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August 25, 2010

PSD policy specialist responsible for this weekly list: L. Dechman


UB416.3, A-Z; UB416.3.G38

This area of the schedule is arranged geographically, and then topically. Like much of the U and V schedules, only the United States is developed at all, and that has a cutter list for specific classes of people. However, all works about minority groups in a single country's armed forces are put into one number, by country A-Z, regardless of how broad or narrow the focus is. Therefore, works on child soldiers, women soldiers, etc., from a particular place are all together.

By the same token, works on specific groups in militaries in general are classed in the general works number. The work being cataloged is about gays in the militaries of multiple countries. Starting this new A-Z list would split existing files, and since the number of publications being classed there is limited, the meeting feels that the work being cataloged should be classed in the existing general works number, UB416. The proposals were not approved.

Subject Headings


Research has shown that this heading could simply be the Madagascan word for God or Jesus, it could refer to the traditional two-natured god of Madagascar, or it could refer to dead revered ancestors. Additionally, the concepts of andriamanitra and zanahary may actually not be the same. Research should be done to clarify the meaning of the heading and to add the appropriate references. The proposal may be resubmitted.


Standard reference sources including OED, American Heritage, Merriam-Webster, and Jane's, all prefer the two-word phrase Battle cruisers over the single word. None of the standard sources use Battlecruisers as one word. The proposed change was not approved.

Proverbs, Kalmyk

Proverbs of two languages would not be related terms, even though the languages are related. The addition of an RT between Proverbs, Kalmyk and Proverbs, Oirat was not approved.

Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve (South Africa)  

There is an existing heading for this nature reserve [sh 88006388 ]. It is unclear that Table Mountain National Park and the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve are the same; the Nature Reserve might be part of the National Park. The existing headings for the national park and the nature reserve will be retained unchanged. The proposal was not approved.

Urban Indians

The topic of Indians in urban areas is handled in LCSH by assigning one or both of the following headings, as appropriate for the individual item being cataloged:  Indians of [ … ]--Urban residence--[place] and/or Indians of North America--[place]. For example, a work about urban Indians in Phoenix, Arizona, might be assigned the headings Indians of North America--Urban residence--Arizona--Phoenix and/or Indians of North America--Arizona--Phoenix. The subdivision --Urban residence has also been established for use under many individual Indian tribes. The meeting did not feel that it is desirable to change this longstanding practice. The proposal to establish the heading Urban Indians was therefore not approved.