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December 3, 2008

Present from PSD: J. Young, R. Goudreau, L. Dechman



The work being cataloged is an examination of symbolism in Buddhist music, which is mor appropriately classified in ML3197, sacred vocal music by religion or denomination. The proposal was not approved.


The work being cataloged is a criticism of a particular translation of the Bible into Yiddish, not a study of the depiction of the Bible in Yiddish literature. The proposal was not approved.

Subject Headings

Elections in mass media

The work being cataloged discusses the news media's coverage of elections, for which the heading Elections--Press coverage should be assigned. Elections in mass media would refer to the depiction of elections in various media, such as televised programs, literature, music, journalism, etc. The proposal was not approved.

Freedman's Village

Freedman's Village was a town established for escaped slaves during the Civil War and was closed in 1882. Subject Headings Manual (SHM) H 715 states that cities that ceased to exist before 1500 are established as subject headings and cities that ceased to exist after 1500 should be established as name headings. The proposal was not approved.

Haford (Wales)

A heading for this estate already exists in the form Hafod Estate (Ceredigion, Wales). The proposal was not approved.

Hispanic American lesbians

For class-of-persons headings that include an ethnic adjective in the initial position, the standard practice is to make a broader term reference for the class of persons; here that BT is Lesbians. The proposal to add a BT reference for Hispanic American gays was not approved.

Maillé family

The subject heading Mailly family already exists, and according to reference sources Mailly is a variant of Maillé. A UF reference was added from Maillé family to Mailly family, and the proposal to establish a separate heading for Maillé family was not approved.

Couples therapy

This proposal was made to revise the heading Marital psychotherapy to Couples therapy, and to add UF references from Gay couples therapy and Unmarried couples therapy. The meeting decided that rather than conflating therapy for unmarried and married couples into one heading, two headings should be established. This follows the pattern established in MeSH. The heading Marital psychotherapy has been retained, and a new heading Couples therapy has been added. The proposal was not approved.

Mexico--History--Revolution, 1910-1920--Confiscations and contributions

The subdivision --Confiscations and contributions is free-floating under headings for wars, according to SHM H 1200. The proposal was not necessary.

South (Compass point)

The work for which this heading was proposed discusses the depiction of developing countries of the Southern Hemisphere in European literature. The proposed heading is not aprropriate for the work and was not necessary.

Tense and modality (Linguistics)

Tense is both a funcion of logic and a concept in grammar, so the meeting considered it advisable to retain the current practice of assigning two separate headings to works on the relationship between tense and modality. The proposal was not approved.