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January 26, 2011

PSD policy specialist responsible for this weekly list: L. Dechman



See the discussion of the subject proposal Zargari below. The proposal for the classification number may be resubmitted along with the proposal for the subject heading.          

N1 47.7.A-Z; N1 47.75.A-Z; N1 47.75.P74

Table N1 is used in various places in the N schedule and this special topic would not be applicable in most of those places. A table modification should be done under NK3013-3096.3 in the schedule itself, similar to the one that was done for France at NK3049. The proposals were not approved.

Subject Headings

Mitsubishi G3M (Bomber)

There is an existing heading for this aircraft, Rikko (Attack plane) [sh 97007523]. The existing heading will not be cancelled in favor of a proposal for a new heading, instead, changes to the existing heading should be submitted as a proposed update to that heading. The proposal for a new heading for this aircraft was not approved.

Ma River Delta (Vietnam)

A subject heading for the Ma River has not yet been established. The Subject Headings Manual (SHM) H 800 sec. 6, states that headings for deltas should be established by adding the term “Delta” to the heading for the river. If the river is not yet established, a heading for the river should be established at the same time as the heading for the delta. The proposal may be resubmitted along with a proposal to establish a heading for the river.

Meru National Park (Kenya)

The SHM H 690 sec. 1, requires that the GEOnet Names Server (GNS) should be consulted to obtain the approved form and variants of foreign geographic names. The proposal is supported only by a citation from Wikipedia, and does not contain the variants that are cited in GNS. The proposal containing appropriate citations and references may be resubmitted.

Portiuncula Indulgence

The meeting feels that establishing headings for individual indulgences would be too narrow and specialized for a general vocabulary such as LCSH. Instead, the existing heading Indulgences--[place] could be assigned along with the heading for the church, or with the heading for St. Francis. The proposal was not approved.


This proposal seeks to establish a heading for a secret language called Zargari, and is supported only by a citation from Wikipedia. More authoritative reference sources such as Ethnologue and MultiTree indicate that Zargari is a dialect or sub-language of Romani, and an article in the journal Romani Studies supports this finding (Baghbidi, Hassan Rezai. The Zargari language. Romani Studies 13:2 (2003)). The work being cataloged should be reexamined, and more research should be done to determine whether there is indeed a secret language called Zargari that is distinct from the Romani language of Zargari. The proposal may be resubmitted along with source citations supporting the heading and references.