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April 6, 2011

PSD policy specialist responsible for this weekly list: K. James


Changes were made as indicated on the approved list.

Subject Headings

Apocalyptic films; Apocalyptic television programs; Dystopian films; Dystopian television programs; Planet of the Apes films

The following discussion will be based on Apocalyptic films, but applies equally to Apocalyptic television programs. There are several problems with these proposals. 1. There should be contrasting scope notes explaining the difference between Apocalyptic films and the existing heading Dystopian films since they can be easily confused. 2. Disaster films and Survival films cannot both be BTs for Apocalyptic films because those BTs are mutually exclusive. Consideration should be given to removing the BT Disaster films, since apocalyptic films take place after a disaster of some sort, while disaster films feature the disaster itself. 3. There is a proposal to add the BT Apocalyptic films to the existing heading Planet of the Apes films, which already has the BT Dystopian films. Since Apocalyptic films and Dystopian films would both have the BT Science fiction films, both cannot be BTs on Planet of the Apes films. Either the existing reference structure for Planet of the Apes films should be retained, or the BT should be revised to Science fiction films. 4. Apocalyptic films has a UF Pre-apocalyptic films, which would seem to suggest that any film that depicts either life as we know it or life as it may exist after a disaster would fall into this genre. The UF reference should be removed. The proposals may be resubmitted.

Blue crab fisheries—Research—Law and legislation

The meeting felt it was better to post-coordinate the heading Blue crab fisheries with the proposal approved on this list, Fisheries—Research—Law and legislation. The proposal was not approved.

Burlington Arcade (Mayfair, London, England)

Shopping arcades are covered by the Subject Headings Manual (SHM) H 405, Group 1 category of shopping centers, so the Burlington Arcade should be established as a name heading under descriptive cataloging rules. As time permits, existing subject authority records for shopping arcades will be cancelled, and the arcades will be established in the name authority file. The proposal was not approved.

Campus art

The proposal was not approved because the existing heading Art in universities and colleges can be used instead. A UF Campus art will be added to the record for Art in universities and colleges.

Ciudad Caracas (Cuba : Sugar plantation)

According to GEOnet, there is a sugar mill with this name. However, it is unclear whether Ciudad Caracas is also a plantation. The sugar mill may be established in the name authority file. If Ciudad Caracas is also a plantation and a heading is needed for it, the proposal may be resubmitted with additional citations.

College football

There is no precedent in LCSH for qualifying headings for individual sports by
type of educational institution and the meeting does not want to set one. The existing headings Football and College sports may be post-coordinated to express this concept. The proposal was not approved.

Filmed kabuki plays; Filmed kyōgen Filmed nō plays; Filmed puppet plays; Televised nō plays

These genre/form proposals contain aspects of moving images, literature, and performing arts and are therefore interdisciplinary. Some interdisciplinary terms have been approved on a case-by-case basis, but the above-listed proposals are particularly problematic given the way that Kabuki, Kyōgen, Nō, and puppet plays are treated in LCSH (e.g., Nō plays is assigned to texts of the plays and to work treating them from a literary point of view; is assigned to works dealing solely with the presentation of Nō plays on the stage). There will likely be changes made to the policies for subject cataloging of literature when the literature genre/form project gets underway, and the meeting concluded that these proposals can be revisited at that time. For the interim, the genre/form term Filmed plays or Televised plays may be assigned with an appropriate subject heading such as Kabuki, , etc., to bring out special genres of plays that are filmed or televised, respectively. The proposals were not approved at this time.

Folk songs, Linda

Headings for folk songs of individual ethnic groups are established only when it is clear that the group itself makes a distinction between folk songs and other types of songs (see SHM H 1917, sec. 2). The proposal may be resubmitted with additional citations if documentation indicating that this distinction exists among the Linda is found.

Gunung Stong State Forest Park (Kelantan)

Headings for parks should be established in the vernacular of the country in which the park is located, unless the park is so well known that it appears in a conventional English form in most English-language reference sources (see SHM H 1925, sec. 1). This proposal contains no citations indicating that an attempt was made to find the vernacular form of name, nor does it appear that any English-language sources were consulted other than the work cataloged. The proposal may be resubmitted with appropriate citations and references.

Hartwell House & Spa (England)

Hartwell House & Spa is a hotel, and should therefore be established as a name heading according to SHM H 405. A subject heading for the building is already established as Hartwell House (England).  The proposal was not approved.

Kismayo Port (Somalia)

Ports are man-made and should be established in the vernacular. This proposal was submitted without indication that research was done to determine that form of name. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Manton House Stables (Manton, Whiltshire, England)

Manton House Stables is a corporate entity and should be established as a name heading using descriptive cataloging rules. The proposal was not approved.

Marine invertebrates, Fossil

The proposal seeks to establish an intermediate level of hierarchy. According to SHM H 370 sec. 1, when establishing an intermediate level, the existing records for narrower terms should be revised to add the new BT and delete the existing one. Therefore, proposals to change the BT Invertebrates, Fossil to Marine invertebrates, Fossil on several existing headings should have been submitted at the same time as this one. The proposals may be resubmitted together.

Puget Sound Grocery Strike, Wash., 1989

The form of heading for an individually named strike in a particular industry is dependent upon whether it is limited to 1. a single employer or firm and 2. a single city or U.S. county (see SHM H 2100, sec. 2). The proposal for this strike provided no indication of whether research was done to determine the geographic extent of the strike or whether there were multiple employers or firms involved. The proposal may be resubmitted with appropriate citations.

Singer, Marcy (Fictitious character)

According to the SHM H 1790, sec. 4.a., headings for fictitious characters are established and assigned only for characters that have appeared in three or more separate works. Currently, this character has appeared in two works. The proposal may be resubmitted after a third work is published or is sent to the Library of Congress as Cataloging-in-Publication (CIP) galley.

Strategic industries

The word “strategic” has many definitions including designating topics of military importance and defining areas critical for success in business. The citations given in the record represented different meanings of the phrase, and the item that generated the proposal seemed to be sufficiently cataloged with the existing headings assigned to it. The proposal was not approved.

Virtual reality in motion pictures

This proposal is inappropriate for the work, which is about the use of virtual reality in motion pictures, and not the depiction of virtual reality in motion pictures. The existing headings Realism in motion pictures and Cinematography—Special effects may be assigned instead. The proposal was not approved.