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April 7, 2010

PSD policy specialist responsible for this weekly list: J. Young


Changes were made as indicated on the approved list.

Subject Headings

Bantoid languages and related proposals

The Bantoid language group includes multiple subgroups and individual languages. Since Bantoid is a subgroup of Benue-Congo languages, the NTs of all of the established Benue-Congo languages and language groups should be examined to determine whether their hierarchies need to be adjusted. Additionally, the established heading Bantu languages appears to have been used as a BT for both Bantu languages and Bantoid languages. Bantu is actually a subgroup of Bantoid, however, so all of the NTs of Bantu languages should also be examined and their hierarchies adjusted as necessary.

As the hierarchies of the established Bantoid languages and language groups are being adjusted, the headings and UFs should also be revised to bring them up to date with current scholarship.

It is also probable that the hierarchies of some of the NTs of Bantu-speaking peoples will need to be changed, where a people speaks a Bantoid, not a Bantu, language.

The proposals may be resubmitted.

Cultural property--Protection--Citizen participation; Historic preservation--Citizen participation

The subdivision --Citizen participation may be used on a free-floating basis under topical headings for the participation of citizens in carrying out an activity. The proposals were not necessary.

Community-based conservation--Valuation; Conservation of natural resources--Citizen participation--Valuation; Cultural property--Protection--Citizen participation--Valuation; Historic preservation--Citizen participation--Valuation

Valuation is defined within LCSH as the estimation of the general worth of property (see the scope note for Valuation). The meeting does not wish to begin using it to also mean the estimation of the value of human activities. It seems that the work being cataloged can be sufficiently cataloged by the assignment of the headings without the subdivision --Valuation appended. The proposals were not approved.

Nineteen ten, A.D.

According to Subject Headings Manual instruction sheet H 620 sec. 2c, general headings for centuries, years, and other periods may be assigned only to general works on the time period (i.e., those works that are not limited to specific topics). The work being cataloged is about events in world and French history that occurred in 1910 and is sufficiently described by the application of the headings History, Modern--20th century--Chronology and France--History--Third Republic, 1870-1940--Chronology. The proposal was not approved.

Portuguese language--Orthography and spelling--Problems, exercises, etc.

The subdivision --Orthography and spelling is free-floating under headings for individual languages, and --Problems, exercises, etc. is also free-floating and may be used under topical headings (see SHM H 1156 and H 1095, respectively). The proposal was not necessary.

Ringlemere Farm Site (England)

The heading Ringlemere Farm (England) was established in 2007 for a work about Bronze Age antiquities found on the farm. It appears that a heading for the archaeological site should have been established at that time, and not a heading for the farm itself. The existing heading Ringlemere Farm (England) will be revised to Ringlemere Farm Site (England). The proposal to establish a separate heading for the site, in addition to the one for the farm, was not approved.