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April 8, 2009

Present from PSD: J. Young, R. Goudreau



DK37.8.A-Z is an "e.g." list, so the families listed are provided as examples only. The proposal was not necessary.

Table P-PZ1b 98.9

The work cataloged is in two parts. The first discusses Spanish grammar, and the second is a Spanish-language glossary of general linguistic terms. The work is best classified with other general works about Spanish grammar in PC4105. The proposal was not approved.

Subject Headings

Aquamod software

According to the Subject Headings Manual instruction sheet H 405, computer programs and software should be established as title headings according to descriptive rules. The proposal was not approved.

Existential psychotherapy

This proposal was made to add a UF Existential therapy to the existing heading. The meeting determined that it would be more useful and appropriate to add a reference at a higher level. A UF reference from Therapy to Psychotherapy will be created.

Fort Wool (Va.)

According to the Web site for Fort Wool, the fort was built in 1823 and was not decommissioned until 1967. SHM instruction sheet H 405 specifies that all military installations active since 1899 should be established as name headings. The proposal was not approved.

Scenery Hill (Pa.)

According to GNIS, Scenery Hill is a populated place. As such, it should be established as a jurisdictional name heading, not as a geographic subject heading. The proposal was not approved.

Spectacular, The, in architecture

The work being cataloged seems to characterize particular buildings as being "spectacular," which is purely subjective and not intrinsic to the architecture itself. Existing headings such as Architecture, Modern--21st century should be assigned instead, as appropriate. The proposal was not applied.

Bears as pets

This proposal for an Annotated Card (AC) Program subject heading follows a well-established pattern in LCSH. The proposal was approved as an LCSH heading and may therefore also be used as an AC heading.