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October 29, 2008

Present from PSD: J. Young, D. Thompson, L. Dechman


Changes were made as indicated on the approved list.

Subject Headings

Celebrities in popular culture

Headings of the type [...] in popular culture are used to represent the depiction of a topic in popular culture. The work being cataloged, however, is about the cult of celebrity, and not the depiction of celebrity. References to the established heading Celebrities from Celebrity culture and Cult of celebrity will be made. The proposal was not approved.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--Sacred books

The subdivision --Sacred books is free-floating under names of religions, per Subject Headings Manual (SHM) instruction sheet H 1185. It may be appropriate to establish one or both of the proposed UFs as collective uniform titles under descriptive cataloging rules. The proposal was not necessary.

Constitutional democracy; Constitutional government

The concepts constitutional democracy and constitutional government are represented within LCSH through such headings as Constitutional law; Constitutional history; Democracy; and, [Place]--Politics and government. This treatment seems adequate. The proposals were not approved.

Ewyas, Vale of (Wales)

The Vale of Ewyas is the valley of the Afon Honddu. The river should be established at the same time as the valley (see SHM H 800, sec. 8). The proposal may be re-submitted together with a proposal to establish the river.

Nikolaiturm (Nikolaikirche, Erfurt, Germany)

According to SHM H 1334, headings for building details are assigned a BT reference for the name of the structure of which it is a part. Normally the structure is established as a subject heading. The Nikolaiturm is a detail from a church, Nikolaikirche, which is properly established as an H 405 Group 1 name heading. The meeting decided that the existence of the name authority record is sufficient to permit the BT reference in the subject authority record for the tower. The heading was approved.

Sports and exercise psychology

The heading Sports--Psychological aspects has been used for both the psychological aspects of sports and sports psychology as a branch of learning, and that treatment seems sufficient. A reference to Exercise--Psychological aspects from Exercise psychology will be added. The proposal was not approved.

Other announcements:

Topics and jurisdictions limited to a particular century

Catalogers are reminded that topics limited to a specific century are not subdivided by the free-floating --[...] century subdivision (see SHM H 620, section 2(b)), and that this policy extends to jurisdictions. For instance, since the Soviet Union existed only from 1917-1991, the subdivision --20th century is not applicable, even when the Soviet Union is being used as a subdivision: Communism--Soviet Union--History.

[not Communism--Soviet Union--History--20th century.]

The Policy and Standards Division is beginning a project to correct existing bibliographic records.