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November 17, 2010

PSD policy specialist responsible for this weekly list: P. Weiss



The author of the item being catalog appears to define the term "orientation" in a unique way for purposes of this book, rather than using the commonly accepted definition of the term, as reflected in the subject heading. Therefore it seems questionable to assign that heading to the work and to create this classification number. Since much of the content of the work seems to be about epistemology and metaphysics, it might be more appropriate to class it in the area of BD300. The proposal was not approved.

Subject Headings

Canary rockfish; Canary rockfish fisheries

It is not standard practice to link headings for specific types of fish and their corresponding fisheries as related terms. The proposals to do so in this case were therefore not approved.

Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve (South Africa); Table Mountain National Park (South Africa)

Two national parks or similar entities should normally not be linked to each other as related terms, even if one is a component of the other. The proposals to do so in this case were not approved.

Composers, Armenian

The heading Composers is not qualified by adjectives representing nationalities. Local subdivision is used instead. Previously cataloged works about the composer in question have been assigned the heading Composers--Soviet Union and/or Composers--Armenia, as appropriate. The proposal was not approved.

Dive bars

The term "dive bar" (or "dive") has had shifting meanings over various periods of time. It is sometimes used in a pejorative way to refer to a shabby and disreputable establishment, or it is sometimes used to refer just to a neighborhood bar with a well-worn but comfortable atmosphere. Because of this ambiguity in the meaning of the term, the meeting decided that it would be better not to establish Dive bars as a subject heading, but will instead add it as a UF to the existing heading Bars (Drinking establishments). This is consistent with other UFs that have been made for that heading, such as Pubs, Saloons, etc.

Folk literature, Oriental

The meeting changed this proposed heading to Folk literature, Pacific Island. The item that generated the proposal is about folk literature of Asia and the Pacific. The heading Folk literature, East Asian already exists and can be assigned to the work in conjunction with the heading Folk literature, Pacific Island.

Saturn (Planet)--Satellites

References of the type proposed have not been made for the moons of any other planet that has been established. They are covered by the UF Moons on the more general heading Satellites. The proposal was not approved.

Swahili-speaking peoples

It appears that the Swahili language is spoken by many ethnic groups and in many different countries, not just by the Swahili themselves. If that is the case, the headings Swahili-speaking peoples and Women, Swahili-speaking would be need to be retained, in that they are broader than the proposed headings Swahili (African people) and Women, Swahili. The proposals should be revised accordingly and may be resubmitted.