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July 18, 2011

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: L. Dechman


BP184.96.C46; BP184.96.T66

The work being cataloged (both proposals are for the same book) appears to be about the Shiite practice of building mosques, etc. on sites considered to be sacred.  The number BP184.96 is for “Minbar, liturgical objects, ornaments, memorials, etc.” The meeting feels that a better place to class works about these cemeteries and tombs would be BP187.52, which is the general works number under “Non-Meccan shrines, sanctuaries, etc.”  The proposals were not approved.


The work being cataloged examines verses of the Qur’ān that are so similar as to appear to be repeated, but with minute changes and/or additions (e.g. intonation, etc.) that change the meaning.  The meeting feels that this work would be better classed with principles of criticism and hermeneutics of the Qur’ān. An alternate proposal has been submitted for BP130.32 with the caption “Verses with obscure meanings. Similar verses. Mutashabihāt.” The proposal for PJ6696.Z5S56 was not approved.

P-PZ22 10.O84

The work being cataloged is about Turkish fiction. A second number proposed on this list, P-PZ 22 23.5.O84, was proposed for the same book, and is a more appropriate number for fiction.  The proposal for P-PZ22 10.O84 was not approved.


Subdivisions to be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

H 1200, Wars
$x Forest warfare (May Subd Geog)

H 1147, Animals
$x Larvae $x Effect of water pollution on (May Subd Geog)
$x Larvae $x Effect of water quality on (May Subd Geog)

H 1195, Land vehicles
$x Motors (Diesel) $x Turbochargers (May Subd Geog)

Other decisions:

1,2-dichloroethylene; 4-toluidine

Since LCSH is a general subject heading list, the common names under which chemicals are generally known are used.  In LCSH, names of chemicals in forms that include the numerals that indicate chemical structure, either in the initial position or internally, are  established without the numerals. Headings for Dichloroethylene and Toluidine already exist and should be assigned.  The proposals were not approved.            

Tequila industry

The practice in LCSH has been to establish all of the different liquor industries with a BT Liquor industry, without intervening levels of hierarchy. The meeting chose to continue this practice.  The proposal to change the BT was not approved.

Kwasio (African people); Kwasio language; Ngumba (African people); Ngumba dialect

According to Ethnologue, Bisio is a dialect of Kwasio, so Kwasio cannot be substituted for Bisio.  Also, another Kwasio language is the same as the Ngumba language, which is already established in LCSH.  According to African Ethnonyms, Bisio is an alternate name for Mabea, but the proposal removes Mabea from the UFs (it is there currently). Additional research and changes to the proposals to resolve these issues are required after which the proposals may be resubmitted.

Buckland Abbey (Devon, England)

This proposal is for a working abbey/monastery and should be established in the name authority file according to SHM H 405.  The proposal was not approved.

Cambo Estate (Scotland)

This is a hotel and should be established in the name authority file according to SHM H 405.  The proposal was not approved.

Forry family

The Dictionary of American Family Names lists Foret as a variant of Fore, therefore, UFs for Forry family and Foret family will be added to the heading Fore family. The proposal was not approved.


The meeting could see little difference between the concept Vascular endothelium--Regeneration and Endothelialization.  If a difference between the concepts exists, the proposal should contain clear evidence of the distinction between the two terms.  The proposal may be resubmitted, or a proposal to update the heading Vascular endothelium--Regeneration may be submitted.

Gabonais . . .

The heading Gabonese contains a reference to Gabonais, therefore, this proposal for a general see reference is not necessary.

Gabon . . .

Reference records are made to avoid making individual UFs.  Since Gabon is a UF on the changed headings, the proposal to change the reference was not approved, and this reference record will be cancelled.

Gay men’s writings, English; Lesbian’s writings; Nun’s writings; Nun’s writings, American

The decision on Tentative List 21 pertains to these proposals as well:  These proposals were made to revise the BT to include a topical subdivision indicating the gender of the author (e.g., the BT proposed for Gay men’s writings, English was English literature—Male authors).  There is no precedent in LCSH for establishing BTs such as this for literary form headings, and the meeting does not wish to begin the practice.  Alphabetical lists of headings under the BTs Literature; English literature, etc., are sufficient.  The proposals were not approved.

Grove Beach (Westbrook, Conn.)

This proposal contains a UF for the beach, but the 670 for GNIS cites a populated place.  It is unclear whether a heading for the physical feature (beach) or a heading for the populated place is needed.  If a heading for the beach is needed, this proposal may be resubmitted.

Hancox (Whatlington, England)

A heading for this dwelling, Hancox (England), was approved on Weekly List 20.  The proposal was not necessary.

Kamehameha Statue (Kapaau, Hawaii)

The subdivision --Statues is free-floating under names of persons, therefore, this proposal was not approved.

Madungandí Reserve (Panama)

In Panama, Indian reserves are Comarcas.  SHM H 760, 1.e.(3) states that Comarcas are established as name headings.  The proposal was not approved.

Market stalls

American Heritage Dictionary defines a stall as a booth or stand used by a vendor.  The distinction between the existing heading Vending stands and the proposed heading Market stalls is too fine to be useful for cataloging purposes, therefore, a UF Market stalls will be added to the heading Vending stands.  The proposal was not approved.

Mescheryakov family

The proposed heading Mescheryakov familyrepresents an alternate transliteration of the family name in the proposed heading Meshcheriakov family. The variant Mescheryakov family will be added to the heading Meshcheriakov family. The proposal was not approved.

Monti family

The Dictionary of American Family Names lists Monti as a variant of the Monte, an established family name.  The variant Monti family will be added as a UF on Monte family.  The proposal was not approved.

Muga River (Spain); Muga River Valley (Spain)

GEOnet lists variants for the name of the river, however, GEOnet was not cited on the proposal as required. The proposals for the river and the valley may be resubmitted.

New Zealand literature--Maori authors

The subdivision --Maori authors is free-floating under literatures.  The proposal was not necessary.

Portete Bay (Colombia)

The same work generated the proposal for Bahía Portete Massacre (Colombia), which was a resubmit on Weekly List 18.  If the purpose of this proposal is to create a heading for the massacre, then the name of the town of Bahía Portete should be (1) established in the NAF and (2) added to the massacre heading.  If a heading for the bay is what is needed, there are both a town and a bay named Bahía Portete and the UF on the bay heading should be Bahía Portete (Colombia : Bay).  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Radiation transport

The meeting feels that the meaning of the proposed heading Radiation transport and the existing heading Radiative transfer may be the same, and if that is the case, a proposal to add the UF Radiation transport to the heading Radiative transfer may be submitted.  If the two concepts are determined to be different, this proposal may be resubmitted along with an update proposal for Radiative transfer, with contrasting scope notes added to each to differentiate the terms.

Tank Girl (Fictitious character)

The SACO Manual states “headings for fictitious characters are established only when the character has appeared in three or more different works”.  The character Tank Girl has appeared in several issues of a serial, but not in three or more different works.  The proposal was not approved.

Traffic congestion--Reduction

Subject headings often represent a concept and its opposite.  For example, the subject heading School attendance is used for both presence at school and absence from school.  The meeting feels that Traffic congestion would be used for the congested condition and for the relief from or the reduction of the congested condition.  The proposal was not approved.