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March 9, 2011

PSD policy specialist responsible for this weekly list: J. Young



This proposal to establish a cutter for Hungarian epistolary fiction was made within the hierarchy for Hungarian poetry. A proposal falling within the range of numbers established for Hungarian fiction, PH3176-PH3177, may be resubmitted.


From the subject headings assigned, it appears that the work is a collection of Arabic didactic fiction. PJ7604.A-Z is for general collections of literature (i.e., works containing several genres). The cataloger should consider whether it would be better to use the existing number PJ7677, collections of Arabic fiction published since 1801, or to make a proposal for didactic fiction in PJ7672.A-Z, special genres and forms of Arabic fiction. The proposal may be resubmitted.


Information in the book and several other sources (see for example indicate that Wang Du is the probable author of Gujing ji.   More research should be done to confirm this. A proposal for PL2677.G+ may be resubmitted if the identity of the author cannot be reasonably confirmed. If it can, then a proposal for PL2677.W+ may be resubmitted.

Subject Headings

Argyre Planitia (Mars)—Geological mapping

The meeting does not wish to establish the pattern [planetary feature]—Geological mapping and suggests that the heading for the feature can be post-coordinated with the existing heading Geological mapping instead. The proposal was not approved.

Astrogeological mapping

To judge from the title of the work being cataloged, this heading would be used for works about geological mapping of celestial bodies; however, this is pure supposition since no research was presented to indicate that the term is in use, or to provide a definition. A Google search on the phrase yields only four hits. The proposal was not approved.

Folk songs, Lisu

Headings for folk songs of individual ethnic groups are established only when it is clear that the group itself makes a distinction between folk songs and other types of songs (see Subject Headings Manual H 1917, sec. 2). The work being cataloged consistently uses the terminology “traditional,” but traditional songs are not necessarily folk songs. The proposal was not approved.

Mineral industries—Waste disposal

The UF proposed, “Chat (Mining),” is a type of waste, not a term for the disposal of waste. A separate proposal for chat may be proposed if desired. The proposal was not approved.

Religion and cognitive science

Headings in the form [topic] and [topic] may be proposed and assigned for works that discuss relationships between two very general topics at a broad level and from the perspectives of both topics (SHM H 310). The work on which this proposal is based appears to be a cognitive study of religion, and thus the proposal is not appropriate for the work being cataloged. Works of this type have been cataloged by post-coordinating the headings Religion and Cognitive science. The meeting wishes to continue this pattern. The proposal was not approved.

Sisko, Jake (Fictitious character)

According to the SHM H 1790, sec. 4.a., headings for fictitious characters are established and assigned only for characters that have appeared in three or more separate works. This proposal was not approved because the character does not meet that requirement.