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August 18, 2010

PSD policy specialist responsible for this weekly list: P. Weiss


Changes were made as indicated on the approved list.

Subject Headings

Children and death in literature

The phrase in literature is not used in conjunction with "and" headings that designate a reciprocal relationship between two topics. Two separate headings should be assigned instead, in this case, Children in literature and Death in literature. The proposal was not approved.

Civilization, Modern, on television

This heading is so broad and so vague that it could be applied to any work that deals with television programs that are set in modern times. More specific headings could be assigned to the work that generated the proposal, such as City and town life on television and Stress (Psychology) on television [the latter heading would need to be proposed]. The proposal was not approved.

Cuban literature--Philosophy

Since --Philosophy is free-floating under topical headings, this proposal is not necessary.

Grands Voiliers à Bordeaux, Bordeau, Aquitaine, France, 1990  

Since this is the name of a race, it should be established as a name heading (see the Subject Headings Manual, H 1592, sec. 2). After a name authority record has been created, a proposal should be submitted to cancel the subject authority record.

Island Carib Indians

The authorities that were cited in support of this proposal indicate that these Indians prefer to be called Kalinago. A proposal may be resubmitted to change the existing heading to Kalinago Indians.

Post structuralism (Literary analysis)

The proposal that was submitted included no citations of authorities demonstrating that this term is actually used in the field of literary analysis, or what it means in that context. The proposal may be resubmitted with additional information justifying the heading and explaining its meaning.

Riserva naturale speciale del Sacro Monte Calvario di Domodossola (Italy)

The item being cataloged seems to be primarily about the shrine called Sacro Monte Calvario di Domodossola rather than about the reserve that surrounds it. Most of these "Sacri Monti" in Italy have been established as name headings, e.g. Sacro Monte di Ossuccio (Shrine : Ossuccio, Italy), Sacro Monte della SS. Trinità : Ghiffa, Italy), Sacro Monte di Crea (Sanctuary). The meeting recommends that this particular shrine also be established as a name heading. The proposal for a subject heading was not approved.