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November 28, 2007

Present from CPSO: L. El-Hoshy, R. Goudreau, M. Koban, W. Robboy, R. Spalding, D. Thompson, J. Young



Coral is not a kind of stone. The work being cataloged deals with stone derived from fossilized coral as a building material. If a Cutter is established for this material as a kind of stone, a corresponding subject heading should be established also, and the caption for the Cutter should match it. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Subject Headings

Subdivisions to be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

H 1149, Chemicals

$x Stability

Other decisions:

Columbia Elementary School (Seattle, Wash. : Building)

The meeting did not approve establishing a subject heading for this school building. For organizations that occupy a building known by the same name as the organization, such as churches, hospitals, libraries, museums, prisons, and schools, cataloging practice has been to assign a corporate body name heading to represent both the organization and the structure. Buildings related to these types of organizations that have a distinctive name referring only to the building may be established as subject headings.

Fashion as art

There are currently no headings in the form [topic] as art. In addition, it is not clear what the relationship would be between this proposed heading and the existing headings Fashion and art and Wearable art. The meeting felt that the question of whether or not fashion is an art form could be accommodated by assigning Fashion and art. Therefore, the proposal was not approved.

Low density lipoproteins--Effect of exercise on

To date, subdivisions of the type --Effect of [...] on have not been combined with headings for endogenous chemicals. The meeting did not wish to introduce this practice by approving this heading. Headings for such chemicals should continue to be assigned along with appropriate additional headings for the activities, other chemicals, concepts, processes, etc., that could affect them. In this case, that would be Exercise--Physiological aspects.

Rome--Religion--Republic, 510-30 B.C.

The meeting did not consider it desirable to divide Rome--Religion by time periods at this point. The proposal was not approved.

Sporting art; Sporting painting; ... Sports in art

Guidance is needed regarding the application of the proposed heading Sporting art and the existing heading Sports in art. These proposals to establish headings for Sporting art; Sporting painting; Sporting painting, American; Sporting painting, British; and Sporting painting, French and to add a BT reference to the existing heading Sporting prints may be resubmitted along with scope notes differentiating Sporting art from Sports in art.