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October 22, 2008

Present from PSD: E. Dechman, D. Thompson, J. Young


H9 225.5

The Faroe Islands have been treated historically as an autonomous province of Denmark in the H schedule. The item being cataloged should be classed in HV5525.F+. The proposal was not approved.

Subject Headings


The change being proposed was to authorize the subdivision --Additions under the subdivision --Buildings to be used under corporate bodies. The meeting felt that the use of the subdivision --Buildings under corporate bodies is specific enough. The change was not approved.

Maggots in identification of the dead

It seems more desirable to express this concept using the two existing headings Dead--Identification and Maggots. The proposal was not approved.

Refugees, Somali

The Subject Cataloging Manual, instruction sheet H 350, sec. 1. states that adjectival qualifiers that represent jurisdictions or geographic regions are not used in connection with classes of persons. The heading Refugees may be subdivided geographically to indicate the country of origin and/or the destination of the refugee, so the correct LCSH formulation for this heading is Refugees--Somalia. The proposal was not approved.

Strategic Petroleum Reserve (Texas and Louisiana)

This is a corporate entity which is represented by the name heading United States. Strategic Petroleum Reserve (n 82226477), which is the name of a government program, not a geographic location. For works about petroleum reserves, the existing heading Petroleum reserves--[place] should be used. The proposal was not approved.

Torture--Law and legislation

The existing heading Torture is considered to be an inherently legal concept. To clarify this, a UF Torture--Law and legislation will be added to the existing heading. The proposal was not approved.