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June 16, 2010

PSD policy specialist responsible for this weekly list: P. Weiss



Since the item being cataloged is a collection of erotic literature by a single author, not a history of erotic literature, the proposed number is not appropriate and was not approved. The work should be classed in PH3382.12.A75.

Subject Headings

Exiled Jews

There is no precedent in LCSH for establishing headings for exiled religious, ethnic, or national groups. The practice has been to assign two headings: Exiles[place] and [religious, ethnic, or national group][place]. The meeting decided that it would not be desirable to change this current practice, in part because the new heading would overlap considerably with the existing heading Jewish diaspora. The proposal was therefore not approved.

Same-sex parents

Since same-sex parents are not necessarily gay, and since gay parents may be single individuals or persons of opposite sexes, two separate headings have been established, Gay parents and Same-sex parents. The proposed changes to the reference structures for these headings are not appropriate and were not approved.

Sedentary behavior—Physiological aspects

This proposal is not necessary, since the subdivision –Physiological aspects is free-floating under types of activities.