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January 5, 2011

PSD policy specialist responsible for this weekly list: K. James


Changes were made as indicated on the approved list.

Subject Headings

Subdivisions to be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

H 1180, Plants & crops
$x Seedlings $x Effect of flooding on (May Subd Geog)

H 1156, Literatures
$x Uzbek influences

Other decisions:

African Americans--Music--History and criticism

The proposal to add the UF African Americans--Songs and music--History and criticism for the earlier form of heading is not needed in this case. It is already covered at the higher level by the UF African Americans--Songs and music, which was approved on this list.

Micrastur; Barred forest-falcon; Collared forest-falcon

The proposal to change the Latin name, Micrastur, to the common name, Forest-falcons, was not supported by citations in authoritative sources, only by inference. For organisms occurring only in foreign countries, the Latin name is preferred unless an English common name is found in standard reference sources (see Subject Headings Manual H 1332, sec. 2). This proposal and associated proposals were not approved. A UF for Forest-falcons was added to the record for Micrastur.

Chinese poetry--European influences

Since the subdivision --European influences is free-floating under headings for genres of literatures (see SHM H 1156), the proposal was not necessary. SHM H 1675 will be revised to clarify the practice for literature.

Crushes (Interpersonal relations)   

LCSH includes the established heading Infatuation, and most references sources indicate that the terms infatuation and crushes are synonymous. A UF from Crushes (Infatuation) will be added to the record for Infatuation. The proposal was not approved.

Economic impact analysis

This proposal was approved. However, the meeting notes that the work for which the proposal was made appears to be an economic impact analysis for the University of Alabama at Birmingham rather than a work about the practice of economic impact analysis. LC practice is to assign subject headings such as University of Alabama at Birmingham--Finance and Government aid to higher education to these types of works.

Human trafficking--Law and legislation

The subdivision --Law and legislation is not used under headings for individual crimes. The proposal was not approved.

Indians of North America--Education--Law and legislation

The proposal was made to add the BT Educational law and legislation to the existing heading. Because --Education--Law and legislation is free-floating under ethnic groups, a BT is not made (SHM H 370, sec. 1.e.2(b)). The proposal was not approved.

LISREL method

The LISREL method seems to involve applying the LISREL computer program. The heading LISREL (Computer file) is established in the name authority file and may be used as a subject heading for works involving its use. The proposal was not approved.

Little Furnace Wood (England)

Little Furnace Wood may be an archeological site. Additional research should be done to determine whether this heading should established as an archeological site or a forest. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Marrenah House (Darwin, N.T.)

The Marrenah House is a hostel, covered by the SHM H 405 Group 1 category of hotels. It should be established as a name heading under descriptive cataloging rules. The proposal was not approved.

Musky rat kangaroo; Hysiprymnodon

When a common name refers both to a species and to the genus to which the species belongs, the species should be established with the scientific name, and references to the common name should be made only on the heading for the genus. The proposals may be resubmitted.


This proposal was submitted to add the UF Rainbows to the heading Rainbow. The decision was made instead to cancel the existing heading Rainbow in favor of Rainbows.

Rhubarb Triangle (England)

The proposal does not cite standard geographic references sources to support this
heading. The “Rhubarb Triangle” does not appear to be a named geographic region, and the area described is sufficiently covered by the existing name authority heading West Yorkshire (England). The proposal was not approved.

Saint Cecilia’s Hall (Edinburgh, Scotland)

This proposal was made to cancel the subject heading Saint Cecilia's Hall (Edinburgh, Scotland) in favor of the name authority record for the same building. SHM H 405 will be revised so that concert halls will be moved to Group 2 as concert halls seem very similar to music halls. In anticipation of this change, the proposal was not approved.

Shor literature

The proposal for the UF Sor literature is not appropriate here, since variant names for individual languages appear as UFs to the language. The proposal was not approved. Instead, a UF for Sor language was added to the record for Shor language.

Tai chi for middle aged persons

Headings involving specific physical activities for specific groups of people are generally established when modifications to the activity itself are made for the group, for example, Body building for children. It seems that Tai chi performed by middle aged persons is indistinguishable from Tai chi performed by young adults. The proposal was not approved.