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September 24, 2008

Present from CPSO: J. Young, R. Goudreau


P-PZ21 8.2.I56

The work should be classified using P-PZ21 8.2.C27, Carribean authors. The proposal was not approved.

Subject Headings

Browsing (Computer science)

This proposal appears to have been made for hierarchical purposes only, and the meeting does not feel that it is worthwhile to establish at this time. The proposal was not approved.

Canadian literature--Indo-Caribbean authors

SCM H 1156 states that subdivisions for author groups are to be proposed only for national, ethnic, and religious groups. Works on Indo-Caribbean authors in Canada can be cataloged by postcoordinating the subject headings Canadian literature--East Asian authors, Canadian literature--Caribbean authors, and/or Authors, Caribbean--Canada.

Florida Highwaymen (Group of painters)

The Florida Highwaymen appears to be a named group of painters that acts as a unit, and should be established as a corporate body under descriptive rules. The proposal was not approved.

Founding Fathers of the United States--Views of religion

The subdivision --Religious life free-floats under classes of persons. That treatment is sufficient, so there is no need for two very similar subdivisions. The proposal was not approved.

Gudrun (Legendary character)

Gudrun is already established under her German name, Kriemhild. A reference from Gudrun (Legendary character) to Kriemhild (Legendary character) will be added. The proposal was not approved.

Irish language--Spoken Irish

The subdivision --Spoken [language] free-floats under names of languages, per SCM H 1154. The proposal was not necessary.

Tresco (Isles of Scilly, England)

The proposal to change the qualifier to include the name of the island group was not necessary since there is no conflict. The proposal was not approved.

Scilly, Isles of (England)

This subject authority record was marked for deletion because it duplicates a new name authority record for the Isles of Scilly. The name authority appears to have been created in error, since the island group is not jurisdiction. The proposal was not approved.

Urban systems

Works on this concept have been assigned subject headings such as Cities and towns and Urbanization. These headings are sufficient, and new UFs from Urban systems will be added to those headings. The proposal was not approved.