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January 23, 2008

Present from CPSO: J. Young, R. Goudreau, D. Thompson, M. Hoban



A subject heading for the Boki language does not exist. The classification proposal may be resubmitted along with a proposal to establish the language in LCSH.

ND1460.S68 and related proposals

Classification numbers for the depiction of sports in painting already exist at ND1385-ND1388.A-Z. The proposal was not approved.

Subject Headings

Continental shelf--North Atlantic Ocean; Continental shelf--Nova Scotia

Since Continental shelf may be subdivided geographically, the proposals are not necessary.

Great Barrier Reef (Qld.)--Geomorphology

The heading Geomorphology may be subdivided geographically, so the correct heading is Geomorphology--Australia--Great Barrier Reef (Qld.). The proposal is not necessary.


Superheroes is currently a cross-reference to the authorized heading Heroes, but a proposal to edit the record for Heroes did not appear on this list. Additionally, superheroes appear not only in comic books but also in other media, so comic book heroes may not be synonymous. More research should be done to determine whether the cross-reference is appropriate. If a separate heading for superheroes is desired, the proposal may be resubmitted along with a proposal to revise the record for Heroes. When resubmitting, care should be taken to format the scope note according to the guidelines SCM H 400.

Water scarcity

Works on the topics of water scarcity and water shortage have been cataloged using the heading Water-supply, post-coordinating as necessary with additional headings such as Water conservation and Water resources management. The meeting determined that this practice is appropriate and should continue, since Water-supply is a neutral heading that does not require a judgment about the relative abundance of water. The proposal is not approved.