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May 4, 2011

PSD policy specialist responsible for this weekly list: L. Dechman



This proposal to group all frozen desserts with Ice cream was not approved. Instead, “Frozen desserts” will be added to the caption “Frozen foods” at HD9217.

Subject Headings

  Addison County Court House (Middlebury, Vt. : 1883-1996)

This proposal was originally included on WL 15 and was marked resubmit for the following reason: “If there is more than one building of the same name in a place, the qualifier should be the street address (SHM H 1334, sec. 3.c.). If there are successive buildings with the same name on the same site, often the subject headings do not differentiate them, unless one or more of them has a special feature or characteristic (see the headings for Woodrow Wilson Bridge [one heading, two iterations] and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge [two headings because of the famous Galloping Gertie]). There is not enough information provided on the proposal to determine what the address is, whether there was more than one at that site, etc. The proposal may be resubmitted, providing supporting evidence.”

There is no evidence of any changes or added information on the resubmitted proposal. Evidence of additional research should be recorded in 670 or 675 fields. The proposal may be resubmitted.

           Adventure comic books, strips, etc.; Martial arts comic books strips, etc.

It has been brought to PSD’s attention that the recent approval of several similar LCSH proposals for genres of comic books was inconsistent with longstanding policy. The Summary of Decisions for WL 14 of 2002 stated, “The usual way of expressing the concept of comic books or strips about a particular topic in LCSH is to use the free-floating form subdivision –Comic books, strips, etc. after the topic, e.g., War—Comic books, strips, etc. … The meeting feels that this heading [War—Comic books, strips, etc.] should be assigned …”

This decision was reconfirmed on Weekly List 40 of 2005, the Summary of Decisions for which stated, “These proposals to establish ‘Spy comic books, strips, etc.’ and ‘War comic books, strips, etc.’ were not approved. … Because comic books and strips that focus on particular topics may be either fiction or nonfiction, the meeting wishes to continue the practice of using the standard free-floating subdivision following topical headings and to limit the form headings for comic books to those that already exist for fictional genres, e.g., Fantasy comic books, strips, etc.; Science fiction comic books, strips, etc.

The Summary of Decisions for weekly list 41, 2005, gives further guidance. The proposals on that list would have added UF references to existing headings. The Summary states, “The subdivision –Comic books, strips, etc. is free-floating under topical headings. The proposals to add UF references from Science fiction—Comic books, strips, etc.; Erotic stories—Comic books, strips, etc.; and Horror tales—Comic books, strips, etc. suggest that use of this subdivision could be valid under form headings for fictional genres. The Library of Congress does not use this subdivision under form headings and makes no distinction for comic books and strips between fictional and nonfiction works. The proposed references were not approved.”

PSD has now reviewed these statements and has determined that they are accurate and conform to current LCSH policy. PSD does not wish to establish more topical form headings in cases where the free-floating combination [topic]—Comic books, strips, etc. may be applied; and UFs in the form [literary form]—Comic books, strips, etc. are inappropriate.

Headings and UFs that were approved since 2005 but that are inconsistent with this stated policy (Spy comic books, strips, etc.; Superhero comic books, strips, etc.; War comic books, strips, etc.) will be cancelled on a forthcoming weekly list. In addition, UFs on the headings that are retained will be examined for conformance to the policy. The proposals Adventure comic books, strips, etc. and Martial arts comic books, strips, etc. were not approved.

PSD regrets any inconvenience or confusion arising from the inconsistent decisions.

           Bahía Portete Massacre, Colombia, 2004

The established name of a city or town should be used in a heading that is being established for an event (SHM, H 1592, sec. 4.b.(1)). Bahía Portete, Colombia has not been established in the Name Authority File. The proposal may be resubmitted after the city name has been established.

College orations

The longstanding practice of subdividing this heading by college or university has been successful. The proposal to change this heading to [May Subd Geog] was not approved.

Demarco Collection & Archive (Scotland)

This heading should be established in the Name Authority File as other headings of this type have been, for example, AFI/Black Film Center Archive Collection (Library of Congress), Janus Collection (Harvard Film Archive). The proposal was not approved.

Goddesses, Polynesian

Since Polynesia is a region larger than a country, this heading cannot be subdivided geographically. This follows the well-established pattern of goddesses of other places like the Caribbean and Central Asia. The proposal to change the heading to [May Subd Geog] was not approved.

HIV-negative gay men; HIV-negative men; HIV-negative persons; HIV-negative women

The meeting does not wish to begin a pattern of establishing class of persons headings for persons with a negative disease status. The proposals were not approved.

Stationary cycling; Stationary cycling--Equipment and supplies

There does not seem to be a fundamental difference between the activity of Cycling and the activity of Stationary cycling, therefore, the proposals were not approved.

Testerian catechism

Testerian is a pictorial writing system used to teach South American Indians about Christianity. Testerian is not established, and that would have to come first if the heading were to be approved. However, the research cited on the proposal appears to represent an individual manuscript called the Testerian catechism, which should be established as a name heading. The proposal was not approved.