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April 22, 2009

Present from PSD: L. Dechman, R. Goudreau



DS486.A-Z is an "e.g." list, so the cities and towns listed are provided as examples only. The proposal was not necessary.

Subject Headings

Artney, Glen (Scotland)

The Subject Headings Manual, H 800, sec. 8, specifies that if a river has not yet been established at the time when a valley heading is proposed, the heading for the river should also be proposed. This proposal may be resubmitted together with a proposal to establish a heading for the River of Ruchill.


The proposal was to add the UF Pradaksina to the heading Circumambulation. This reference would be more appropriate on the headings Circumambulation--Religious aspects--Buddhism and Circumambulation--Religious aspects--Hinduism, which may be submitted for change if desired. The proposal was not approved.

Gays--Relations with heterosexuals

Since the headings Gay men--Relations with heterosexuals and Lesbians--Relations with heterosexuals are both established headings, the meeting felt that this heading was not needed. Both existing headings could be assigned instead. Some of the proposed UFs will be added to the existing headings. The proposal was not approved.

Pre-Code films

The heading does not represent a genuine film genre, and the definition of what constitutes a "Pre-Code" film is subjective because the designation of "Pre-Code" refers to type of content as well as to date of production. The proposal was not approved.

Laborde family

A heading for the Laboard family already exists. Laborde is considered a variant spelling of Laboard, so the variant spelling will be added to the existing heading. The proposal was not approved.

Mount Eden (Ky.)

According to GNIS, Mount Eden is a populated place. As such, it should be established as a jurisdictional name heading, not as a geographic subject heading. The proposal was not approved.

Normal science

The meeting believes that this concept is of such an abstract nature that a clear definition cannot be determined, which would make this heading of little use for cataloging purposes. The term "Normal science" will be added as a UF on the existing heading Science--Philosophy. The proposal was not approved.

Science and paradigm shift

There is insufficient literary warrant for this phrase, and the phrase is not a normal "and" heading because "Paradigm shift" does not exist as a heading. The heading represents a concept that is too abstract and ill-defined to be useful for cataloging purposes. The existing heading Science--Philosophy may be used instead. The proposal was not approved.


The concept represented by this heading is used in many dissimilar contexts. Existing headings such as Philosophy, Marxist; Post communism; Socialism; etc., have been used, and the meeting feels that this treatment is sufficient. The proposal was not approved.

Social justice and neoliberalism

The meeting feels that this heading would not be useful for cataloging purposes. The existing headings, Social justice post-coordinated with Neoliberalism may be used instead. The proposal was not approved.

Sustainable energy sources

The meeting feels that the term "sustainable" is virtually indistinguishable from the term "renewable" for cataloging purposes. The UF Sustainable energy sources will be added to the existing heading Renewable energy sources. The proposal was not approved.

Tabloid newspapers

Penny newspapers are not the same as Tabloid newspapers in the way the term is used in LCSH. Penny newspapers have been important historically, and a proposal could be submitted to establish Penny newspapers as a separate heading. The proposal to add Penny newspapers to the existing heading Tabloid newspapers was not approved.