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February 2, 2011

PSD policy specialist responsible for this weekly list: K. James


Changes were made as indicated on the approved list.

Subject Headings

Arsis Mons (Mars)

The proposed broader terms for this heading were changed to the single BT Mars (Planet). Geographic features for celestial bodies are not covered by the same reference structure as terrestrial features are in the Subject Headings Manual H 690, H 800, etc. Neither specific types of features references nor whole/part references lower than at the celestial body level should be made on these types of proposals.

Richland Creek (Monroe County and Greene County, Ind.)

The proposal was changed to Richland Creek (Greene County and Monroe County, Ind.) because the creek originates in Greene County (see SHM H 800, sec. 2.b.). Catalogers should be mindful that the county sequence in GNIS's record display lists the mouth of rivers first and the source last.