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March 30, 2011

PSD policy specialist responsible for this weekly list: J. Young


Changes were made as indicated on the approved list.

Subject Headings

           African American private universities and colleges

The heading Private universities and colleges has not yet been qualified by ethnic group, and the meeting does not wish to start the precedent. The existing headings African American universities and colleges and Private universities and colleges may be post-coordinated. The proposal was not approved.

    Food; Food habits

This proposal was made to add –Food to the list of topical subdivisions used under headings for classes of persons (Subject Headings Manual H 1100). Membership in a particular class of persons (e.g., a sex, occupational, or social group) does not usually define or impact the food that one eats, so the proposal was not approved. The proposal record did not include the title of the work being cataloged, so it is impossible to determine whether a heading in the form [class of persons]—Food would be appropriate. If such a heading is desired, then the subdivision –Food may be proposed for use under that specific heading.

    Holocaust films

This genre/form term was proposed for assignment to individual historical films that depict the Holocaust. The meeting prefers to assign a combination of the subject heading Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)—Drama with the genre/form term Historical films. The proposal was not approved.

    United States. Air Force—Morale

The meeting does not wish to add the subdivision –Morale to the pattern subdivision list for Military Services (SHM H 1159). Instead, a heading for either the branch of the military or for the armed forces in general (e.g., United States. Air Force; United States—Armed Forces) should be assigned along with the heading Military morale, which was approved on this list. The proposal United States. Air Force—Morale was not approved.

    Music entrepreneurship; Music trade

According to SHM H 370, Related Term references are not made when the headings being with the same word or word stem. The proposals were not approved.

    Sea films

According to the sources cited in the authority record, this genre/form term would apply to any film whose action takes place on the sea rather than on land. The proposal also includes the titles of several films, including Crimson Tide, Deep Blue Sea, Jaws, and Waterworld. The diversity of the films cited makes it clear that sea films is not a recognizable genre, but a general appellation. Genre/form terms appropriate to the films should be applied (e.g., for Crimson Tide, Thrillers (Motion pictures) and Submarine films). The proposal was not approved.

    Vegetation maps

Maps that depict vegetation should be assigned subject headings such as Phytogeography—Maps post-coordinated with the genre/form term Maps. The proposal was not approved.

    Wine maps

Maps that depict the locations of wineries, vineyards, etc., should be assigned subject headings such as Vineyards—Maps, Wineries—Maps, or Wine and wine-making—Maps post-coordinated with the genre/form term Maps. The proposal was not approved.

    Other announcements:


Late in 2010 the Policy and Standards Division was asked to consider reevaluating subject cataloging practice as it relates to Tibet. After consulting with experts in Tibetan studies, PSD agreed to revise the name authority headings for the jurisdiction of Tibet and also to establish a new subject heading. The current descriptive name headings are:  Tibet (for the jurisdiction of Tibet before September 1, 1965); and Tibet Autonomous Region (China) (for the current province-level governmental jurisdiction within the People’s Republic of China that was formalized on September 1, 1965). Tibet Autonomous Region (China) may be used as a subject heading, per the instructions in SHM H 708.

PSD has also approved a new subject heading, Tibet Region, which refers to the geographic region of Tibet and corresponds to the traditional regions of Ü-Tsang, Ngari, Amdo, and Kham, which are chiefly within the borders of China and also extend into India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Burma.

Additionally, the heading Tibet, Plateau of (China) has been revised to Tibet, Plateau of to reflect the full geographic extent of the plateau, which is chiefly in China but also extends into India and Nepal. The heading Tibet, Plateau of should chiefly be applied to scientific works that discuss the Plateau of Tibet from a geological or natural history standpoint.