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March 16, 2011

PSD policy specialist responsible for this weekly list: K. James



The work being cataloged should be classified at QA8.6 since much of the content is about the philosophy of mathematics. The proposal was not approved.


Classification captions for specific languages should reflect the form used for the established subject heading. Since no subject heading has yet been established for the Kanyok language, this proposal may be resubmitted together with a proposal to establish the heading.


Individual institutions limited to education in a special field are classed with that field. Đại học Nha Trang should class in SH332.2.A-Z as it is a specialized school for the study of fisheries.

Subject Headings

Berkeley Soil and Water Conservation District (S.C.)

The Subject Heading Manual (SHM) H 405 lists conservation districts among the Group 1 entities that should be in the name authority file. The subject heading proposal was not approved.

Elysium Mons Region (Mars); Olympus Mons Region (Mars); Olympus Mons Region (Mars)—Geology

There is no precedent in LCSH for establishing headings for regions on celestial bodies, and the meeting does not want to set one. The proposals were not approved.

Gay military personnel—Government policy—United States; Gay military personnel—United States  

These proposals were made to remove the UF Don’t ask, don’t tell (Military personnel policy) from the heading Gay military personnel—United States and add it to Gay military personnel—Government policy—United States. Gay military personnel is an inherently governmental topic so the meeting felt it was appropriate to retain the UF Don’t ask, don’t tell (Military personnel policy) on the existing heading Gay military personnel—United States. The proposals were not approved.

Grosssteinbeck family

SHM H 1631, sec. 3 states that if a family name has changed substantially because of emigration, both names should be established and connected with 500 fields. This seems to be the case with the Grossteinbeck and Steinbeck family names. The proposal should be resubmitted along with a proposal for Steinbeck family.

On-demand aircraft operators

This phrase seems to be used in only very specialized publications such as the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) regulations. The meeting thought that this concept might be the same as charter air pilots, a phrase in common use and similar to the existing LCSH heading Charter boat captains. The proposal was not approved, but a proposal for charter air pilots may be submitted if appropriate for the work cataloged.

Permanent establishment in taxation

Before a topic can be used in a prepositional phrase heading such as [topic] in taxation, the topic itself must be established. This proposal may be resubmitted along with a proposal for permanent establishment. The scope note that was proposed for “Permanent establishment in taxation” should appear instead on the proposal for “Permanent establishment.”