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April 13, 2011

PSD policy specialist responsible for this weekly list: L. Dechman



Magician’s wands are already represented in the schedule at BF1626. References will be added to direct users to the appropriate section. The proposal was not necessary.


According to the CSM  F 350, sec. 6, this proposal to add Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific to the schedule was not necessary.


Anonymous works should be classed in PQ7296.A1A-.A1Z. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Subject Headings

Abbey and West Dereham Station (West Dereham, England)

The name of the city used in this qualifier has not been established in the Name Authority File. The proposal may be resubmitted when the city name has been established.

Addison County Court House (Middlebury, Vt. : 1883-1996)

If there is more than one building of the same name in a place, the qualifier should be the street address (SHM H 1334, sec. 3.c.). If there are successive buildings with the same name on the same site, often the subject headings do not differentiate them, unless one or more of them has a special feature or characteristic (see the headings for Woodrow Wilson Bridge [one heading, two iterations] and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge [two headings because of the famous Galloping Gertie]). There is not enough information provided on the proposal to determine what the address is, whether there was more than one at that site, etc. The proposal may be resubmitted, providing supporting evidence.

Basilica di Dan Severo (Ravenna, Italy)

This heading is established in the Name Authority File (nb2007003315), as required in AACR2/LCRI 24.10 and 24.3. The proposal was not approved.

Creative industries

The meeting feels that the distinction between Creative industries and the existing heading Cultural industries is too fine to be useful for cataloging purposes. The UNESCO Web site ( ) uses the term Cultural industries interchangeably with the term Creative industries. A UF Creative industries will be added to the heading Cultural industries.  The proposal was not approved.

France. Armée--History; France. Armée--History--Indochinese War, 1946-1954; France. Armée--History--Napoleonic Wars, 1800-1815

These proposals represent free-floating combinations according to SHM H 1159, "The subdivisions –History and –Recruiting, enlistment, etc. may be further subdivided on a free-floating basis by subdivisions for wars or armed conflicts in which the military service took part."  If the intention of the proposals was to make a BT for the headings, then SHM,H 370, sec. 1.e.2.b. applies: even if the heading were printed, it would not have the BT. The proposals were not necessary.

Medical pluralism

The meeting feels that the meaning of this term is the same as the meaning of the existing heading Integrative medicine, therefore, a UF Medical pluralism will be added to Integrative medicine. The proposal was not approved.

Pacific halibut industry

The meeting feels that existing headings for larger groups of fish (e.g., Halibut industry, Herring industry, Salmon industry, Sardine industry, etc.) are preferable to establishment of industry headings for single species. The larger group heading may be assigned along with a heading for the individual species if desired. The proposal was not approved.

Praha 5 (Prague, Czech Republic : Municipal district)

This heading represents a city section/jurisdiction, therefore, it should be established in the Name Authority File. The proposal was not approved.

Tojg Bridge (Afghanistan)

This heading should be established in the vernacular. Research to discover the vernacular name should be recorded on the proposal. The proposal may be resubmitted.