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July 7, 2010

PSD policy specialist responsible for this weekly list: P. Weiss



KF1297.D79, with the caption Drywall, would be a more appropriate number to establish for the item being cataloged. The appropriate first subject heading for the book is Products liability—Drywall, which will need to be established. The first heading that has been assigned is not an established heading and is not valid. Since the work deals specifically with litigation involving defective drywall that was manufactured in China, an additional heading should be assigned to bring out that aspect of the work. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Subject Headings

Anal fisting; Vaginal fisting

The level of specificity of these topics makes the proposed headings appropriate for use in cataloging only highly specialized collections that focus on human sexuality and/or pornography, not for the type of general library collections that LCSH serves. Furthermore, although this usage of the word "fist" is recognized by recent mainstream dictionaries such as the American Heritage Dictionary and the Encarta World Dictionary, the usage is explicitly labeled by those dictionaries as vulgar or offensive. LCSH editorial standards do not permit the use of vulgar and offensive language in headings or references. The proposals were therefore not approved. The editorial meeting recommends that libraries who need specialized headings of this type create them as local headings rather than proposing them for inclusion in LCSH.

Contract manufacturing

This proposal may be resubmitted by the Cooperative Programs section together with printouts or a list of existing bibliographic records that will need to be changed if it is approved.

Folk literature, Panchpargania; Panchpargania literature

Literature headings may not be proposed using qualifiers for languages that have not been established in LCSH. These proposals may be resubmitted together with a proposal to establish the appropriate heading for this language.

Folk songs, Kanaka

According to the Subject Headings Manual, H 1917, sec. 2.c.(1), the appropriate heading to be assigned is Kanaka (New Caledonian people)—Music. This proposal was not approved.

Funnyman (Fictitious character)

According to the Subject Headings Manual, H 1790, sec. 4.a., headings for fictitious characters are established and assigned only for characters who have appeared in three or more works. This proposal was not approved because the character does not meet that requirement.

Midlands (Ireland)

This existing heading Midlands (Ireland) represents a geographic region of Ireland comprising a specific group of counties. The terms that were proposed to be added as UF references (Midland Region and Midlands Region) are alternative names for an administrative entity that comprises a different group of counties. This entity would more appropriately be established as a corporate body name heading. The proposal was therefore not approved.

Securities law

This topic is currently represented in LCSH by two headings: Securities and Securities industry—Law and legislation. The heading Securities has, by long-standing tradition, been treated as an interdisciplinary heading that is used for both legal and financial works. The opinion of the editorial meeting is that it is not desirable to introduce a change in this practice, especially because it would require reviewing and changing thousands of bibliographic records one-by-one. It would not be possible to update these records programmatically. The proposal was not approved. The UF Securities law will be added to the two existing headings.