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January 8, 2009

Present from PSD: L. Dechman, R. Goudreau, J. Young



See comments below under Chala (African people). The proposal may be resubmitted.

Subject Headings

Subdivisions to be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

H 1180, Plants & crops

$x Mortality (May Subd Geog)

Other decisions:

Barren ground caribou--Counting; Barren ground caribou populations--Estimates

The meeting felt that it would more useful to establish the subdivisions --Estimates and --Counting under the general headings Caribou and Caribou populations, than to establish the subdivisions directly under the headings for the specific types of caribou. An additional subject heading should be assigned to bring out the specific type of caribou. The proposals were changed accordingly.

Burgenlandkreis (Landkreis : Germany)

Burgenlandkreis is an administrative district and as such should be established as a name heading. The proposal was not approved.

Chala (African people); Proverbs, Chala

According to Ethnologue, 15th ed.: a). There are two Chala peoples in Africa. This one could be qualified by (Ghanian people). The alternate names for the Chala of Ghana are Tshala and Cala. Both alternate names should be added as UFs. b). The Ron language, which is already established, has a UF for Chala language, and that UF needs to be qualified by Nigeria. c). A heading for the Chala language of Ghana needs to be established in order to establish a heading for the proverbs. The heading for the language should be qualified by Ghana. d). The proverbs heading should be qualified by Ghana, as should its UF. The proposals may be resubmitted, along with a proposal for the Chala language of Ghana and a proposed update to Ron language.

Dari language (Afghanistan)

There are four entries for Dari in Ethnologue, and all are in Afghanistan. It is a variant name for Zoroastrian Dari and for Deori, and is a dialect of Eastern Farsi and Peve. Judging from the reference from Kabuli language, the proposal appears to be for the Dari dialect of Eastern Farsi. If that is the case the heading could be proposed for the Dari dialect qualified by Eastern Farsi. However, Eastern Farsi is not established, and the cataloger should investigate to determine whether it would be more useful to include Eastern Farsi as a reference to Persian language. Finally, since this is a dialect and not a language, the classification number PK6871+ should be cancelled in favor of a new number in PK6996+, for minor Iranian dialects and languages. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Drakenstein Valley (South Africa)

According to the Subject Headings Manual H 800, sec. 8, if the heading for the river is not yet established, it should be established at the same time as the heading for the valley. A proposal should be submitted for Drakensteinrivier. The proposal may be resubmitted, along with a proposal for the river.

Emergency management--Education

The subdivision --Education is ordinarily used under classes of persons or corporate bodies. The work being cataloged seems to be about teaching children about safety hazards and risks in order to deal with emergencies when they occur, so headings such as Public safety--Study and teaching and/or Emergency management--Study and teaching would be appropriate. Neither of these suggested headings would require a proposal. The proposal was not approved.

Islamic mourning customs

The proposal was to add UFs for Mourning customs, Islamic and Mourning customs, Muslim to the record for Islamic mourning customs. According to the Subject Headings Manual H 373, inverted see references are not made when the BT begins with the same words. The proposal was not approved.

Fatt family

The meeting considers Fatt family to be a variant of Fat family, which is already established. The variant spelling will be added to the record for Fat family. The proposal was not approved.

Sally (Dog) in art

The work being cataloged is a collection of images of the dog Sally. The appropriate subject heading for this concept is Sally (Dog)--Pictorial works, for which a proposal is not required. The proposal was not approved.

Salmon Creek (Calif. : River); Salmon Creek Delta (Calif.)

There are multiple Salmon creeks in California, so the qualifier should be more specific. The proposal seems to be for Salmon Creek in Humboldt County, but GNIS does not show Salmon Creek in Humboldt County. The proposals may be resubmitted.

Television crime shows; Thrillers (Television programs)

The scope note on Television crime shows should follow the pattern of other scope notes of its type as follows: "This heading is used as a topical heading for works about fictional television programs that feature the commission and investigation of crimes. Works about nonfiction television programs that feature actual footage and reenactments of criminal and police activities are entered under True crime television programs. When used as topical headings they are subdivided by the appropriate geographic, topical, and/or form subdivisions."

The scope note for True crime television programs should be updated to include the reciprocal for Television crime shows. There are also two existing headings that should have Television crime shows as a BT: Detective and mystery television programs; and Television cop shows. These BTs would mimic those on the genre/form heading Television crime shows.
The proposals may be resubmitted, along with proposals for the recommended changes noted above.