

In addition, a UF, George Washington's Canal, was proposed for addition to the record, but was not supported by any evidence.

A proposal to revise or cancel Patowmack Canal may be resubmitted, along with a proposal to revise Chesapeake and Ohio Canal (Md. and Washington, D.C.) if necessary.

Political parties--Religious aspects; Political parties--Religious aspects--Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

It is unclear what the meaning of the proposed heading, Political parties--Religious aspects, might be. Does the heading represent the religious portion of a political party plank?  Does it simply mean that a prayer is said before a political party meeting? More information should be supplied (in English please) explaining the meaning of the heading, and a scope note should be added to the base proposal.  The proposals may be resubmitted.

Prostitute-client relationships

LCSH includes several headings for specific relationships (e.g., Investment advisor-client relationships), but the meeting does not wish to continue the pattern.  Instead, the subdivision –Professional relationships, which free-floats under classes of persons (SHM H 1100), may be applied instead and the headings Prostitutes—Professional relationships and/or Prostitutes’ customers—Professional relationships may be assigned.  The proposal was not approved.

Qubbat Fāṭimah Khātūn (Cairo, Egypt)

For the tomb of an individual, named for that individual, a heading of the type [name of person]--Tomb, which is a free-floating construction, should be assigned.  The proposal was not approved.

Ream National Park (Cambodia)

The heading for this park should be established in Khmer (see instructions in SHM H 1925, sec. 1.a).  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Women (Christian theology)

Woman (Christian theology) is a UF on the existing heading Women--Religious aspects--Christianity, which should be used instead.  The proposal was not approved.


Proposals of marginal utility

Over the past several months there has been a significant increase in the number of proposals that seem to be made only for the sake of technical correctness (e.g., modifying qualifiers on existing headings for airplane models from the plural form to the singular, or to make the qualifier more specific, such as revising the qualifier Fighter plane to Jet fighter plane).  The meeting is also seeing more proposals made for the sake of adding UF references that are marginal in terms of validity and/or usefulness (e.g., see above the discussions of the proposals for American diaries, etc.; American drama, etc.; and Bright redfish), and many of the proposals do not cite a work being cataloged.  Given the current economic climate, in which many libraries are operating with reduced resources, the meeting would like to encourage catalogers to consider using their limited time to propose new concepts for LCSH and to provide comments on the Tentative Monthly Lists.