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February 21, 2012

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: J. Young



This proposal originally appeared on Monthly List 25 of 2011.  At that time the cataloger was requested to reexamine the work to determine if it should instead be classified in B51.6, where all other works about Eugenio Garin have been classified.  Further information was provided in support of the resubmission, but they are not convincing.  Articles in the Enciclopedia italiana, the Enciclopedia multimediale delle scienze filosofiche, and the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society call Garin a historian of philosophy, a teacher of the history of philosophy, and/or a historian of humanistic thought.  Given this evidence, the meeting believes that the work would be most usefully classified in B51.6, biography of historians of philosophy.  The proposal was not approved.


This proposal to add a name to a list of biographees was not necessary.


This proposal seeks to add soccer as a special topic of World War I.  Works about a sport’s relation to a war are classified with the sport in GV.  The work being cataloged may be classified at GV942.5.  The proposal was not approved.


Ajka alumina plant accident, Ajka, Hungary, 2010

The meeting prefers that the heading Aluminum industry and trade—Accidents—Hungary be applied to the work being cataloged.  The proposal was not approved.

Art, Hungarian—21st century

According to Subject Headings Manual H 1148, the chronological subdivision –21st century may be added as a free-floating century subdivision under Art, Hungarian.  The proposal was not necessary.

Banaba (Kiribati)

GEOnet includes several variant names for Banaba, but was not cited in the proposal as required by SHM H 690 sec. 1.  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Belgians; Dutch; Portuguese; Hungarians; Irish; Polish people; Spaniards

As stated on the Summary of Decisions for ML 01, the meeting does not wish to begin adding a UF in the form […] nationals for all headings of this type, nor is a scope note necessary except in cases where there could be confusion (e.g., Nigerians; Nigeriens). The proposals on the current list also included the addition of UFs in the form [nationality]—Foreign countries (e.g., Belgians—Foreign countries).  This UF is in direct opposition to the instructions in SHM H 1919.5 sec. 1.b and 1.f, which state that headings for nationalities cannot be used without a geographic subdivision.  The exception is works that discuss people of a given nationality in several foreign countries, for which headings of the type [nationality]—Foreign countries are assigned.

This list includes a proposal for Papua New Guineans that includes a UF Papuans (Papua New Guinea), which is a substantive UF that follows the guidelines for proposing new headings for nationalities (H 1919.5 sec. 1) and has been approved.

Future proposals that merely seek to add a scope note and/or add UFs in the form […] nationals or [nationality]—Foreign countries will be withdrawn without comment.  Proposals that seek to add substantive variant terminology as UFs, such as in the Papua New Guineans proposal mentioned above, will be considered on a case-by-case basis, in the normal workflow.

The proposals were not approved.

Bocaccio; Sebastes marinus; Sockeye salmon

Each of these established headings has a UF Redfish, and these proposals were made to add qualifiers and thus disambiguate the UFs.  While UFs for biological names may not conflict with headings (SHM H 1332 sec. 2), UFs for biological names do not have to be unique and therefore may be repeated on two or more records for biological names.  The proposals were not necessary.

British Columbians; Oregonians; Washingtonians

These proposals do not fall into any of the categories listed in SHM H 374, which outlines the conditions under which general see references may be proposed.  Furthermore, the Introduction to LCSH, which is intended for librarians and non-librarians alike, contains an explanation of how topics that are discussed in relation to a place are handled in LCSH (see the section entitled, “Geographic Subdivision and Place Names Divided by Topic”).  More detailed instructions, written for catalogers, are also contained in SHM H 713.  As a practical matter, it is impossible to explicitly include within the subject headings list all of the provisions contained in the Introduction to LCSH and the SHM.  In this case, the meeting feels that the instructions are sufficient to explain the practice.

In addition, there are substantial policy decisions that would have to be made before any such proposals would be considered.  For example, how granular would the references be? If limited to first order political subdivisions, would they be made only for jurisdictions of particular countries, or for jurisdictions of all countries?  If limited to particular countries, perhaps the “exceptional” ones, would users also expect to also find references for others (e.g., Bavarians residing in Bavaria, Germany) and be frustrated if they couldn’t?  Would users also expect to find more granular references, such as to individual towns and villages?

