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June 20, 2011

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: J. Young


Effective with this list, the Policy and Standards Division has changed the frequency of the tentative and the approved weekly lists to a monthly schedule.  This is an experimental change and may be revised as circumstances dictate. 



This proposal may be resubmitted with the resubmitted subject proposal (see below).


The work being cataloged is criticism of Korean imagist poetry, which should be classified with criticism of specific forms and genres of poetry in PL960-960.7.  The proposal to classify it with special topics in Korean poetry was not approved.  A proposal to classify works about imagist poetry in PL960+ may be resubmitted.


Gay men’s writings, American; Monks’ writings; Widowers’ writings; Widows’ writings

These proposals were made to revise the BT to include a topical subdivision indicating the gender of the author (e.g., the BT proposed for Monks’ writings was Literature—Male authors).  There is no precedent in LCSH for establishing BTs such as this for literary form headings, and the meeting does not wish to begin the practice.  Alphabetical lists of headings under the BTs Literature; American literature, etc., are sufficient.  The proposals were not approved.

Note that if it had been approved, this revision would have required adjustment to possibly hundreds of headings, not just to the four that appeared on this list.  PSD recommends that catalogers wishing to take on projects of this scope request advice first.  LC catalogers should contact the PSD subject specialist responsible for the discipline; SACO institutions should contact their Coop liaison.  In each case, PSD will provide advice and guidance on whether the proposed revision would be approved, and if so, may be able to assist with the project itself.  Doing so will save the time of both the cataloger and PSD staff.

Galvis family

According to the work being cataloged, Galvis is a variant form of Galvez.  A UF Galvis family has been added to the heading Galvez family.  The proposal was not approved.

Gray Horse Creek (Lincoln County and Osage County, Okla.); Salt Creek (Osage County and-Sequoyah County, Okla.)

The geographic qualifier in each of these proposals appears to have been based on a misunderstanding of the GNIS display.  In the browse results for Gray Horse Creek, for example, there are two listings: one for Lincoln County and another for Osage County.  This does not indicate that there is one creek in two counties, but that there are two bodies of water in Oklahoma named Gray Horse Creek.  Clicking on an entry brings up the Feature Detail Report, which makes clear that there are two different creeks; this is the screen from which information should be taken for the source citations (670 fields).  The proposals may be resubmitted with accurate source citations and geographic qualifiers.

Hymenochirus boettgeri

Subject Headings Manual H 1332, sec. 4.b states, “Whenever necessary, establish the name of the next broader level in order to make the broader term reference.”  The broader term for this species is Hymenochirus, which needs to be established.  The proposal may be resubmitted, along with a proposal for Hymenochirus.


There appears not to have been any research performed in support of this proposal.  Kuksŏndo appears to be a martial art, but there are references online to a monastic community or tradition of the same name.  A more fully documented proposal may be resubmitted.

Lisu (Southeast Asian people)

This proposal was made to add a UF for a variant form of name and revise several of the existing BTs.  The UF, Lìsu zú, translates to Lisu people and is thus not appropriate.  The normal practice of matching the qualifier in the heading to the geographic location in the BTs cannot be applied here, since the Lisu reside in Burma, Thailand and China, the latter of which is not in Southeast Asia.  The meeting wishes to retain the BTs Ethnology—Burma and Ethnology—Thailand, along with Ethnology—China, as being more reflective of the geographic extent of the people than Ethnology—Southeast Asia.  Finally, BTs in the form Mountain people—[place] are not appropriate, as explained in the Summary of Decisions for Weekly List 20 of 2011.  The proposal was not approved.

Litchfield Historic District (Litchfield, Conn.)

According to SHM H 720, historic districts within cities are established in the name authority file.  The proposal was not approved.

National Mobile Inventory Model (Computer system)

The National Mobile Inventory Model is not a computer system, but a software package and should be established as a title heading in the name authority file.  The proposal was not approved.

Occasional verse

References from foreign-language variants are not generally provided, per SHM H 373, sec. 7.  The proposal was not approved.

Overweight women’s writings; Overweight women’s writings, American

There are very few examples in LCSH of literary form headings that indicate the gender of the authors, and in all but one case, Gay men’s writings, the gender is implicit (e.g., Nuns’ writings; Lesbians’ writings).  The meeting does not wish consider Gay mens’ writings to be a precedent and start a pattern of qualifying literary form headings by “women’s” or “men’s.”  The proposal was not approved. If desired, a proposal for Overweight people’s writings may be submitted.  However, the meeting notes that the work being cataloged is not literary and is sufficiently cataloged with the headings Obesity in women—Social aspects; Obesity in women—Psychological aspects; and Women—Health and hygiene.

Persian poetry—Pushto authors

Since the subdivision –Pushto authors was also proposed for use under English literature, the pattern heading for literature, this proposal was not necessary.

Petals in art

The base concept, petals, has not yet been established in LCSH.  This proposal may be resubmitted with a proposal for either Petals or Flower petals.


On Weekly list 48 of 2010, the meeting indicated that it did not want to establish the subdivision –Reporting under individual crimes.  The work being cataloged seems to be about victim reporting of crimes.  If desired, a separate heading Crime reporting by victims may be proposed and could be applied to works about any crime.  The proposal was not approved.

Same-sex marriage; Gay couples—Legal status, laws, etc.

This proposal was made to add UFs for Marriage equality to each of the above headings.  While the concept of marriage equality is today often seen as synonymous to same-sex marriage, the two concepts are not equivalent.  Through history, there have been many fights for marriage equality (e.g., the right of persons of different races or faiths to marry).  The phrase is even more ambiguous than that, though, and could refer to social, economic, etc., equality within a marriage.  These proposals were not approved.  A separate, appropriately researched, proposal for marriage equality may be proposed if desired.  Such a proposal should include a scope note clearly defining the intended meaning.

Thomas Brackett Reed Statue (Portland, Me.)

The free-floating subdivision –Statues may be assigned under names of individual persons, according to SHM H 1110.  The proposal was not approved.