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November 7, 2007

Present from CPSO: P. Weiss, K. Griffiths, R. Goudreau, D. Thompson, W. Robboy, J. Young, R. Spalding



Instructions for classing biographies of soldiers who fought in World War I are given in the notes under D507. The work being cataloged should be classed according to those principles. Numbers that have been established with the caption Veterans are intended for works about veterans' issues, not for biographies of individual veterans. The proposal was not approved.

Subject Headings

Subdivisions to be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

H 1095

$x State supervision ADD: (May Subd Geog)

H 1153, Industries

$x State supervision ADD: (May Subd Geog)

H 1154, Languages

$v Conversation and phrase books for first responders

Other decisions:

Airport terminals

Since "airport terminals" and "airport concourses" are not synonymous terms, the proposed reference was not approved. A separate heading for airport concourses should be proposed if needed.

Cult films

This proposal may be resubmitted with a scope note explaining the distinction between this proposed heading and the existing heading Subculture films. If the two terms are determined to have the same meaning, only one heading would be needed, with UF references from the alternative terminology.

--Legal status, laws, etc. (Canon law)

The proposal to establish this as a new free-floating subdivision was not approved. The subdivision is so rarely needed that free-floating status is not warranted. It should be established under individual headings as needed.

Range management

Since rangelands and ranches are separate concepts with separate headings, it is not appropriate to equate the management of one with that of the other. The proposed references were therefore not approved.

Seas in bookplates

This heading was proposed by the cataloger as Sea in bookplates. Since Sea is not an established LC subject heading, the Subject Headings Editorial team changed the proposal to the form Seas in bookplates in the process of preparing the weekly list. However, Seas in bookplates does not appear to be the correct heading for the item being cataloged. LCSH includes the reference Sea, The USE Ocean. On the basis of that reference, it appears that the appropriate heading would be Ocean in bookplates. The cataloger should re-evaluate and resubmit the proposal. In addition, the work is being classed in Z994.5.S4, which is not an established number in the LC Classification. A classification proposal will need to be submitted to create an appropriate class number for this book.

Sexual abstinence

Since "sexual abstinence" and "virginity pledges" are not equivalent terms, the proposed reference was not approved. A separate heading for virginity pledges should be proposed if needed.

Ukraine--History--Famine, 1932-1933, in art

Subject heading strings consisting of a main heading with subdivisions followed by phrases such as "in art" or "in literature" are not used in LCSH. Separate headings should be assigned for the individual components, in this case, Ukraine--In art, Famines in art, and if appropriate, Ukraine--History--Famine, 1932-1933. The proposal was not approved.