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August 11, 2010

PSD policy specialist responsible for this weekly list: J. Young



PN56.A-Z is a list of special topics in literature. Works about special classes of persons in literature are classified in PN56.5.A-Z and a number for heroes, PN56.5.H45, already exists there. The proposal was not approved.

Subject Headings

Abrahamic religions—Relations

The proposed heading would refer to the relationship between Abrahamic and one or more non-Abrahamic religions, and not to the relationships between and among Abrahamic religions, as is proposed. The existing heading Abrahamic religions is assigned to “works dealing collectively with Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and sometimes other monotheistic religions, that discuss an underlying, common heritage traceable to the patriarch Abraham,”  including discussions of the relationships among the Abrahamic religions. Abrahamic religions should be assigned to the work being cataloged. The proposal was not approved.

Autobiographical fiction, African

The heading Autobiographical fiction, African was approved on Weekly List 1029. This proposal was not necessary.

Banbhore Site (Pakistan)

Subject Headings Manual H 1225 indicates that archaeological sites that constitute the remains of extinct cities are to be established as extinct cities. The reference sources cited in the proposal indicate that the Banbhore Site is the remains of Debal. A proposal for the extinct city of Debal may be resubmitted.

Child sexual abuse by clergy in literature; Child sexual abuse by clergy in motion pictures   

The meeting prefers that the existing headings Child sexual abuse in literature and Clergy in literature; and Child sexual abuse in motion pictures and Clergy in motion pictures be postcoordinated to bring out the concept represented in the proposals. The proposals were not approved.

Coptic monasticism and religious orders for women

Because the multiple subdivision Monasticism and religious orders for womenAnglican Communion, [Lutheran Church, etc.] exists, the base heading should be subdivided by the denomination: Monasticism and religious orders for women—Coptic Church. The proposal was not necessary.

Language and culture in literature

Headings in the form [Topic A] and [Topic B], which refer to the relationship between two very general topics discussed at a broad level and from the perspectives of both topics (cf. SHM H 310), are not generally combined with phrases such as …in literature, …in art, …in motion pictures, etc. Instead, separate headings representing the concepts are assigned. The meeting suggests that the existing headings Culture in literature, Language and languages in literature, and Communities in literature would be appropriate for the work being cataloged. The proposal was not approved.

Ligbi (African people)

Ethnologue provides twelve variant names for the Ligbi language. Research should be done to determine whether those variants would also be appropriate UFs for the heading for the Ligbi people. If they are, the UFs should be added to the proposal; if not, evidence supporting that conclusion should be provided. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Police and motion pictures

This proposal was submitted to cancel an existing heading, based on the fact that the work to which it was assigned has now been recataloged and the heading removed from the bibliographic record. Many LCSH headings are valid but not assigned to works in LC’s database. The proposal to cancel the heading was not approved.

Singaporean law students

SHM H 350, sec. 4 permits the qualification of the heading Students by nationalities, but that principle has never been extended to specific groups of students. The meeting has decided that such an extension is not necessary, because headings can be postcoordinated. The work being cataloged may be assigned the headings Law students—Great Britain and/or Singaporeans--Great Britain along with Singaporean students, which should be proposed. A proposal for Singaporean students may be resubmitted.

Suhr (Switzerland)

Suhr is a populated place and should be established in the name authority file according to descriptive cataloging rules. The proposal was not approved.

Systemic risk

This proposal may be resubmitted by the Cooperative Programs Section together with printouts or a list of existing bibliographic records that will need to be changed if it is approved.

Truman-MacArthur Controversy, 1951

The meeting considers presidents’ firing of officials to be “commonplace, day-to-day events … [that are] not significant enough to be referred to by specific names” (SHM H 1592). For the work being cataloged, the existing heading Generals—Dismissal of—United States should be postcoordinated with the name headings for President Truman and General MacArthur. The proposal was not approved.

Vietnamese Americans in literature

The heading Vietnamese Americans in literature was approved on Weekly List 1023. This proposal was not necessary.