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February 9, 2011

PSD policy specialist responsible for this weekly list: P. Weiss


Changes were made as indicated on the approved list.

Subject Headings

American drama--20th century--Collections; American drama--21st century--Collections

These proposals conflict with instructions given in the Subject Headings Manual, H 1425 and H 1780, and were therefore not approved.

Horse films; Horse racing films

The decision has been made not to establish genre/form headings for films that focus on specific types of animals. Only the genre/form heading Animal films should be used. The specific animal can be brought out by assigning topical headings. The proposals were therefore not approved.

Military art and science--Officers' handbooks; Military art and science--Soldiers' handbooks

The ALA SAC Genre/Form Implementation Subcommittee is currently examining existing form subdivisions and has not yet approved a recommendation to change these subdivisions. For that reason, it seems premature to make these changes. Also, there are substantive reasons for retaining the headings in their current form, since the terminology has  strong literary warrant. The proposals were therefore not approved at this time.

Osterley Park (London, England); Sissinghurst (England : Manor)

These are both properties of the National Trust in the U.K. Many of the National Trust properties consist of a large building surrounded by elaborate gardens and/or parklike grounds. For entities of this type, the decision has been made to establish only a single heading, tagged 151, to represent both the building and its surrounding grounds, and to use the terminology provided on the National Trust's Web site. In accordance with that decision, the existing heading Osterley Park House (Hounslow, London, England), tagged 110, is being changed to Osterley Park and House (Hounslow, London, England), tagged 151, and will be used for both the park and the dwelling. The existing heading Sissinghurst Garden (England) is being changed to Sissinghurst Castle (England), tagged 151, and will be used for both the building and its gardens. The proposals that were submitted for this weekly list have therefore been replaced by proposals to change the two existing headings.