Whether such references were restricted to first order political subdivisions or not, it would be impossible to account for all of the places with the same name, at multiple jurisdictional levels, and across countries.  According to GNIS, for example, there are 41 populated places in the United States named Washington, plus the State of Washington and the District of Columbia; 17 populated places named Oregon, plus the state; and two populated places named Bavaria. While it may be a relatively simple matter to propose a general see reference for Oregonians residing in the State of Oregon, how would the residents of the populated places named Oregon be described? Including them selectively or omitting them entirely might be misleading to users. Overall, the meeting believes that including references of this type in LCSH could hinder access more than it would help.

The proposals were not approved. Any additional proposals of this type will be withdrawn from consideration without further comment.

Cherry Island (Jefferson County, N.Y.)

According to GNIS, Pullman Island is a variant name for Cherry Island in Jefferson County, N.Y.  GNIS also includes a separate entry for Pullman Island in Jefferson County, and it has a variant of Cherry Island.  Further investigation in other atlases, gazetteers, etc., should be performed to determine whether these are duplicate entries, and if so, to ascertain the official name of the island.  A UF reference should be made for the variant form.  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Children’s poetry

This proposal sought to add several UFs to the existing heading, all of which are accounted for at the higher level of Poetry.  The proposal was not approved.

Decoration and ornament, Russian

Decoration and ornament may be geographically subdivided, so the heading Decoration and ornament—Russia (Federation) should be assigned to the work being cataloged.  The proposal was not approved. 


The Art and Architecture Thesaurus, which was cited in the proposal, includes several variant terms that should be included in the proposal as UFs.  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Epic poetry, Malian (Mandingo); Malian literature (Mandingo); Malian poetry (Mandingo)

The following headings should be assigned to the works being cataloged:  Epic poetry, Mandingo—Mali; Mandingo literature—Mali; Mandingo poetry—Mali.  The proposals were not approved.

Fairy tales

Three of the proposed UFs are for phrases in the form “Mother Goose….”  Mother Goose is often presented as the “author” of collections of fairy tales, but so are the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, and many others.  The meeting does not wish to make upward UFs of this type.  The fourth proposed UF was for “Nursery tales.”  Policy specialists searched multiple literature reference sources and could not find one that conflates nursery tales and fairy tales, or that even relates the two.  The proposal was not approved.

Nursery rhymes

The proposed UF Children’s nursery rhymes seems to be redundant since nursery rhymes are, by definition, for children.  The UFs including the word “tales” are not appropriate because rhymes and tales are different literary forms and are in different hierarchies.  For a discussion of the proposed UFs in the form “Mother Goose…,” see Fairy tales above.  The proposal was not approved.


Not all tales are nursery tales, and in fact many tales are for adults.  This is therefore an upward UF, and the meeting does not wish to make it.  The proposal was not approved.

Folk songs, Serbian—Montenegro

It is not necessary to propose geographic subdivisions.  The proposal was not approved.

Forest policy—Decision making

The subdivision –Decision making is free-floating under topical headings for works on the process of arriving at decisions for action (see the scope note on the subdivision authority record). The proposal was not necessary.

Gradina na Jelici (Extinct city)

It is unclear from the work cataloged whether Gradina na Jalici is an extinct city or an archaeological site, and additional research should be done to clarify the situation.  If Gradina na Jelici was an extinct city, then SHM H 715 sec. 3 states that the proposal should be in the form of name “most commonly applied to the city in standard encyclopedias, gazetteers, etc.” and that the name should be justified in 670 fields in the authority record.  The proposal may be resubmitted with appropriate research and documentation.

Lower Columbia River (Or. And Wash.); Lower Columbia River Watershed (Or. and Wash.)

There is no precedent in LCSH for including the name of the river as a whole as a BT for a segment of a river that is called “Upper…” or “Lower….”  The proposals were not approved.

Morden Hall (London, England); Morden Hall Park (London, England)

Morden Hall (Merton, London, England) is already established in LCSH and should be used for the dwelling and the grounds surrounding it.  The proposal was not necessary.


Nemadactylus is currently a UF to the heading Morwongs, and there is evidence that Morwongs is also a common name for the established family, Cheliodactylidae. Instead of a proposal for a new heading, a proposal to revise the existing heading from Morwongs to Nemadactylus should be proposed.  The proposal may be resubmitted, along with a related proposal to revise Cheliodactylidae.

