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August 19, 2009

PSD policy specialist responsible for this weekly list: P. Weiss



Although the subject heading Abkhazo-Adyghian languages has been established for the language group, no heading currently exists for the corresponding ethnic group. The cataloger should either establish the appropriate heading for the ethnic group or revise the classification proposal so that the caption will correspond to the subject heading that was assigned to the item being cataloged. The proposal is to be resubmitted.


The item being cataloged appears to be about the religious aspects of motion pictures from an Islamic point of view and about the depiction of Islam in motion pictures. It would be more appropriately classed in PN. The cataloger should consider classing it in the existing number PN1995.5 or establishing a Cutter number for Islam under PN1995.9. The proposal may be resubmitted if necessary.

Subject Headings

Andalusia (Spain)--In motion pictures

Since the subdivision --In motion pictures is free-floating under places, this proposal is not necessary.

Arab-Israeli conflict--1933- --Civilians; Lebanon War, 2008--Civilians

On weekly list 0840, the new heading Civilians in war was approved. However, the decision was made not to allow the subdivision --Civilians to be established under individual wars because it overlaps with several existing subdivisions such as --Civilian relief, --War work, --Social aspects, --Social conditions, --Economic conditions, etc. These proposals were therefore not approved.

Fireman family

The Subject Headings Manual, H 1631, sec. 3.c. states that "If a family name has been changed substantially as the result of emigration, establish headings for both names, connect them with 500 fields, and assign both headings to the work being cataloged." That condition seems to apply in this case. The heading Feuerman family should be established separately and linked to Fireman family as an RT. It appears that the existing heading Fairman family should also be linked as an RT. The proposal is to be resubmitted.


There seems to be no precedent in LCSH for establishing a topical heading for a named transportation system; generic headings are used instead. For example, works on the Paris Métro are assigned the heading Subways--France--Paris; works on the San Francisco cable car system are assigned the heading Railroads, Cable--California--San Francisco; etc. In this instance the heading Aerial tramways--Germany--Wurmberg can be assigned (A heading for Wurmberg will need to be established.) The proposal was not approved.