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August 15, 2007

Present from CPSO: P. Weiss, K. Griffiths, D. Thompson, J. Young



This proposal is to be resubmitted together with the related subject heading proposal (see comments below).

Subject Headings

Alternative criminal procedures

There does not seem to be any English-language authority or literary warrant for this phrase. The heading appears to have been based only on a translation of an Italian phrase that appears in the item being cataloged. Past practice has been to assign a combination of two headings to bring out this topic: (1) Criminal procedure, and (2) Dispute resolution (Law). The meeting recommends either that the past practice be continued, or that further research be done to determine whether there is an English-language phrase in use that would justify establishing a new heading. Phrases that might be considered include "criminal dispute resolution," and "criminal mediation," both of which seem to have at least some literary warrant, as demonstrated by Google searches. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Cypriote Americans

Proposals are in process to change the spelling "Cypriote" to "Cypriot" in existing headings. This proposal has been withdrawn from the list, and will appear again on a future list together with the proposals to change those related headings.

Galician literature--Foreign authors

The subdivision --Foreign authors is free-floating under literatures. This proposal is therefore not necessary.

India--History--Partition, 1947--Women

The work being cataloged is a collection of writings by women about the India-Pakistan partition of 1947. There is currently no precedent for using the subdivision --Women under topics or events to represent writings by women. Although --Women is used under individual wars, that usage is for aspects of the war in relation to women, including its effect on them, not for writings by women on the war. In the past, works consisting of women's non-literary writings on a specific topic have been assigned the appropriate heading(s) for the topic, with no attempt to bring out in subject headings the fact that the writings are by women. That practice seems appropriate for this work. The proposal was therefore not approved.

Korea (North)--Politics and government-- 1948-1994 [and related proposals]

No 670 citations or other information, such as LC patterns, were included with these proposals to explain or justify the date spans that are being proposed. Proposals for new period subdivisions should normally include 670 fields recording the reason(s) why the particular dates were chosen and what their relevance is in relation to the history or conditions of the particular region, country, or locality. These proposals may be submitted after appropriate 670 fields have been added to the records to document the choice of dates.