Nemadactylus macropterus

There is overwhelming evidence that tarakihi is the widely accepted common name for this species, so the meeting would like to retain the heading as-is.  However, the reference structure should be revised in light of the comments about the proposals for Nemadactylus and Bocaccio, above.  The proposal may be resubmitted along with the revisions to Morwongs and Cheliodactylidae.

New Zealand pigeon

According to ITIS, the genus for this pigeon is Hemiphaga, and the family is Columbidae.  The background statement of SHM H 1332 states that since the early 1970s, a BT reference is always made for the next higher level of the hierarchy, even if a proposal needs to be made for that level.  The proposal may be resubmitted along with a proposal for Hemiphaga.

Palazzo Mancini (Rome, Italy)

The Palazzo Mancini is also called the Palazzo Salviati, and a UF was provided from that form, qualified by the name of the street on which it is located.  This is correct because there is another palazzo in Rome called Palazzo Salviati.  The latter is established in LCSH as Palazzo Salviati alla Lungara (Rome, Italy), and has a UF for the variant name Palazzo Salviati, the qualifier for which is no longer sufficient.  The qualifier on this UF should indicate the street on which the Palazzo salviati alla Lungara is located, but the street, Via della Lungara, is not yet established.  The proposal for Palazzo Mancini may be resubmitted along with a revision proposal for the Palazzo Salviati alla Lungara and a new proposal for the Via della Lungara.

Peelers (Utensils)

The Art and Architecture Thesaurus, which was cited in the proposal, includes several variant forms that were not provided as UFs.  These variants include fruit parers, potato peelers, and vegetable peelers, among others.  LCSH already includes the established heading Apple parers; the meeting does not wish to differentiate among peelers for different types of fruits and vegetables, since the utensil itself is the same, or essentially the same.  A proposal to revise the existing heading Apple parers to the more general Peelers (Utensils), with all of the variants provided as UFs, may be resubmitted.

Political plays

There appears to be a significant amount of BFM that should have been submitted along with this proposal.  The proposal may be resubmitted along bibliographic records that should be revised.


The heading Presidents may be subdivided geographically, so the proposal was not necessary.

Priural΄skǐ raǐon

Raǐons are jurisdictions and should be established in the name authority file. The proposal was not approved.

Shrubland carbon sequestration

The meeting does not wish to establish separate headings for the carbon sequestration of specific vegetation types.  The existing headings Shrublands and Carbon sequestration may be post-coordinated.  The proposal was not approved.

Sobwith B.1 (Bomber) 

The B-1 bomber manufactured by North American is already established in LCSH as B-1 bomber.  This existing heading should be revised to clearly distinguish it from the B.1 bomber manufactured by Sobwith.  Proposals for the Sobwith and North American bombers may be resubmitted.


The Art and Architecture Thesaurus provides almost a dozen variant English-language forms of name for these hats, and these variants should be provided as UFs.  Additional research should also be done to determine whether the most commonly used term for these hats is toppe or something else, and the proposed heading should be based on the commonly used term. The proposal may be resubmitted. 


The Art and Architecture Thesaurus, which was cited, provides several variant terms that should be provided as UFs in this record.  In addition, the proposing library is requested to investigate and revise the reference structure for the existing heading T-shirts, which currently has the BTs Blouses; Shirts, Men’s; and Underwear.  The possibility of including undershirts in the revised T-shirts hierarchy should also be considered.  The proposal for undershirts may be resubmitted along with revisions to other records as required.


The Art and Architecture Thesaurus, which was cited, provides several English-language variant names that should be provided as UFs in this record.  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Apocalyptic television programs

The proposal for Apocalyptic television programs was approved on Monthly List 25 of 2011, with a proposed BT Disaster television programs.  The proposal for the heading was approved, but the BT was not.  The authority record was updated to reflect the removal of the BT, but the BT was retained on the printed list, which is compiled through a separate process.  The current proposal seeks to add the BT Disaster television programs, presumably to bring the authority record into agreement with the printed list.  The proposal was not approved.

When discrepancies between the printed list and an authority record are found, PSD should be emailed at [email protected], and the authority record will be double-checked.

Announcement:  Character- and franchise-based terms cancelled

Proposals to cancel the 76 character- and franchise-based moving image genre/form terms (e.g., Poltergeist films; Scooby-Doo television programs) appeared on this list and were approved.  Further information on the rationale for the cancellation of the terms may be found at //