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January 12, 2011

PSD policy specialist responsible for this weekly list: P. Weiss


Changes were made as indicated on the approved list.

Subject Headings

Captive Lutra lutra; Captive North American river otters

Specific headings should generally not be established for individual species of captive animals. In this instance, the more general heading Captive otters should be assigned in conjunction with an additional heading to bring out the species. The proposals were not approved.

Chicago Imagism (Art)

Most of the sources cited in the 670 fields in the proposal record for this heading, as well as most sources found on the Web, treat this as a group of artists rather than an art movement. The proposal may be resubmitted in the form Chicago Imagists (Group of artists) if that form is judged to be more appropriate and more accurate.


The proposal to add the UF Villains to this heading was not approved. The term "villains" tends to be most commonly used in connection with dramatic or fictitious characters rather than real people. For that reason, headings of the type Villains in art, Villains in literature, Villains in motion pictures, etc., have been established in LCSH. It appears that the heading Villains in motion pictures would be appropriate for the item that generated this proposal.

Dog (Fictitious character: Ball)

This proposal was not approved. See the Summary of Decisions for weekly list 1044.

Makonde language

Proposals to add UFs to headings should normally include 670 fields citing sources that support those UFs. This proposal included no information to justify the additional UFs. It may be resubmitted.

Salt Fork Arkansas River (Kan. and Okla.)

GNIS provides several variant names for this river, which appear to have been overlooked when the proposal was created. It may be resubmitted after the appropriate variants have been added as UFs.

School belonging (Social psychology)

The meeting decided not to set a precedent for establishing individual headings for belonging to specific organizational groups such as schools, churches, etc. Instead, the more general heading Belonging (Social psychology) can be assigned in conjunction with an appropriate heading to bring out the organizational group. In this instance, headings such as Students--Psychology and/or School environment could be assigned. The proposal was not approved.

Women and education

It is not clear how this heading would differ from existing headings such as Women in education and Women--Education, and it appears to be too broad for the item being cataloged, which deals with topics such as the role of women and the equality of women in Polish society. There are existing headings that would cover these topics. The proposal was not approved.