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February 16, 2011

PSD policy specialist responsible for this weekly list: L. Dechman



In the section “Printers and printing establishments” of the Z schedule, a classification number already exists for Melchiorre Sessa, who is a member of the same family as Giovanni Battista Sessa, for whom this proposal was submitted. Instead of establishing a separate number for each member of this prominent family of printers, the existing number, Z232.S47, will be edited to include the Sessa family and Giovanni Battista Sessa in addition to Melchiorre Sessa. The proposal to establish a new number for Giovanni Battista Sessa was not approved.

Subject Headings

American oyster culture; Ostrea angasi culture; Pacific oyster culture; Mytilus edulis          culture

On Weekly List 3, the decision was made not to establish headings in the form [individual species] culture. Instead, a more general heading should be postcoordinated with the heading for the specific organism (e.g., Oyster culture applied with American oyster). The proposals were not approved.

Goal setting in municipal government

The pattern cited in the proposal is not analogous. The heading Goal setting in personnel management deals with setting personal goals for individual employees as part of their performance evaluations, etc. This newly proposed heading means goal setting in the sense of strategic planning. For that, the subdivision --Planning is used under the topic. In this case, the heading that should be used is Municipal government--Planning. The UF Goal setting (Strategic planning) will be added to the heading Strategic planning. The proposal was not approved.

Kuusiston Linna (Kuusisto, Finland)

The Subject Headings Manual (SHM) H 810 1.c. states that when qualifying a heading by the name of a city, the established form of the name of the city is to be used in the qualifier. The city in the qualifier of this heading has not yet been established. The proposal may be resubmitted after the city has been established.

Lavani (Dance); Lavani (Music)

The proposals do not give enough information to be able to evaluate the headings. Generally terms for the music of particular dances are established in the plural. In one entry, New Grove uses this particular term to mean a vocal music type (there Lavani is plural). In another entry, Lavani (singular) is used to mean works songs used in a certain kind of dance drama. In neither case is Lavani a term for the music of a dance.  From the information in Wikipedia, it appears that the proposals for the two headings, Lavani (Dance) and Lavani (Music), might actually be a single concept ("a combination of song and dance") for which only one heading is needed. Additional research should be done to clarify the specific meaning and the most appropriate form of the heading(s). The proposal(s) may be resubmitted.

Pictura Paedagogica Online

This online database is a named entity that should be established according to descriptive cataloging conventions with an authority record that resides in the name authority file. The proposal was not approved.

Rabid dogs

There is no precedent for establishing a heading for a specific animal that has a specific disease, and the meeting does not wish to begin this pattern. The proposal was not approved.

Right to health; Right to health care

The meeting feels that there is not enough difference between these two headings to justify establishing both headings, therefore, the existing heading Right to health care will be changed to Right to health.

United States. Navy--Petty officers’ handbooks

The ALA SAC Genre/Form Implementation Subcommittee is currently examining existing form subdivisions and has not yet approved a recommendation to change these subdivisions. For that reason, it seems premature to make this change. Also, there are substantive reasons for retaining the heading in its current form, since the terminology has  strong literary warrant. The proposal was therefore not approved at this time.

Urban fantasy fiction

While this is a somewhat recognized "genre," urban fantasy fiction is simply fantasy fiction set in urban areas, and as such it is too specific for a general thesaurus such as LCSH. For the work being cataloged, two headings should be assigned to bring out the concepts: Cities and towns--Fiction; Fantasy fiction. The proposal was not approved.