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April 27, 2011

PSD policy specialist responsible for this weekly list: K. James


DT546.384-.3852, etc.

These proposals were made to change the caption “1979-“ to “1979-2003” and add a new arrangement for “2003-.”  Generally, developments like this are based on significant dates in a country’s history and correspond to date ranges in subject headings. The meeting suggests that more research be done to determine if 2003 marked a significant break in the history of the Central African Republic. If so, the classification proposals may be resubmitted with accompanying subject heading proposals. If not, a proposal for an including note at DT546.384 in the form “Including 2003 coup d'état” may be submitted.

Subject Headings

   Chile Earthquake, Chile, 2010

The heading Chile Earthquake, Chile, 2010 (February 27) was approved on Weekly List 1114. The proposal was not approved.

Historical romance fiction; Romantic suspense fiction

The meeting feels it is preferable to postcoordinate existing headings for these concepts rather than set a precedent of establishing hybrid literary genre subject headings. For example, Historical fiction and Love stories may be assigned to represent the concept Historical romance fiction. The proposals were not approved.

Regency fiction

There is no precedent in LCSH for establishing historical fiction headings for a specific time period, and the meeting does not want to set one. Instead, the existing heading Historical fiction may be assigned with Great Britain—History—George III, 1760-1820—Fiction (see SHM H 1790) for collections of this literature. The proposal was not approved.

Spanish language—Dictionaries—Cakchikel

The Subject Headings Manual (SHM) H 1540 states that headings of the type [name of first language]–Dictionaries–[name of second language] may be constructed on a free-floating basis. The proposal was not necessary.

Personal grooming

The UF Grooming, Personal already appears on the headings Beauty, Personal and Grooming for men. UFs for Personal grooming will be added those headings. In addition, the UFs Grooming, Personal and Personal grooming will be added to the other existing Grooming for […] headings. The proposal was not approved.

Theaters—Special effects

The apparent purpose of the proposed scope note is to contrast the usage of Theaters—Special effects with the usage of Cinematography—Special effects and Motion picture theaters, but does not make this explicit. There does not appear to be confusion over how Theaters—Special effects is to be applied, since there was no BFM provided, and PSD’s searching showed only bibliographic records to which the heading was applied properly. Instructions for the standard wording of contrasting scope notes are provided in SHM H 400, which should be consulted. Additionally, two UFs were proposed; neither follows the rules for the creation of UFs as provided in H 373. The proposal was not approved.

Tombeau du martyr juif inconnu (Paris, France)

The capitalization in this proposal was changed to follow the instructions for foreign languages in SHM, Appendix B, sec. 22.