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November 4, 2009

Present from PSD: Janis Young



A Hodegetria is a type of Byzantine icon in which the Virgin Mary presents Jesus as the salvation of mankind. While there was a medieval cult to Hodegetria icons, the classification number BT660.A-Z is used for miracles, apparitions, etc., of Mary. Hodegetria icons in general are not associated with miracles or apparitions. The work should be classified in BX378.5, icons in the Orthodox Eastern Church. The proposal was not approved.


This proposal was made to establish a number for Fang as an element in Cameroon's population. Within LC subject headings, Fang (Cameroon people) is a cross-reference to Fe'fe' (Cameroon people). The number DT571.F43 already exists for Fe'fe', and should be used for this work. The proposal was not approved.


According to Classification and Shelflisting Manual instruction sheet F 240, new numbers for congresses are to be established only under the conditions set forth in F 195, section 4, which provides the "models" for the D, H, Q, and R schedules. Because the P schedule is not included in the models, no new headings for congresses are to be established there. Instead, the general works number, PK423, should be assigned. The proposal was not approved.

Subject Headings

Subdivisions to be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

H 1160, Musical comps

$x Solo with piano (4 hands)

Other decisions:

Avant Car Guard (Group of artists)

Avant Car Guard is a three-member visual art collective, which exhibits as a single artist. According to Subject Headings Manual H 405, headings for artists' groups that are self-identified by a particular name and function as a business form are established as corporate entities. The proposal was not approved.

Breakthrough to literacy (Reading program)

Breakthrough to Literacy should be established using descriptive cataloging conventions. The proposal was not approved.

Executed persons

The work cataloged is a collection of last words of prisoners about to be executed, and the existing subject heading Last words is sufficient. The proposal was not approved.

Frick Chemical Laboratory (Princeton, N.J.); Henry H. Hoyt Laboratory (Princeton, N.J.)

According to SHM H 405, laboratories are to be established as Group 1 name headings, using descriptive cataloging conventions. The proposals were not approved.

Private planes

The proposal was made to add UFs for sport airplanes to the existing heading Private planes. Not all private planes are intended for use in sports, so the terms are not synonymous. A separate proposal for sports planes may be submitted if desired. The proposal was not approved.

Kronprinz Rudolf-Bahn

Although the BTs for this heading proposal indicate that the Kronprinz Rudolf-Bahn is a railroad train, it is in fact a railroad line. According to SHM H 405, railroads are to be established as Group 1 name headings, using descriptive cataloging conventions. The proposal was not approved.


The word tsotsitaal has two meanings. It can refer to a particular variety of the Afrikaans language. However, the word has also taken on a more general meaning, and refers to South African language agglomerations, in which an argot is built over the grammar of one or several languages. One of the other major tsotsitaals is Iscamtho, a mixture of Zulu and Sotho.

It is unclear which of the meanings of tsotsitaal the proposal is intended to represent. The broader terms assigned, Afrikaans language--Dialects and Languages, Mixed, seem to indicate that the proposal refers to the Tsotsitaal language. However, several of the UFs relate to the Iscamtho language (I-taal, Iscamtho, Isicamtho, Sekasi, and perhaps Setsotsi). To judge by its title, the work cataloged The static and dynamic elements of Tsotsitaal, which special reference to Zulu, may examine either the general concept of tsotsitaal, or the Iscamtho language in particular.

The work being cataloged should be reexamined to determine which of the meanings of the word tsotsitaal is intended by the authors.

If the general concept of tsotsitaal is needed, the cataloger should consider a proposal in the form "Tsotsitaal languages," with the BTs Languages, Mixed and South Africa--Languages. If on the other hand a heading for a particular tsotsitaal language is needed, that should be proposed, with UFs and BTs appropriate to that language. Standard linguistic reference sources such as Ethnologue and the Dictionary of Languages should be consulted. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Women ordnance disposal specialists

LCSH does not yet include a heading for ordnance disposal specialists, which should be a broader term on this proposal. This proposal may be resubmitted, along with a proposal for ordnance disposal specialists.